10 Best AI Image Generators Tools Of 2024 [Online FREE & Paid Try]

Best AI Image Generators Tools Online FREE

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on January, 30, 2024

Want To Jump Straight To The Answer? The Best AI Image Generators Tools For Most People Are DALL-E 2 , Bing image creator, Or Midjourney.

Do you recall the initial experience of using a navigation app and being amazed at how you ever functioned without it? Well, that same sense of wonder is what AI image generators bring to the table for designers, content creators, and businesses. Whether you’re looking to enhance your design skills, simplify content creation, or venture into the exciting realm of AI-powered imagery, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

I Want To Show You The Top-Range AI Image Generators Tools In 2024, Available On The Market Online Today, Reviewed In Deep Depth, And Help You Decide Which Is Best For Your Business or Personal.

What Are The Best AI Image Generators Tools.

Here is my top ranking of the best AI Image Generators Tools to use for your business or occasion this year.

1. Dall-E 3.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Dall-E 3.

DALL-E 3 revolutionizes AI image generation, surpassing its predecessor, DALL-E 2. This advanced model excels at creating intricate and realistic images based on your text prompts. Not only does it enhance visual quality, but it also effortlessly blends text with the generated images, overcoming a longstanding challenge in the field of AI.

Key Features:

DALL-E 3 is a game-changer for creative professionals, enabling them to transform their ideas into captivating visuals. It provides an invaluable tool for brands to express their identity and showcase a clear vision without the need for expensive design services.

Moreover, everyday users who are fascinated by the wonders of AI-powered image generation will be delighted by the perfect balance of simplicity and capability that DALL-E 3 offers. It is both user-friendly and powerful, making it accessible to all.


  • DALL-E 3 takes image quality to the next level, delivering stunning visuals and improved textures that surpass its previous version.
  • It seamlessly integrates text, overcoming previous obstacles faced by AI technology.
  • With its integration with Bing Chat, it becomes even more accessible to users.
  • Additionally, robust safety features are in place to ensure that the content remains free from inappropriate or copyrighted images.


  • DALL-E 3 has definitely improved upon DALL-E 2.
  • You can now request adjustments from ChatGPT and experience different outcomes.
  • It’s a great feeling when the tweaks turn out perfectly.
  • However, if you were a fan of the hands-on editing tools in DALL-E 2, such as image expansion or erasing specific parts, you won’t find those exact features here.


Get the ultimate package with ChatGPT Plus subscription! It comes bundled with amazing features, including access to DALL-E 3 at your convenience.

But here’s a bonus for Bing Chat users – you can enjoy this service for free! And for our enterprise customers, we offer flexible pricing options tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create stunning images with the AI picture generator in Bing Chat, even without a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Simply use the Microsoft Edge browser and let your creativity soar!

2. Bing image creator.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Bing image creator.

Bing Image Creator, a remarkable feature of Microsoft’s Bing suite, harnesses the power of the advanced DALL-E 3 model to transform text prompts into captivating images. Seamlessly integrated with Bing Chat, this cutting-edge tool is designed to cater to the needs of modern users. As the demand for image searches continues to rise, Bing Image Creator emerges as the perfect solution, offering a hassle-free and intuitive experience in generating AI-powered visuals.

Key Features:

Bing Image Creator has revolutionized the way we generate AI images. Whether you’re working on a professional project or simply indulging in creative exploration, Bing AI offers a flexible and easy-to-use platform that invites everyone to immerse themselves in the realm of AI-powered artistry.


  • Get instant access with a Microsoft account, making it incredibly convenient.
  • Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, including features from DALL-E 3, it enables the creation of lifelike images.
  • Take advantage of the customization options available to enhance and perfect your image outputs.


  • Sometimes, the AI may surprise us with its unexpected outputs.
  • The platform may encounter difficulties in accurately displaying text embedded in images.
  • Users should be mindful of the tool’s safeguards, particularly when it comes to dealing with harmful content, as their effectiveness is still a matter of discussion.


