The 9 Best Password Manager for Android Apps of 2024

Best Password Manager for Android Apps

Best Password Manager for Android Apps. If you’re in need of a password manager, LastPass stands out as our top choice due to its extensive selection of privacy and security features, such as a dependable password manager, multi-factor authentication, secure password storage and organization, and more.

In case LastPass is not to your liking, we discovered numerous other exceptional password managers that are definitely worth considering. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 password manager apps that are accessible on iOS, Android, and desktop.

For our rundown of the best 9 password manager apps, we made sure to incorporate apps that enable form autofill, data importing from browsers, two-factor authentication, and compatibility with all devices and popular operating systems. These functionalities make it as convenient as possible for users to securely maintain, manage, and categorize their passwords and sensitive data.

Each app on our list provides either a free version or a free trial to help you get started, permitting you to effortlessly try out multiple apps to pinpoint the ideal fit for your requirements. Some apps, like Bitwarden, are more suitable for personal use, while others, such as Zoho Vault, are ideal for team collaboration. We advise checking user reviews for further insight into how these apps operate and the features they provide.

Utilizing duplicate passwords heightens the risk of vulnerability, as if an unauthorized individual gains access to one account, all of your accounts are at risk. The majority of password managers on our list incorporate password generators to aid you in swiftly creating secure and dependable passwords. Remember to utilize this feature to enhance the security of all your online accounts.

What is Best Password Manager for Android Apps.

Here are my top picks for the best Android Password Manager apps to use for your personal and professional needs. we discovered numerous other exceptional password managers that are definitely worth considering.

1. Lastpass.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Lastpass

Download: Android | iOS

LastPass stands out as the top password manager app for both iOS and Android users. It boasts an extensive range of privacy and security features, such as a password generator, autofill functions for websites and apps, multi-factor authentication, device syncing, and more.

A notable feature is the Security Challenge, which conducts a rapid security assessment of your account, indicating password strength, recommending password changes, and providing other useful insights. In contrast to other password managers, LastPass provides a free tier that accommodates one device and unlimited passwords.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version.
  • Choose from various subscription plans: Premium for $3/month, Families for $4/month, Teams for $4/user/month, Business for $6/user/month.
  • Get support through Email, FAQs, Help Topics, and Community.


  • Offers secure storage and management for passwords.
  • Conducts audits to ensure account security.
  • Provides support for multi-factor authentication.


  • The free tier is limited to usage on a single device.
  • Only one device is supported on the free tier.
  • The free tier allows for usage on just one device.

2. Zoho Vault.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Zoho Vault

Download: Android | iOS

Zoho Vault is a top choice for managing passwords on both Android and iOS, whether for personal or business purposes. Users can securely store a variety of sensitive information, including passwords, notes, and bank details.

The app allows for easy syncing across devices, organizing passwords into folders, and conducting security audits to ensure the strength of your vault. Zoho also offers advanced password sharing features for teams, with the ability to assign different access levels to users.

With plans starting at just $0.90 per user per month, you’ll get user provisioning, password expiration alerts, cloud backups, priority technical support, and seamless integration with G Suite and Office 365.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the product.
  • Choose from different subscription plans: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • Get support through various channels such as email, help center, phone, forum, videos, and webinars.


  • Enhanced password sharing capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with G Suite and Office 365.
  • Thorough and comprehensive security assessments.


  • Sharing feature is not accessible in the free version.
  • The free version does not support sharing capabilities.
  • Sharing is restricted in the free version of the software.

3. Keepassxc.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Keepassxc

Download: Android | iOS

KeePassXC is a robust password manager known for being both free and open-source, enabling external security audits. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, utilizing 256-bit AES encryption. Your password database is accessible offline, ensuring constant access to your data. In addition to passwords and usernames, KeePassXC allows storage of URLs, notes, and attachments. However, it lacks support for iOS and Android, limiting its usability for mobile users.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the product.
  • Choose from different subscription plans: Premium for $3/month, Families for $4/month, Teams for $4/user/month, and Business for $6/user/month.
  • Get support through email, FAQs, Help Topics, and the Community.


  • No cost involved.
  • No subscription required.
  • Assistance provided through email, documentation, and FAQ section.


  • Efficient password management solution.
  • Compatible with popular desktop operating systems.
  • Accessible even without an internet connection.

4. Sticky Password.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Sticky Password

Download: Android | iOS

Sticky Password is an efficient password manager and form-filler that enables users to securely store and manage their login information, passwords, and personal data. With this app, you can easily generate strong passwords, save your logins, store credit cards, and securely share passwords with others.

Unlike many other apps, Sticky Password stands out by offering a more secure alternative to cloud syncing through its local WiFi syncing feature, in addition to device syncing. Users also have the option to store a secure backup of their encrypted data in the cloud.

