The 9 Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps of 2024

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps. We have thoroughly researched and evaluated various invoicing apps to find the best one for your business needs. Zoho Invoice stood out as the top choice due to its exceptional client portal, customizable options, and extensive automation capabilities. It offers all the necessary features that most businesses require. However, we have also identified nine other invoicing apps with unique features and specializations that may better suit your specific business requirements.

When selecting an invoicing app, it is crucial to consider key features such as the ability to send reminders, create estimates, and easily track time and expenses. Once you are ready to try an invoicing app, the next step is to determine which one aligns best with your business.

The majority of the invoicing apps on our list offer free trials or free versions, allowing you to test them by sending real invoices to your customers. However, keep in mind that entering customer information and linking banks can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is advisable to find a suitable app from the beginning. Evaluate whether the features offered make sense for your business and if the app fits within your budget. Additionally, seeking recommendations from other business owners and reading online reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of the app before making a final decision.

It is important to consider your current bookkeeping system when choosing an invoicing app, as manually transferring data between systems is both time-consuming and prone to errors. Some of our recommended apps are comprehensive accounting solutions, while others focus solely on invoicing. Look for an option that seamlessly integrates with your existing software or take into account the accounting features offered when making your selection.

What is Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps.

Here are my top picks for the best Android Invoice Bill apps to use for your personal and professional needs. we have also identified nine other invoicing apps with unique features and specializations that may better suit your specific business requirements.

1. Zoho Invoice.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Zoho Invoice

Download: Android | iOS

Zoho Invoice offers a comprehensive invoicing solution that is user-friendly and ideal for various businesses. It provides numerous automation features, such as setting reminders, sending recurring invoices, and accepting credit card payments effortlessly.

With Zoho Invoice, you can efficiently track time and expenses, converting them into invoices to guarantee accurate payments. The client portal enables you to share estimates with customers, who can easily accept or decline them within the system. Converting estimates into invoices is a seamless process with just one click. Additionally, Zoho Invoice supports multiple languages and currencies for sending invoices.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Make in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $189.99.
  • Receive support through the help center, email, phone, or live support.


  • Simple to establish a brand identity.
  • Ability for the application to send invoices through email.
  • Capability to receive payments online.


  • Certain functionalities exclusive to Professional edition.
  • Only accessible features in Professional version.
  • Some options limited to Professional version.

2. Freshbooks.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Freshbooks

Download: Android | iOS

FreshBooks offers a convenient solution for creating and sending personalized invoices in a timely manner. With the ability to accept credit cards and ACH payments directly from the invoice, it provides a seamless payment experience for your clients.

The platform also includes various automation features such as reminders, late fees, and automatic payments. Additionally, tracking billable time is made easy, ensuring accurate invoicing.

FreshBooks even allows you to set up retainers, enabling you to monitor the remaining time or money in your budget and prevent scope creep. As a comprehensive accounting app, FreshBooks streamlines all your bookkeeping tasks into one centralized location.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy a complimentary 30-day trial period.
  • Choose from affordable monthly plans ranging from $14.99 to $49.99.
  • Automated late fees and reminders.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Integration with various business tools.
  • Access support through various channels including help center, email, and toll-free number.


  • Select desired currency.
  • Automatically compute taxes.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Ask for deposits.


  • Premium versions offer exclusive features not found in the basic version.
  • Higher cost compared to some competitors.
  • Some features require a premium subscription.

3. Quickbooks.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Quickbooks

Download: Android | iOS

QuickBooks’ invoicing feature is included in its comprehensive accounting software. It provides numerous time-saving features that are ideal for individuals dealing with a high volume of invoices. You can create recurring invoices and automatically include billable hours by utilizing QuickBooks time tracking or Google Calendar.

With accelerated invoicing, you have the ability to upload files and import hundreds of invoices simultaneously. Additionally, you can easily duplicate invoices for multiple clients to streamline the process, while the detailed analytics offer insights into paid and outstanding invoices.

Key Features:

  • Try our service for a full month at no cost.
  • Pricing ranges from $9.99 to $124.99.
  • Integration with QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Automated reminders and recurring billing.
  • Various support options available including help articles, FAQs, online chat, email, and online community.


  • Invoicing for milestone payments in stages.
  • Offering clients various payment methods.
  • Seamless integration with accounting software.
  • Detailed reporting features.
  • QuickBooks automatically matches payments made.


  • Certain features are exclusively accessible on desktop devices.
  • Advanced plans grant access to additional features.
  • Higher cost.
  • Learning curve for beginners.
  • Only desktop users can enjoy certain features, while advanced plans unlock even more capabilities.