The Bing Image Creator is now available for free, featuring an exciting new “boosts” system. In the beginning, users were given 25 boosts, but now they are generously provided with 100 boosts. Each image prompt consumes one boost, and once all boosts are used up, the image generation process slows down, taking up to five minutes. However, the good news is that the replenishment of boosts has become more frequent, transitioning from a weekly to a daily basis.

Moreover, there is flexibility in the system. If you find yourself in need of more boosts, you have the option to redeem Microsoft rewards for boosts, ensuring a consistent and efficient image creation experience.

3. Midjourney.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Midjourney.

Midjourney is a cutting-edge AI image generator that has gained widespread recognition for its ability to produce stunningly realistic AI artwork based on text prompts. It truly shines when it comes to generating intricate and detailed images, showcasing its versatility across a wide range of artistic styles. By simply utilizing specific commands and descriptions, users can easily access Midjourney through Discord and request their desired images.

Key Features:

Version 1: Midjourney caters to a diverse group of users, encompassing artists, designers, professionals, and AI enthusiasts. It entices individuals seeking top-notch AI-generated images, while its vibrant Discord community encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among digital artists.

With its precision, artists and designers can anticipate remarkable results, while professionals in branding or media can leverage its capabilities for intricate projects. Moreover, for AI enthusiasts, the Discord community offers an exciting platform for collective exploration within the realm of digital art.


  • Experience stunning, lifelike images created by cutting-edge AI technology.
  • Join our vibrant Discord community where creativity and knowledge thrive.
  • Choose from our range of affordable subscription plans designed to meet your unique requirements.


  • The free version is no longer available, and the subscription plans can be quite expensive for users who don’t use it frequently.
  • Users who don’t use it often may find the subscription plans costly as there is no longer a free version.
  • Generating realistic images of certain objects, such as hands and teeth, has proven to be challenging for some users.
  • Privacy can be a concern with public Discord channels, as both images and prompts are visible to all users.
  • The Discord-based interface may take some time to get used to, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the platform.


Choose from our four subscription tiers, available in both monthly and annual options.

By opting for the annual payment, you can save a fantastic 20%! Regardless of the subscription you choose, you will gain access to the exclusive Midjourney member gallery, our official Discord community, and general commercial usage terms.

Depending on your plan, the GPU time may vary, but don’t worry, we also offer the flexibility to purchase extra hours if needed.

4. Canva AI.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Canva AI

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Canva AI Image Generator! This incredible tool, fueled by Stable Diffusion, has the power to produce an extensive array of lifelike images. Canva’s AI image creator is just one of the many remarkable features offered in their extraordinary “Magic Studio” suite.

Key Features:

Whether you’re a seasoned designer brainstorming the next groundbreaking ad campaign, a creative content creator striving to mesmerize your audience, or an imaginative artist in search of inspiration, this versatile tool caters to all your needs.


  • Tick-tock goes the clock, and Canva AI is well aware of it. With its help, you can effortlessly create stunning visuals in a jiffy.
  • The power of choice lies in your hands. Experiment with various design elements, from selecting the right typography to adding the perfect visual effects.
  • Even if you’re a beginner, fret not! Canva’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate. And if you want to kickstart your creative journey, a tutorial can provide you with a solid foundation.


  1. Canva’s software suite may have a slight learning curve compared to the usual, but don’t worry, it’s still user-friendly and intuitive.
  2. While Canva’s software suite is easy to navigate, it may take a little time to get fully acquainted with it. However, once you do, you’ll find it incredibly versatile and powerful.
  3. Canva’s software suite has a gentle learning curve, making it accessible for beginners. However, if you’re looking for a wider range of styles, there are other platforms that offer a bit more variety.
  4. Although Canva’s software suite is user-friendly, there are other platforms out there that provide a bit more diversity in terms of styles. However, Canva compensates with its extensive range of features.


  • Get 50 image generations absolutely free!
  • Upgrade to Canva Pro Plan for just $10 per month (or $119.99 when paid annually) and unlock the power to generate 500 images per user. Alternatively, you can opt for the monthly plan at $14.99. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

5. NightCafe.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Night Cafe

Looking to expand your artistic boundaries? NightCafe AI is the perfect tool for creative minds like yours. With cutting-edge features such as neural style transfer and an innovative text-to-image AI, you can redefine your artistic horizons. From surreal masterpieces to captivating cyberpunk creations, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? You can generate up to 28 unique artworks every day, each one a true masterpiece that you can proudly call your own. Unleash your creativity and let NightCafe AI take your artistry to new heights!

