7 Best Blogging Platform to Make Money For 2024 (Paid & Free Sites)

5 Best Blogging Platforms 2021 Really You Should Use It?

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on December, 15, 2023

If you choose a blogging career. So you want to jump straight. So this is definitely the best blogging platform for most people, with Bluehost hosting they can start their career with Wix or WordPress. If we listen, know, and see. Pearls can be earned from blogging. This is absolutely right. But I say the fact that you can set up the website in just 10 minutes. But it takes more than 1 year to earn.

If you want to write a niche article. You should have experience in that niche, and get used to hard work. So of course you can start blogging. When it comes to creating a blog. So you have two choices. You have to build a website first. For this, you should host your blog. Blogger.com is completely free. You can easily make a blog on it. You can use WordPress with Bluehost as your web host.

If you want a website builder then use the best Wix for you. If we talk about other choices. So you can use blogging platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn. Which is absolutely ready. You can write directly by writing a straight article, and you can do all this setup in just 10 minutes. And you can easily make your mark in the digital world. And you can earn money. The only downside to you is that you will be adept at their rules and algorithms.

Finally, I would like to recommend, that you choose WordPress for hosting with Bluehost. Which is very friendly, to begin with. This guide will help you choose which software or blogging platform to set up a blog.

What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money?

Here are my picks for the best Blogging Platform to use this year.

#1. Blogger.com

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - Blogger.com

If you want to do personal blogging and. So I would suggest that you use Google’s free service. Whose name is “blogspot.com“, you can create your own blog by signing in with Google email ID.

If you want to start in a professional way. Then you can do it. Maybe you can have your own financial problem. It is recommending a personal blogger for this because. Blog posts can be very simple and easy to operate. But I will recommend WordPress for Professional Blogger because there is more future in WordPress than a blog post.

Things like the theme, design, container design, etc. can be availed. And if you go ahead with a professional blogger, then you will spend time with the business model and market.

If you start with Blogger, it is very easy to set up. Setting up is just 10 minutes of work. To access it, you will only register in your Google account. If you already have Google Gmail ID you can access it.

trends.builtwith.com says that data has been received on 1,225,224 websites in Google Blogger.com. Who are blogger customers? We know 694,307 live websites using Blogger and an additional 530,917 sites, that have been used by bloggers in India and historically 24,405 websites.

You can follow the process to create a blog on blogger.com. Go to

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders. This website is very simple and simple. Anyone can use it. And what else can you do with this WordPress website? Let’s discuss this further. But before that, I would like to tell you that this work website is for some good reasons. It has a loyal user base and scores of dedicated developers. Which has been bringing better features to the system in the last few years.

>> Go to Blogger.com

#2. Bluehost Hosting –With WordPress – Customizable Blogging Platform

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - BlueHost

This is not an exaggeration. Here are some examples of actual blogs powered by WordPress. This is the perfect platform to start a blog career. If you want to build an e-commerce marketing website. So this WordPress website is perfect for this. If you want to write about personal finance and development while selling information products? So it can do WordPress.

They run popular social media platforms and giving them great blog content is the tool and plugins they provide. Which requires you to adapt the platform to your exact needs and specifications. Which do you want? WordPress can do this. It is very easy to do all this. To create your own site, you will need to purchase a domain name, as well as obtain web hosting. For this, you will need to set up your WordPress account. The question arises. Key Domains and Hosting is the best to start blogging. I recommend Bluehost web hosting.

Answer: Go with Bluehost.

It is one of the most popular web hosts only Bluehost, even it is ready for WordPress. Joe also recommends using Bluehost as a hosting option.

With just one click, you can make your WordPress site live for 10 minutes.

>> Go to Bluehost Hosting

#3. Wix – Easy blogging, Easy Website Builder for Beginners

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - Wix

If you are getting started. So this Wix.com website of yours makes it easy to set up completely. If you come on this platform it allows you to create a blog site in a few minutes. If you want to understand this process. So we are ready to give the outline. Let us discuss this for a few minutes.

Set up your blog with a designer-created template and enjoy all the built-in features. Wix allows you to access thousands of template templates for any site or blog website. If you want you can change the content of the template on your own site. That too with the help of drag-and-drop. You do not need to do any coding on it.

This integrated SEO tool: It can drive traffic to your blog with advanced tools such as AMP and schema and a personalized SEO plan to increase visibility on search engines.

You can edit text and images: If you can style and edit text and images directly from your post. It can also use quotes or tablets, it can apply crop photos or filters. And then, adjust and align your content so that you can have the look and feel you want.

You embed HTML: If you have interactive content in your blog post you can use HTML code to add external applications. You can add music, maps, images, and text from your social media pages.