4. Wave.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Wave

Download: Android | iOS

Wave provides a range of invoicing solutions that are not only free and unlimited but also customizable to suit your needs. When it comes to online payments, the platform takes a small percentage and supports both credit card and secure bank transfer options.

With features like recurring billing and automatic credit card payments, you can save valuable time. Additionally, the mobile app enables you to create invoices on the go.

All your customer information is conveniently stored in one place, and the invoicing app seamlessly syncs with Wave accounting software. Setting up invoices is a breeze with drag-and-drop line items, customizable payment terms, and automatic tax calculations.

Key Features:

  • Complimentary application.
  • Assistance provided: Help center, support from community, ticketing system.


  • Keep track of customer payments and communication.
  • Enable online payment acceptance.
  • Customize payment terms to suit your needs.


  • Third-party integrations are the sole means of tracking time.
  • Time tracking is exclusively reliant on third-party integrations.
  • Only third-party integrations can be used for time tracking.

5. Invoice2Go.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Invoice2Go

Download: Android | iOS

Invoice2go caters specifically to contractors, making it ideal for those who are constantly on the go and not tied to a desk. The mobile app is equipped with all the necessary tools for creating and sending estimates and invoices, as well as receiving payments.

Contractors can input quote details on the spot while on a job site and promptly send an estimate to the client. Additionally, the app allows for in-person credit card payments to be processed. Keeping track of expenses is made simple by taking a photo of receipts, and hours worked can be automatically logged and included in invoices.

Key Features:

  • Try our service for a full month at no cost.
  • Monthly subscription options range from $5.99 to $39.99.
  • Get assistance through FAQs, email, help guides, and articles.


  • Reminders sent automatically.
  • Deposit required prior to commencing work.
  • Reports sent via email on a monthly basis.


  • Less integrations compared to alternative choices.
  • Milestone invoices cannot be generated with a single click.
  • Limited integrations in comparison to other alternatives.

6. Paypal Business.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Paypal Business

Download: Android | iOS

PayPal Business users are likely familiar with the app’s invoicing capabilities. It offers a wide range of features, such as recurring bills, customized invoices, payment reminders, and the ability to sell and invoice internationally.

The app is renowned worldwide and supports payments in various currencies. One of the best aspects of PayPal’s invoicing is that customers can pay securely and choose from multiple payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

Additionally, businesses can provide flexible payment options like subscriptions or “buy now pay later,” with the seller receiving the funds in their PayPal account within minutes of the buyer’s payment. It’s important to note that PayPal charges a per-transaction fee, which may be more costly for certain companies compared to a flat fee structure.

Key Features:

  • No in-app purchases required for using the software.
  • Various support options available including Help & FAQs, resolution center, community, email, and phone support.
  • The software is completely free to use with no hidden costs or additional purchases needed.


  • Offline payments can be recorded easily.
  • Customers have the option to include a tip.
  • It seamlessly integrates with numerous applications.


  • Time tracking necessitates third-party applications.
  • Cost structure could potentially be higher.
  • Third-party apps are essential for tracking time and may come at a higher cost.

7. Fiverr Workspace.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Fiverr Workspace

Download: Android | iOS

Fiverr Workspace is a powerful tool that assists freelancers in managing their invoicing and payments efficiently. With this platform, you have the ability to collect upfront payments from clients, ensuring prompt payment.

Additionally, you can set up recurring payments to prevent any missed due dates. The app offers various online payment options and supports multiple currencies, making it convenient for freelancers worldwide. Moreover, the app automatically generates invoices for you and notifies you when they are viewed or paid.

Transforming a project proposal into an invoice is effortless, and you can even set up progress invoicing to receive payments as you reach milestones. Furthermore, you have the option to attach documents to invoices, allowing your clients to access reports or the final product easily.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Unlock additional features with in-app purchases for $18.
  • Get support through live chat, email, or FAQs.


  • Utilize promotional offers.
  • Implement high-level security measures.
  • Add attachments to invoices.


  • Team members are unable to access the client portal due to its absence.
  • The absence of a client portal restricts team members from gaining access.
  • Without a client portal, team members are unable to access the necessary information.

8. Invoicely.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Invoicely

Download: Android | iOS

Invoicely offers a comprehensive range of features that you would typically expect from an invoicing app. It provides the flexibility to personalize your invoices, accept online payments, and efficiently track time, expenses, and mileage.

What sets it apart is its seamless ability to handle multiple businesses within a single account. You can effortlessly create separate teams for each business and assign specific permissions based on individual roles within the company or project. The dashboard conveniently displays all your financial information in one centralized location, while Invoicely effectively manages both accounts receivable and payable.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Choose from a range of in-app purchases priced between $10.99 and $33.99.
  • Get support through the help center, FAQs, email, or live chat.