Key Features:

NightCafe AI caters to a wide range of individuals, from art lovers who appreciate personal expression to companies aiming to enhance their brand image. If you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of your living space, NightCafe offers a platform where you can create unique artworks that perfectly align with your aesthetic taste.

For businesses, NightCafe AI is a valuable tool that allows you to design custom artworks specifically tailored for your marketing campaigns, guaranteeing a distinctive brand identity. Additionally, the platform serves as an exceptional avenue for creating exclusive and memorable gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind.


  • Discover a vast collection of user-generated artworks in our expansive library.
  • Our platform offers an intuitive interface that caters to all skill levels, making it easy for everyone to navigate and create.
  • Join our community-driven platform, where collaboration and inspiration thrive, empowering artists to connect and grow together.
  • Unleash your creativity with detailed customization options for AI-generated art, allowing you to personalize and bring your vision to life.


  1. Mastering advanced features may require a bit more effort, but the rewards are worth it!
  2. Unlock a world of possibilities with our advanced features, although they may take a little more time to learn.
  3. Take your skills to new heights with our advanced features, which offer a challenging yet rewarding learning experience.
  4. Access to premium features is exclusive to our paid plans, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  5. Elevate your experience with our premium features, available only to those who choose our paid plans.
  6. Delve into the world of advanced features and unlock a whole new level of creativity, though it may take some time to get the hang of it.
  7. Create stunning 3D landscapes and scenes, even though the process may be time-consuming, the end result is truly mesmerizing.


  • Discover the world of AI with our complimentary basic exploration plan.
  • For those looking to dive deeper, we offer the AI Beginner Plan at just $5.99 per month or $4.79 per month when billed quarterly.
  • Take your AI journey to the next level with our higher tiers, AI Hobbyist and AI Enthusiast.
  • The ultimate AI experience, our top-tier offering, AI Artist, is available at $49.99 per month or $39.99 per month when billed quarterly.

6. Deep AI.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Deep AI

Kevin Baragona introduced DeepAI in 2016, opening the doors to a world of AI-powered creativity. Whether you’re an artist in search of inspiration or simply fascinated by the possibilities of AI, DeepAI is here to be your trusty companion. With a perfect blend of professionalism and a touch of casual charm, DeepAI will guide you through this exciting realm.

Key Features:

  • Attention Developers! DeepAI offers an array of advanced features that effortlessly enable you to incorporate AI into your projects.
  • Calling all Artists and Designers! Prepare to be amazed by DeepAI’s revolutionary capability to produce vector images that are adaptable to any resolution.
  • Marketers and Content Creators, rejoice! DeepAI has the power to generate visually stunning graphics, elevating the engagement level of your content.

In the year 2023, whether you’re a developer, artist, designer, marketer, or content creator seeking a swift solution for crafting personalized images, DeepAI emerges as the ultimate choice for you.


  • Extensive Customization: DeepAI provides a wide range of customization features, empowering you to personalize images according to your unique requirements.
  • Diverse Range of Styles: With the generator, you have access to various stylistic options that allow you to fine-tune textures, colors, and intricate details.
  • Developer’s Delight: DeepAI comes equipped with an API, making it an ideal choice for developers seeking seamless integration into their own applications.
    These advantages position DeepAI as a leading option among both free and paid AI image generators in 2023. Its versatile features cater to a broad spectrum of users, from individual creators to large-scale businesses.