The free plan of Sticky Password includes useful features like autofill, two-factor authentication, and unlimited password storage. However, for device syncing, priority support, and emergency access, users can upgrade to the Premium plan for just $29.99 per year.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the product.
  • Choose from different subscription plans: Premium for $29.99/year, Teams for $29.99/year, or Academic for $12.95/user/year.
  • Get support through email or the Help Center.


  • Local WiFi synchronization with enhanced security measures.
  • Free version includes two-factor authentication for added protection.
  • Securely sync data over local WiFi network with peace of mind.


  • Device synchronization is exclusively accessible in the premium edition.

5. Keeper Security Password Manager.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Keeper Security

Download: Android | iOS

Keeper Security Password Manager provides users with a complete set of features to effectively safeguard and handle their passwords and other confidential data. With the ability to synchronize information across various platforms, store an unlimited number of passwords in an encrypted vault, secure files and photos, categorize passwords into folders, and establish personal and business accounts, Keeper Security ensures top-notch security.

Moreover, it excels in catering to families by offering comprehensive family plans that surpass those of its competitors. These family plans encompass five private vaults, 10 GB of secure file storage, family file sharing, emergency payments, and round-the-clock support.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the software.
  • Choose from various subscription plans, including Keeper Unlimited, Keeper Plus Bundle, Keeper Family Password Manager, Keeper Family Plus Bundle, Keeper Business, and Keeper Enterprise.
  • Get support through email, Help Center, and Live Chat.


  • Excellent family arrangements.
  • Secures and safeguards crucial documents.
  • Facilitates device synchronization.


  • Restricted complimentary version available.
  • Limited complimentary edition.
  • Constrained free version.

6. 1Password.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - 1Password

Download: Android | iOS

1Password stands out as a top-tier password manager with a wide range of features. It supports various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, making it a versatile choice. Unlike many other password managers, 1Password provides advanced organization tools, allowing users to categorize passwords, create multiple vaults, add tags and favorites, and utilize the Spotlight feature for easy information retrieval.

Additionally, it offers autofill capabilities, secure vault sharing, two-factor authentication, and a password generator. While there is no free version, a 30-day trial is available, with plans starting at just $2.99 per month.

Key Features:

  • No free version offered.
  • Subscription plans available for 1Password: $2.99/month, 1Password Families: $4.99/month, Business: $7.99/user/month, Enterprise: Custom quote.
  • Support options include Email, Chat, Forum, and Help Articles.


  • Enhanced organizational capabilities.
  • Share secure vaults.
  • Synchronize devices.


  • No free plan.

7. Bitwarden.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Bitwarden

Download: Android | iOS

Bitwarden stands out as the top choice for users seeking an open-source password manager that prioritizes privacy and security. Unlike many competitors, Bitwarden’s free version offers unlimited device syncing, vault items, cloud hosting, encrypted exports, and two-factor authentication.

A standout feature is Bitwarden Send, enabling secure sharing of encrypted information. For just $10 per year, Bitwarden Premium adds even more value with U2F and YubiKey support, 1 GB of encrypted storage, and priority support.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the product.
  • Choose from different subscription plans, including Premium, Family Organization, Teams Organization, and Enterprise Organization.
  • Get support through the Help Center, Forum, or Email.


  • Cost-effective subscription options available.
  • Utilize open-source software.
  • Enjoy a free plan with a wide range of features.


  • Premium plan comes with 1 GB of secure storage.
  • Encrypted storage is limited to 1 GB in the Premium package.
  • The Premium tier offers 1 GB of protected storage space.

8. Roboform.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Roboform

Download: Android | iOS

The complimentary RoboForm version offers unlimited logins, strong encryption, emergency access, and essential password management features. By opting for the premium RoboForm Everywhere version, you gain access to extra perks like syncing, secure backup, sharing, and premium support.

RoboForm Everywhere is priced at $23.88 annually for individuals and $47.75 annually for families (allowing up to five accounts). For businesses, RoboForm provides solutions starting at $39.95 per user per year, featuring group vault sharing, employee accounts, and additional benefits.

Key Features:

  • RoboForm Everywhere for Individuals: $23.88/year.
  • RoboForm Everywhere for Families: $47.75/year.
  • RoboForm for Business: $39.95/year/user.


  • Enhanced form completion capabilities.
  • Detailed corporate strategies.
  • Security password assessments.


  • Free version does not include two-factor authentication.
  • Two-factor authentication is not available in the free version.
  • Two-factor authentication is not offered in the free version.

9. Remembear.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Remembear

Download: Android | iOS

Developed by the creators of TunnelBear VPN, RememBear is a highly capable password manager. With RememBear, you have the ability to generate and securely store passwords, usernames, credit card details, notes, and other important information.