Categories and Hashtags: It allows you to add categories and hashtags. So that readers can find that material. What they are looking for. You can create categories that appear on your blog menu. And can easily create hashtags for any blog post.

This a great mobile experience: fresh content can be written for your blog using the Wix mobile app. Customize the layout of your blog on mobile so that it can make your users feel on any device.

Add multiple authors and editors: It can collaborate with your blog team by including authors and editors on your site. Your team can help manage your blog, write posts, share content, and more.

This schedule blog post: It can publish blog posts at the optimum time. When it is most convenient, write posts and whenever you decide, you can prepare a schedule to make them live.

>> Go to Wix.com

#4. Medium – Blogging Platform for Building an Audience

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - Medium

If the user is talked about on a medium platform, then it is enjoying more than 60 million people. These best ideas can change who you are. The medium is where those ideas take shape, take off, and spark powerful conversation.

Of which 170 million readers come to find delightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and unseen vocals dive equally into the heart of any subject and bring new ideas to the surface. Their aim is to spread these ideas and deepen our understanding of the world.

If you want to do blogging. And want to rank quickly. Then this is the right platform for you. If I say it personally, whenever I read one of the blogs on the medium. So I read with curiosity and intention. If you want to enter by the medium. For that you have to create a profile on the medium i.e. you have to register. Which will take 10 minutes to do.

And you can start writing blogs directly by creating a profile. when their platform is left. So please read their policy. So that you can enjoy it completely from Befikar.

>> Go to Medium.com

#5. Linkedin – Best Marketing & Advertising Blog Platform

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social platform. LinkedIn’s social platform is older than Facebook, but it was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman, one of the early members of PayPal., but when LinkedIn was introduced, the pace of development was very slow. But after a few days, there were about 25 sign-ups.

This growth of LinkedIn has never grown as Facebook, but it has actually been almost 18 years. And has become more than 575 million members. Interaction on the LinkedIn platform is done through status updates and communication sharing within groups. And while you’re unlikely to reach potential customers from O via LinkedIn,

Perhaps if your potential customers are all other companies and small businesses, this social network can only help you gain valuable contacts. People are found all the way on the LinkedIn platform. and more high-profile people are found. Often the same people use more levels.

Take yourself to LinkedIn’s profile, which can generate website traffic. LinkedIn also creates brand awareness with advertisements. professionals such as those targeted by job titles, work, industry, and more are promoted. It is always finding new ways for members to contribute professional insights on LinkedIn. This LinkedIn publishing platform allows members to publish articles about their expertise and interests, in addition to influencers.

>> Go to linkedin.com

#6. Weebly – Free Blogging Most Useful

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money - Weebly

This Weebly is one of the best free blogging sites today and is a very popular choice for beginners. Which makes it easy from account creation to publishing. If eCommerce is specially taken into consideration while building this platform, if you are also on the eCommerce regarding niche then this Weebly platform will fit for you.

Why do people love Weebly?

Because Weebly is a beginner blogger and serves everything easily. Which comes with a really nice and free website builder.

The bad thing is, that this free version of Weebly Reformform will not be the recommended option as a long-term blog that you want to monetize.

The Weebly platform includes a free plan. Which you can see below.

  • 500 MB storage
  • Community Forum
  • Chat and email support
  • Free SSL protection
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact form

>> Go to weebly.com

#7. Tumblr – Free Blogging Most Useful


Tumblr was founded in 2007 and was created as a free blog platform. Sometimes Tumblr is also called micro-blogging, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But, Tumblr is between Twitter and WordPress. Which is multi-media. And looks a little different from other types of blogging sites.

Tumblr is an optional free blogging site that makes it very easy to blog, Tumblr itself was purchased by Automattic (the company behind WordPress). Like Tumblr in the medium though, Tumblr is a mix between a blog and a social media channel.

Why should you choose Tumblr?

Tumblr is the best platform in the whole world, not only in blogging but in the case of social media. which is designed to be flexible to use at all. Tumblr fits the younger generation perfectly. Which are a fun and interesting way to share your content, if you choose Tumblr. So you can get almost anything, making it a fascinating mix of free blogging sites and an underlying community.

>> Go to tumblr.com

The Consultation.

  • I hope. This guide may have helped you.
  • Although it is very easy to spend online money on blogging in time. but patience and hard work will have to be given.
  • Blogging you personally and professionally can be started easily.
  • It is free to choose any blogging platform mentioned in my list.
  • If you want to do business. So, in the beginning, you can choose absolutely free platform. Then later you can increase your business by buying Domains and Hosting from Bluehost.
  • If you have any questions, you can feel free to leave a comment.
  • If you want to contact us, you can connect directly on social media.

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