  • Generating large-scale images can be a time-consuming process due to slow processing times. Unfortunately, the platform’s advanced features are primarily available only through its paid subscription plans.
  • This means that if you’re not willing to invest, you may miss out on accessing key tools. Additionally, if you’re not tech-savvy, the technical implementation of the platform might seem daunting. As a result, your experience may not be as intuitive as you would like it to be.
  • When it comes to generating large-scale images, be prepared for slower processing times. The platform’s advanced features are mainly reserved for those who opt for the paid subscription plans.
  • This means that if you’re not willing to invest, you might not have access to the key tools you need. Furthermore, if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, the technical implementation of the platform could be overwhelming. This might compromise your experience and make it less user-friendly than you’d prefer.
  • If you’re working on tasks that involve generating large-scale images, brace yourself for slower processing times. Unfortunately, the platform’s advanced features are primarily available to those who subscribe to the paid plans.
  • This means that if you’re not willing to invest, you might miss out on accessing crucial tools. Moreover, if you’re not well-versed in technology, the technical implementation of the platform might seem daunting. As a result, your experience may not be as user-friendly as you’d like it to be.


  • Get started with our free plan, perfect for initial testing and exploring our AI generator.
  • Upgrade to our Pro Plan for just $4.99 per month, which includes 500 AI generator calls.
  • If you prefer a more flexible option, our Pay-As-You-Go Plan starts at $5 for 100 API calls. No matter your image generation demands, we have a plan suitable for you.

7. Jasper Art.

Version 1: Introducing Jasper Art, an incredible AI image tool developed by the brilliant minds behind the renowned Jasper AI. While Jasper AI has been assisting people in creating captivating content with words, Jasper Art takes a different approach by focusing on visuals.

Simply input a few keywords, whether it’s a mood, a style, or even a medium like watercolor, and witness the magic as it transforms your prompt into a stunning array of vibrant images. Get ready to be amazed!

Key Features:

Jasper Art is the go-to platform for a wide range of individuals, from savvy marketers and creative content creators to ambitious business owners.

What makes it stand out? Its incredible versatility. Marketers can leverage its power to enhance their campaigns with captivating visuals, content creators can effortlessly incorporate one-of-a-kind images into their work, and business owners, particularly those lacking a dedicated design team, can effortlessly produce top-notch, professional-grade content.


Experience lightning-fast image generation with Jasper Art! In just under 10 seconds, you can create breathtaking AI-generated images that will leave you in awe. Unlike other options, Jasper Art stands out with its incredible speed, whether you choose the free or paid version.

Jasper Art is your go-to solution for lightning-fast image generation! Within a mere 10 seconds, you can create stunning AI-generated images that will captivate your audience. What sets Jasper Art apart from other options is its remarkable speed, whether you opt for the free or paid version.

Prepare to be amazed by Jasper Art’s lightning-fast image generation! In less than 10 seconds, you can effortlessly produce awe-inspiring AI-generated images. Whether you’re using the free or paid version, Jasper Art’s speed surpasses that of other options, making it the ultimate choice.

Discover the power of Jasper Art’s rapid image generation! In a matter of seconds, you can unleash a world of stunning AI-generated images that will leave you speechless. Unlike other alternatives, Jasper Art’s speed is unmatched, whether you’re using the free or paid version.

Unleash the speed of Jasper Art’s image generation! In less than 10 seconds, you can witness the creation of breathtaking AI-generated images that will blow your mind. With its unparalleled speed, Jasper Art outshines other free and paid options in the market.


What could potentially deter you from using Jasper Art as your preferred AI image generator?

First and foremost, the fact that it cannot utilize reference images may feel restrictive. You are solely relying on text descriptions, which can sometimes limit your creative expression.

Additionally, there have been reports of the system struggling with creating realistic renderings of body extremities and faces. This could be a concern if you are aiming for a high level of realism in your generated images.

When it comes to the range of options available for AI image generators, some might find Jasper Art’s pricing to be on the higher side.

While it is undoubtedly one of the top AI image generators in 2023, the image quality can sometimes be average, which may not meet everyone’s expectations.


  • For those looking to unleash their creativity, our Creator Plan offers a fantastic deal at just $49 per month when billed monthly, or an even better value of $39 per month when billed annually.
  • If you’re part of a team and want to collaborate seamlessly, our Teams Plan is available at $125 per month when billed monthly, or a discounted rate of $99 per month when billed yearly.
  • For businesses with unique needs, we offer our Business Plan with custom pricing tailored to suit your specific requirements.

