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6 Best Applicant Tracking Software You Should Consider Using In 2021

This applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application. This enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. Applicant tracking software – also known as ATS software. This software is dedicated to recruitment.

This ATS is like better sourcing, career sites, and streamlined workflow, candidate communication, job board distribution, etc. Which is a great way to automate your recruitment process through customizable functionality. In fact, 78% of recruiters say using ATS. That it helps in recruiting better candidates.

This is an applicant tracking system. If said in another language, ATS is a software solution to manage all recruitment requirements. Which it is serving as a data bank for all recruitment processes. It is capable of storing and processing vast amounts of data.

Applicant tracking systems such as evaluation generation, interview scheduling, and comparison, message delivery, universal search, and customized import and export of data, with features, shortlisting, and communication with candidates help.

6 Best Applicant Tracking Software

#1. BambooHR
#2. Ascendify
#3. WebHR
#4. iCIMS
#5. Bullhorn
#6. JobScore

#1. BambooHR

In this bamboohr, you can do different things than before. Sure, but she loves building great HR software. And makes its users happy. But what makes us happy. She knows this. That software makes life better for our customers. we assume. That there should be an outlet for the greatness of work.

If in your human resources department and with the hiring team, and can be equipped to handle all your recruitment and onboarding needs. This is a great way to organize application information at each stage of the hiring process.

If you come on a platform like bamboohr. So it can use bamboohr to send the offer letter directly. This software is very friendly for viewing or using recruitment on desktop and mobile.

Key Features:

  • Hiring: This makes it easy for a modern, mobile-ready applicant to quickly find, evaluate and track down the right people to help them.
  • Onboarding: This is a complete suite of automated preboarding and onboarding tools so you can focus less and more on the form to improve the first day.
  • Compensation: You can better take advantage of simple, self-service time tracking, timely payments, and tracking to provide a timely and accurate, and easy experience to your employees.
  • Culture: A new approach to performance management and the latest tools to measure engagement helps you champion culture and drive organizational development.

Pricing: Free Trial

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#2. Ascendify

Ascendify specializes in talent acquisition and talent development for large organizations. They work with innovators and forward-thinkers. Who is developing a modern workforce? Instead of being static, dumb, and disconnected, these integrated talents bring intelligence and insight. All of which makes the brand smarter – from the new hire to the next brilliant leader.

With this tool, the solution is designed to help businesses throughout the hiring, and onboarding, and employee management process. It is perfect to fulfill its changes. If perhaps the ripe talent platform gets smarter than every hire, skill assessment, and performance evaluation? then what will happen? If talent acquisition and management are fed to each other? This happens. When artificial intelligence embraces its nutritional side.

Key Features:

  • Attract and Engage Talent Relationship Management: This career website, talent pipeline, recruitment marketing, employee referral, and diversity programs. There is a magnet with a matrix.
  • Development and Development Employee Career Center: Its Capability Assessment, Leadership Program, Learning Speed, Pulse Survey and Talent Market. It is perfect to refine my talent.
  • Assisted and selected applicant tracking systems: job requirements, interview scheduling, predictive assessments, offer letters, and employee boarding. Hello tomorrow
  • Predict&Plan Enterprise People Plan: This is workforce strategy, job structure, people analytics, performance management, and succession planning. Which is strategic with data.

Pricing: From $1999 user/one year.

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#3. WebHR

WebHR facilitates all the functions of the Human Resource Department. Those who deal with recruitment, staff management, performance, payroll, training, etc. However, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR department. And that’s more than 25,500 businesses from around 200 countries use WebHR. It is trusted by well-known brands such as Nissan, Jiffy Smooth, Mira Maids, Servpro, Massage Envy, and more.

This WebHR is the bridge between human resource management and information technology. And it allows direct to automate many aspects of human resource management and increases the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes, along with the dual benefit of reducing the workload of the HR department.

WebHR starts at just $ 2 per employee per month. But the cost per employee is reduced based on the quantity. For example, the rate becomes $ 1.90 for 100 employees, $ 1.50 for 100 employees, and $ 1 for 1,000 employees.

The following is the Aadhaar module for the following Aadhaar scheme.

  • Social HR
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee directory
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Employee database
  • Boarding and landing
  • Employee Self Service

Pricing: It can add a WebHR applicant tracking system to its plan for only $ 0.50 per employee.