Although it is not open-source, RememBear undergoes independent audits by a third party to ensure it adheres to stringent security standards. Notably, the app excels in vault security features, including a master password, two-factor authentication, support for TouchID and FaceID, and automatic locking after a period of inactivity.

While a limited free version is available for one device, upgrading to the Premium version for $6 per month grants you access to multiple devices, syncing capabilities, and priority customer service.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version today.
  • Upgrade to Premium for just $6 a month.
  • Get support through Email or Help Center.


  • Excellent security measures for your vault.
  • Enhanced protection with two-factor authentication.
  • Convenient autofill feature for forms.


  • Free version with limitations.
  • Version with limited free features.
  • Restricted free edition.

10. Enpass.

Best Password Manager for Android Apps - Enpass

Download: Android | iOS

Enpass provides a wide array of features for securely storing and managing all your passwords. Your passwords can be accessed offline, and Enpass utilizes the open-source SQLCIPHER Engine for encryption.

You can synchronize your data across multiple devices through various methods, and the app includes over 80 templates for organizing your information efficiently. Enpass distinguishes itself with its thorough security audits, which assess your saved passwords for websites that support two-factor authentication. Additionally, it identifies breached, expired, and duplicate passwords.

Key Features:

  • No free version offered.
  • Subscription options: Individual Plan for $2/month, Family Plan for $3/month, One-Time payment of $79.99.
  • Support provided through Email, FAQs, Forum, and User Guide.


  • Comprehensive security assessments.
  • Automatically populates credit card information.
  • Over 80 pre-designed templates for organizing.


  • No free plan.

How to Choose the Best Password Manager Apps for Android.

To select the optimal password manager app for your Android device, it is crucial to take into account various essential aspects. These include guaranteeing the secure storage of your passwords, convenient accessibility, and efficient management. Below is a comprehensive guide that will assist you in making the right choice for the best password manager app for your Android device.

Keys to Consider When Choosing an Password Manager App.

1. Security Features.

The primary purpose of a password manager is to keep your passwords safe. Look for:

  • Encryption: Ensure the app uses strong encryption standards like AES-256.
  • Zero-Knowledge Policy: The provider should not have access to your master password or stored data.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adds an extra layer of security.
  • Biometric Login: Support for fingerprint or face recognition for quick and secure access.

2. Ease of Use.

A good password manager should be user-friendly:

  • Intuitive Interface: Easy to navigate and understand.
  • Password Autofill: Automatically fills in login credentials in apps and browsers.
  • Password Generator: Generates strong, unique passwords.
  • Cross-Platform Sync: Syncs across multiple devices (PC, Mac, iOS).

3. Features.

Consider the range of features offered:

  • Secure Notes: Store sensitive information securely.
  • Password Sharing: Securely share passwords with trusted contacts.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Alerts if your credentials appear in data breaches.
  • Password Auditing: Checks the strength and security of your passwords and suggests improvements.

4. Cost.

Evaluate the pricing plans and value for money:

  • Free vs. Paid Plans: Determine if the free version meets your needs or if a premium subscription is necessary.
  • Family Plans: Consider if you need plans that cover multiple users.
  • Trial Periods: Some apps offer free trials of their premium features.

5. Customer Support.

Reliable support is crucial if you encounter issues:

  • Support Channels: Availability of email, chat, or phone support.
  • Response Time: How quickly the support team responds to queries.
  • Help Resources: Availability of FAQs, tutorials, and forums.

6. Compatibility.

Ensure the app works well with your Android device and other systems you use:

  • Browser Extensions: Compatibility with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • App Integration: Works seamlessly with other apps on your Android device.

7. Backup and Recovery.

Features to help you recover your passwords if needed:

  • Emergency Access: Allows a trusted contact to access your account in an emergency.
  • Account Recovery: Options to recover your account if you forget your master password.

Password Manager Apps. – FAQs.

What is the best free password manager for Android?

Bitwarden offers a robust free version with essential features.

Can I trust password manager apps with my data?

Yes, reputable password managers use strong encryption and zero-knowledge policies to ensure your data’s security.

Do password managers work across multiple devices?

Most password managers offer cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to sync your data across multiple devices.

Is it necessary to use a premium password manager?

Free versions of many password managers provide sufficient features for most users, but premium plans offer additional security and convenience features.

What happens if I forget my master password?

Many password managers offer account recovery options, such as emergency access or recovery keys.


Consider the following factors when selecting an Android password manager app: security features, user-friendliness, functionality, cost, customer support, compatibility, and backup and recovery options. Popular options such as LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, and Keeper each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Assess these criteria based on your individual requirements to discover the ideal password manager for your Android device.

For more insights, head over to 1Password Review, Best Cloud Storage for Android Apps., Best Live Chat for Android Apps., and Best Messaging for Android Apps.

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