8. Runway AI.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Runway AI

It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see how Runway has evolved from its early collaborations on tools like Stable Diffusion, with the backing of industry giants like Google. With their remarkable flagship models, Gen-1 and Gen-2, collectively known as Runway AI (although the app itself is called RunwayML), they have truly revolutionized the field.

What’s truly astonishing is that you can simply feed it a video, image, or even a snippet of text, and witness it effortlessly create stunning videos. Although it may have a few idiosyncrasies, the sheer potential and groundbreaking innovation behind Runway are truly awe-inspiring.

Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for artists, content creators, and developers, this platform is customized to meet your unique needs and help you unleash your creative potential.
  • Crafted with artists, content creators, and developers in mind, this platform is tailored to cater to your specific requirements and empower you to bring your ideas to life.
  • Created exclusively for artists, content creators, and developers, this platform is finely tuned to suit your individual preferences and provide you with the tools you need to excel in your craft.
  • Customized for artists, content creators, and developers, this platform is meticulously designed to cater to your distinct needs and assist you in achieving your creative goals.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of artists, content creators, and developers, this platform is carefully crafted to provide you with a seamless experience and support your artistic endeavors.


  • Experience the ultimate toolkit that goes beyond your expectations, offering a wide range of features for live video and video editing.
  • Unlock the power of creativity with our comprehensive toolkit, designed to cater to all your needs. Not only that, but we also provide you with 100 stunning high-definition images absolutely free!
  • Choose from our customizable plans, tailored to fit the unique requirements of businesses of all sizes. Get ready to take your videos to the next level with our exceptional services.


  • The free version has limited generation capabilities, but fear not!
  • We have advanced features that might pose a challenge for newcomers.
  • However, to handle intensive tasks, you’ll need a robust computing device.


  • Choose from a variety of options, starting with the free Basic plan and extending to tailor-made Enterprise solutions.
  • Unlock a world of advanced features and advantages with our paid tiers. As you upgrade, enjoy increased credits and improved resolution exports for an enhanced experience.

9. Wombo Dream.

Best AI Image Generator Free - Wombo Dream

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of abstract and one-of-a-kind artistry? Let’s delve into the fascinating realm of Wombo Dream. This remarkable AI image generator is a refreshing breeze for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Key Features:

Wombo Dream is an enchanting digital paintbrush that effortlessly glides between the realms of reality and abstract, conjuring up mesmerizing artworks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you possess the skills of a seasoned artist or simply wish to explore the world of digital art, this platform’s user-friendly interface guarantees that you won’t be left bewildered.


  • Effortlessly create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with your unique artistic touch.
  • Seamlessly navigate through our user-friendly design, perfect for beginners and experts alike.
  • Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional results you’ll achieve with our top-notch outputs.


  • Effortlessly create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with your unique artistic touch.
  • Seamlessly navigate through our user-friendly design, perfect for beginners and experts alike.
  • Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional results you’ll achieve with our top-notch outputs.


  • Get started with our free plan and explore the essentials without spending a dime.
  • Unlock the fundamentals with our free plan, where you can experience the basics at no cost.
  • Dive into the core features with our free plan, allowing you to get a taste of the essentials without any charges.
  • For just $10 a month, our monthly subscription gives you full access to everything you need.
  • Take the plunge into a year-long commitment with our yearly plan, offering a deeper dive into our offerings for only $90.
  • Enjoy a lifetime of unlimited access by investing once in our lifetime access plan, available at $170.

10. Adobe Photoshop (Firefly)

Best AI Image Generator Free - Adobe Photoshop (Firefly

Firefly’s exceptional capabilities take the art of seamlessly blending AI-generated images into photographs to an entirely new realm.

Key Features:

  • Firefly is the ultimate dream tool for design enthusiasts who crave a touch of individuality in their projects. It’s like adding a sprinkle of magic to your creations.
  • And if you’re a photographer, just imagine how your shots can be taken to the next level with the power of AI elements. As a Creative Cloud subscriber, Firefly seamlessly integrates into your toolkit, becoming an invaluable asset that enhances your artistic journey.