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#4. iCIMS

iCIMS Recruitment, with a decade of experience to back them, is a solution platform for organizations of different sizes for different industries. See all the ways our Career Site software can help you effectively and efficiently promote your brand to attract the right talent to your business.

ICIMS Talent Cloud offers solutions that can help you make a measurable impact on your ROI. This tool can help your career sites. Such as a checklist icon: Attract the right talent by communicating your company, mission, and values. Checklist icon: Harness machine learning to optimize the effectiveness of your job posting. Checklist icon: Enhance a candidate’s experience with dynamic content such as employee video testimonials. Checklist icon: Can match candidates with relevant jobs.

What determines their value: When you are advised to request a quotation suited to your specific needs. So this average cost for an employee base of 51–100 is $ 6,000 per year, and for the power of more than 5,000 employees, it would be $ 140,000 your billing annually. It makes a better search with the support of Google and social media to manage job advertisements. This personal dashboard with real-time insights Sees real-time screening and evaluation results.

Pricing: From $60 user/one Year.

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#5. Bullhorn

This tool is designed for recruitment agencies in applicant tracking solutions. That is, it is the best for Bullhorn, especially for employees and recruiters.

Bullhorn will be able to manage extensively for its customers. Which you can fill the job in this device. And it can easily automate the onboarding process from a single source. Bullhorn allows its customers to move and open time and more functions.

Key Features:

  • Win clients and recruitment: It can make better decisions, and it can improve sales and improve productivity, and you can manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from an easy-to-use interface.
  • Management and Location: Fill the job, automate the candidate to save time and money. Everything you, your candidates, and your customers need for a smooth placement process.
  • Salaries and Bills: Collect and explain time, issue invoices, calculate gross salary, and track gross margin with reliable payment/bill management as your brand.
  • Reports and Measurement: With fully embedded business intelligence and reporting, you can make better decisions throughout the lifecycle.
  • Ecosystem: Bullhorn’s open ecosystem gives customers the toolkit they need to create a unique solution. Robot APIs enable seamless integration with everything from job boards to pay and vendors and financial reporting tools.
  • Ecosystem: Bullhorn’s open ecosystem gives customers the toolkit they need to create a unique solution. Robot APIs enable seamless integration with everything from job boards to pay and vendors and financial reporting tools.

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#6. JobScore

JobScore has been an innovative leader in the ATS category for over a decade. It is currently used by more than 1,000 active employers in more than 150 countries. In total, Jobcore has helped process and sort 10+ million job applications.

JobScore has been a pillar in the “ATS” category for over 10 years. The idea for this JobScore was conceived in 2004 by an experienced technology recruiter and a Stanford-educated technologist. JobScore was launched in 2006. And are leveraging technology to help employers hire.

Key Features:

This JobScore tool is the most liked by all users. This is why this device has been made very friendly to the beginner.

  • The below-given JobScore features: Auto-Post Free Job Boards: JobScore can automatically post your job to free job boards, easily saving your team 1 data entry per hour.
  • As long as the job is open, job postings are published, so you should not worry about re-posting the same job multiple times.
  • Don’t want to post a specific task? No problem! Turn automatic job posting on or off whenever you want.
  • Decide with bliss?: JobScore extracts the contact information, employment, and education history from resumes.
  • The extracted information is easily presented in the scan profile so that you can take action quickly.
  • Want some more information? Beautifully formatted resumes and online social profiles are just one click away.
  • Rating Criteria: Once you know that you want to convert your desired skills and attributes into a job score.
  • The rating is how your team provides structured, mediocre interview feedback on candidates.
  • Each rating includes a short description so interviewers know what to assess.
  • Low-Risk Risk: Hiring the right people can make the difference between business success and failure.
  • Jobcore encourages you to think critically about what you need, assess for it, and then make quality data-based hiring decisions.

Pricing: From $299 user/one Year.

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  • I hope. This guide may have helped you.
  • This enables electronic handling to meet recruitment and needs.
  • This is a great way to automate your recruitment process through the optimization process
  • In fact, 78% of recruiters say using ATS. It helps in recruiting better candidates.
  • ATS is a software solution to manage all recruitment needs.
  • If you have any questions, you can feel free to leave a comment.
  • If you want to contact us, you can connect directly on social media.
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