  • Bill in any denomination.
  • Check activity history.
  • Transform quotes into bills.


  • Limited features are available in the free version.
  • There are no integrations with accounting apps in the free version.
  • The free version does not offer integration with accounting apps.

9. Bill.Com.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Bill.Com

Download: Android | iOS was initially created as a platform for managing accounts payable, streamlining workflows, billing, and processing payments. With its invoicing capabilities, the tool offers a wide range of features such as personalized invoices, automatic numbering, and recurring billing.

By linking to your bank account, the application enables you to accept payments via ACH or credit card, as well as facilitating international transactions. While it may lack certain functionalities that businesses seek, seamlessly integrates and exchanges data with various accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero.

The synchronization of customer, invoice, and account details ensures that your financial software remains current at all times.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy a complimentary 30-day trial period.
  • Choose from affordable monthly plans ranging from $39 to $69.
  • Access various support options including a help center, FAQs, live chat, and ticket assistance.


  • Streamline your payment process with automatic charging and payment features.
  • Manage your accounts payable seamlessly on a single platform.
  • Simplify international payments with our integrated system.


  • Absence of native time tracking feature.
  • Inability to send estimates.
  • No built-in time tracking functionality.

10. Xero.

Best Invoice Bill for Android Apps - Xero

Download: Android | iOS

Xero offers a comprehensive accounting package that includes customizable invoicing options, seamless customer addition, and a convenient “pay now” feature for quick payments. Its project management capabilities shine through with the ability to send estimates, convert quotes into invoices, track time and expenses, analyze profit margins, and generate detailed reports on billable and non-billable hours.

Key Features:

  • Try our service for a full month at no cost.
  • Monthly prices range from $11 to $62.
  • Automated reminders and recurring invoices.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Get assistance through help and learning resources, live support, or email.


  • Merge various invoices.
  • Comprehensive feature set.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Import in bulk from different software.
  • View payment status.


  • Certain features may not be necessary for many businesses.
  • The Established plan offers exclusive features that are not available with other plans.
  • Some businesses may not require specific features that are only available with the Established plan.

How to Choose the Best Invoice Bill Apps for Android?

In the fast-paced realm of business today, it is essential to efficiently manage invoices and bills. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a larger enterprise, having a dependable invoice and billing app on your Android device can greatly improve financial processes and save time.

With numerous options to choose from, selecting the best invoice bill app for Android can be overwhelming. This detailed guide will assist you in evaluating key features and suggest some of the top apps available in this category.

Importance of Invoice Bill Apps.

Prior to diving into the details, it’s important to grasp the significance of invoice bill apps.

  • Efficiency: Quickly create and send invoices from anywhere.
  • Organization: Keep track of payments and outstanding invoices.
  • Professionalism: Use templates to create professional-looking invoices.
  • Time-Saving: Automate recurring invoices and payment reminders.
  • Accuracy: Reduce errors in manual invoicing processes.

Keys to Consider When Choosing an Invoice Bill App.

  • The app must feature an interface that is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Avoiding a steep learning curve is essential to prevent frustration and maintain productivity.
  • Seek out apps that provide customization options for invoice templates, allowing you to incorporate your logo, colors, and payment terms. This customization helps in upholding brand consistency and professionalism.
  • Opt for apps that offer integration capabilities with other software like accounting tools, payment gateways, and CRM systems. This integration can significantly improve functionality and streamline your workflow.
  • For those working with international clients, ensure the app supports multiple currencies and languages. This support is crucial for accurate billing and effective communication.
  • Look for apps that offer automated features such as invoicing, payment reminders, and late fee calculations. These automated processes can save time and ensure payments are made promptly.
  • Prioritize security when selecting an app for financial transactions. Choose apps that provide secure payment gateways and data encryption to protect sensitive information.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics features are essential for monitoring finances, cash flow, and generating financial reports. These tools provide valuable insights for better business decisions.
  • When considering an app, take into account the overall cost, including subscription fees and charges for premium features. Ensure the app aligns with your budget while still offering essential functionalities.


Before finalizing your decision, it is always advisable to check user reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store. Real-world experiences from other users can offer valuable insights into the app’s performance, reliability, and any potential issues.

When selecting the best invoice bill app for your Android device, it ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Take into account factors such as user interface, customization options, integration capabilities, automated features, secure payment options, reporting and analytics, and cost before making a choice. The ideal app will not only streamline your invoicing process but also enhance your overall financial management.

To summarize, having a dependable invoice bill app on your Android device is crucial for efficient financial management. Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a larger enterprise, the right app can simplify your invoicing tasks, ensure prompt payments, and help you maintain a professional image. By considering the factors mentioned in this guide and exploring the top invoice bill apps for Android, you can discover the one that perfectly suits your needs.

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