  • Experience the seamless integration of Creative Cloud, where your editing capabilities are versatile and your workspace is intuitive. Say goodbye to copyright concerns with our reduced copyright protection measures.
  • Unlock the power of Creative Cloud with its seamless integration, allowing you to effortlessly harness versatile editing capabilities. Step into an intuitive workspace that eliminates copyright concerns, giving you the freedom to create without limitations.


  • Still in beta
  • Requires Creative Cloud subscription
  • Not for commercial use in its beta version


  • Upgrade to our premium plan, available at just $19.99 per month as part of the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, and unlock a plethora of additional features to enhance your creative journey.
  • Get started with our free plan that offers 25 generative credits, giving you a taste of what our platform can do.

Executive Summary.

Which is the best AI image generator?

When it comes to AI image generators, DALL-E 3 has certainly made a name for itself. With its impressive speed, wide range of styles, and user-friendly interface, it has set the bar high. However, there are other contenders in the field, each with their own strengths.

One such contender is Midjourney. Not only does it keep up with the latest advancements, but it also delivers stunning, high-definition visuals that are sure to catch your eye.

If customization is your thing, then Stable Diffusion might be the right choice for you. It offers a vast array of options to shape both the art style and the final piece, giving you full control.

For those looking for diversity, NightCafe is the answer. Whether you’re into abstract musings or lifelike portraits, it caters to a wide spectrum of artistic preferences.

Ultimately, the best AI art generator depends on your unique needs. Consider factors like user experience, generation speed, cost-effectiveness, prompt versatility, and editing capabilities before making your decision.

The Benefits of Using AI Image Generators.

AI image generators provide numerous benefits and advantages for artists and creatives seeking new avenues for their artistic expression. Let’s delve into the compelling reasons why these tools have become invaluable assets in the creative world.

Enhancing Creativity and Pushing Artistic Boundaries.

AI image generators serve as catalysts for creative exploration. By harnessing the power of AI algorithms, these tools generate unique and often unexpected visual outputs that can spark fresh ideas and concepts in your creative process.

Unlike traditional methods, AI image generators have the ability to generate images that transcend the confines of human imagination, leading to groundbreaking artistic breakthroughs.

Saving Time and Effort.

Creating intricate and visually stunning artwork often requires significant amounts of time and effort. However, AI image generators allow artists to streamline their creative process by automating certain tasks.

With just a few clicks, artists can generate a wide range of images, eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming tasks. This newfound efficiency allows artists to focus their energy on refining their work and exploring new ideas.

Freedom to Experiment and Iterate.

AI image generators foster a creative environment that encourages experimentation and iteration. With the ability to quickly generate numerous visual outputs, artists can easily explore different styles, color schemes, compositions, and concepts without fear of wasting time or resources. This iterative process can lead to rapid artistic growth and enable artists to refine their creative vision.

Now that we understand the advantages of utilizing AI image generators, let’s dive into the top 10 free tools that are revolutionizing the creative landscape.

How to Get Started with AI Image Generators.

Getting started with AI image generators is an exciting endeavor that opens up a world of endless creativity. Follow these steps to embark on your AI-assisted artistic journey.

Research and Explore: Take the time to research different AI image generator tools available. Look for ones that align with your artistic goals and preferences. Explore their features, user reviews, and sample outputs to get a better understanding of what each tool offers.

Choose the Right Tool: Once you have identified potential AI image generators, carefully consider their functionalities and user interfaces. Select a tool that offers customization options, ease of use, and artistic styles that resonate with your vision and creative process.

Familiarize Yourself with the Interface: After selecting an AI image generator, spend time familiarizing yourself with its user interface. Understand how different options and parameters can influence the generated artwork. This familiarity will allow you to harness the tool’s full potential and create truly unique visuals.

Experiment and Iterate: With the basics in place, it’s time to dive into the creative process. Begin experimenting with different styles, motifs, and customization options. Embrace the freedom to iterate and refine your artwork until it aligns with your artistic vision.

Embrace the Unexpected: AI image generators have a knack for generating unexpected and fascinating results. Embrace these surprises and let them guide you in unforeseen artistic directions. Some of your most innovative creations may emerge from happy accidents and serendipitous discoveries.

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