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Who is Jayprakash Prajapati?

I am Jayaprakash Prajapati, founder of www.ibusinessmotivation.com

In IBusinessMotivation we help those people. Who is trying to set up and design our business startup well? Which is, however, with the help of our Easy Guide blog. We have as a place to set up Business Startup and Business all sources completely. Where you can easily read the pro content blog on our website, and also from practical as well. One can easily learn and learn about successful marketing startups. In which our team tries its best.

Our Story

I want to tell you something about myself, I was born in Ahmadabad Gujarat, and my birthplace is in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am coming from a middle class, who used to study Ahmedabad, Gujarat in his life, since 2005, in the stand-7 at that time, to get his success and happiness. Since then, I have been struggling so far.

I have seen every up and down in my life. Which I have faced firmly in my life. I have studied IT in Ahmedabad.

But I studied IT, but instead, I was mourning for an MBA, it could not be possible seeing my home situation, but the same voice was coming from me, that I should get an MBA degree.

When I finished studying IT in 2011, I started working in 2012 after that. But I started my job but the fire of my MBA studies did not go inside me.

So I thought, can I buy an MBA book at home with jobs and read it? The answer came from inside me that I can do it.

Even though I do not have an MBA degree. Neither do I have a certificate. Do you get a job without it, or not? I don’t care about that. Then I went to the market one day.

I brought all the books of MBA at home and started reading that book for 2 hours daily. And I still read books related to business motivation to date. (This story is from 2012 to 2018.)

About the blogging website.

I thought one day that whatever I got from the MBA, I got information from the book. So why have I not thought that in all the information, put it in front of the whole world through the internet?

So I thought in my mind that I should create a blog website and share it with all the people, then I bought both domains and managed WordPress from Godaddy on the day of 14-11-2019. Then I made a good website with the help of Google.

He named the website “www.ibusinessmotivation.com”. Then I used to write an article every day, and started publishing., And saw the ups and downs of my life. I started writing all kinds of pleasing blogs with the logo on the one I felt. Like you might be able to feel though.

Amazing Content on my blog website:

In my blog website, I write a digital inspirational blog. How do we promote our business? How to launch new products. What are the rules and regulations of doing business?

And I review the product with some company together. I also include affiliate links as well. And I give guides about internet marketing.

Inspirational Blogs

I am still struggling in my life in search of success, satisfaction, and happiness. now through this blog website, I want to share some of my blogs with my friends who are equal to my age, and those who are older and younger than me have failed.

because every person’s life comes with ups and downs, some people succeed, and for those who fail, this channel provides a platform. which of these friends can get some inspiration? I have been going through ups and downs in my life. I am trying to teach the true meaning of life.

Our Mission

We have a mission to start up the business and make every new start in the business for their auditions. Our company’s idea supports this mission of learning, fast and simple business start-up solutions.

Thank you,

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