9+ Best URL and Link Shorteners Of 2024 (Range Free And Paid)

Best Url And Link Shorteners Of 2022 Free And Paid

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on December, 17, 2023

Have you ever tried to URL and Link Shorteners of any blog post? You will definitely yes, but you will not be limited in even thinking and trying.

There are many helpful tools in the markets to URL and Link Shorteners. URLs that are shortened to only 19 characters and more, automatically sorting your links to most URLs that occur on social networks

Say, to be honest, short links are great to see and share. And people who do affiliate marketing. Those people also provide a better user experience for their customers through social media followers by shortening the affiliate links.

To help you find the best one for you, I’ve Range reviewed over 9+ Best URL and Link Shorteners Tools. grounded in ease of use, pricing, customer support, and features, along with much more.

Let’s start.

What Is The Best URL and Link Shorteners?

Here are my picks for the Top URL and Link Shorteners to use this year.

1. Cut.Ly



Cut.Ly is one of the link management platforms with all the features. There is no need to register an account here to customize the link on it. Plus one account gives you full access to real-time analytics with click-throughs and social media referrals.


It’s perfect for those who want to take advantage of more useful features, all in all, it makes it easy to manage your links in an intuitive and simple way.


  • Custom URL Shortener Button – With the help of this tool-free service you can create a custom URL short button in just one click. So that you can add directly to the web browser toolbar.
  • Your Complete Control – Anywhere and at any time you can manage all the features you need on one platform, allowing you to do everything from shining your brand to track.
  • Link Analytics – With the help of this tool, you can narrow down your links to yourself, and you can support your brand with your links,
  • Discover Unique Redirect Analytics – You can work with your team to empower you to build your brand engagement, free to manage your links like a professional.


  • You can record click analysis for more than 30 days from the time you purchase your paid subscription.
  • Supports you for all clicks, top devices, top OS, top browsers, top links, top device brands, countries, top languages.
  • You can configure your external self with your own HTTPS (SSL certificate) via an external solution like Cloudflare etc.
  • It comes with optional redirects for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, optional for all other mobile devices.


Beginning with Cut.Ly’s plan offers free sign-up. Where it allows you to start with some limited features. Apart from this, it also provides paid plans. Which is the following.

  • Single monthly Plan – $25 per month.
  • Team monthly Plan – $99 per month.
  • Team enterprise monthly Plan – $149 per month.

Here I would like to remind you that, the following pricing has been given above which will count you as monthly billing, instead of one-year billing, then comes with 1 month free.

2. Bitly Inc.



Bitly.com is one of the all-in-one platforms with link shorteners. And from developing your brand to shortening links with Security provides a very powerful service. In addition, your editors and customer support teams are completely capable of making your websites stand out by turning your links into a powerful tool.

You can create an asset by shortening any of your product or blog post links, you can easily change the domain you choose to your custom link “bit.ly” to make your link easier to identify, and your business Gets promoted.

You can quickly and efficiently scale and automate your workflow using the Bitly API and any of over 700 integrations. And all links can be encrypted with Bit.ly HTTPS to protect the short links you create.


It will suit the people who like to get a lot of features free of cost if they opt for its paid plan. Many features are provided.


  • Bit.ly Best of all – This service has a lot to offer for your business as well. It provides services such as link management, branded link creation, mobile link creation, and campaign management and analytics among many more.
  • Build Secure and Reliable Links – This service makes your secure links worry-free in every way. Which is encrypted with HTTPS with every link you create. So that you can avoid any eavesdropping or tamper with third parties.
  • Swap “bit.ly” with a brand – With Bitly, you can create your own branded links, and share them with others. Plus, links that look like your brand can create a great deal of trust in your own audience, while also boosting your click-throughs.


  • You can very easily save per character charges on SMS with short links.
  • It provides you with a resource library and accurate information to promote your business, from shortener links.
  • It provides free service, which is very quick and easy to verify.
  • You can change the destination URL Shorteners for any short link, including QR codes.
  • With “bit.ly” you can change your brand instantly.
  • You can create your own recognizable links.


Bitly.com offers plans to start with, free of charge. Apart from this, it also provides paid plans, which are given below.

  • CUSTOM PRICING – Which you can directly QUOTE according to your requirement.

Lastly, if you buy for one year, you can directly save up to 34%.

3. Rebrandly.



Rebrandly It is one of the industry-leading link management link shortener platforms for brand tracking and sharing shortened URLs by replacing a custom domain name. Apart from this, I would like to share with you a lot.

It works to make your link short and beautiful. Their marketing, social and community support teams love this. This makes it very easy to hide tracking parameters from your customers while measuring performance. Which has proved to be very useful for both your smart-looking product link to your business and its teams and conference attendees.

Rebrandly Link Shortener

This is the main point of contact between your link and your customers. If when you click, tap, or swipe on a link every time you are using it. So this Rebrandly platform provides the most complete powerful link management solution, which puts your brand first.


It offers industry-leading link management to brand, track and share shortened URLs using one of its custom domain names that will fit people in the world.


  • It offers industry-leading link management to brand, track and share shortened URLs using one of its custom domain names that will fit people in the world.
  • Multiple domain names – You can connect and manage multiple custom domain names with the Rebrandly service. Which reflects your brand, and also manages 404 traffic and SSL directly from one dashboard.
  • Workspaces and Teammates – With Rebrandly you set up your folders where members of the same team can meet to view and manage a set of branded links collaboratively.
  • Traffic routing and deep linking – You can direct your visitors to specific landing pages to direct you to your mobile app based on their location, device browsing language, and other factors.
  • Optimized analytics – You can schedule based on the traffic your branded links get and send custom reports.


  • It comes with very powerful enterprise tool integration.
  • You Fire Retargeting Pixels You can add users to your retargeting lists in AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and more directly from your branded links.
  • Multiple access levels to manage very large teams.
  • You can get help with the initial setup. And with the help of their team of experts, one can import existing links.
  • It comes with dedicated engineer support and email support.


Rebrandly’s plan initially offers this free plan. Where it gives you the latest features. Also offers paid plans. Which is following below.

Starter Plan – $29 per month
Pro Plan – $89 per month
Premium Plan – $499 per month
Enterprise Plan – Where you can have custom pricing for your multiple needs. For this, you can contact their customer support directly.\

Lastly, in the end, if you buy for a year, you can save up to 16% straight away. And with this, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Zapier URL Shortener.



Zapier’s URL shortener fully allows for short links to be created, and you can create workflows automatically with the help of Zapier’s URL shortener tool, and you can automatically make any link in any of your social media posts a short link. And you can share with your audience.


This tool is the best fit for them. Who keeps spending time on social media. And are interested in writing and sharing the post. And they can easily share it by making a short link in any post.


  • Zapier Integration – With this tool you can integrate with over 4000 applications without any code.
  • URL Shortener by Zapier – It offers a simplified version of any link you throw at it with the help of the Zapier URL shortener service. And can pass along it on Twitter. Email can be sent on the connected app.
  • Automatic URL Adding – With the help of this tool, you can easily add any link shortener to any of the workflows.
  • Unlimited URL Shortcode – Comes with this tool absolutely free. Where you can create a new short URL Shorteners with an unlimited number.


  • With Zapier you can easily connect to more than one of the most popular apps.
  • Integration with any other apps means you can add directly without any code.
  • With your advanced administrative controls, you’re able to help Zapier’s teamwork more efficiently than ever.


Zapier plans start free of cost. Which you can use freely.

5. Sniply.



Sniply Link Shortener It allows you to override your own custom message. And with the link shared on your behalf, there is an opportunity to include a call-to-action. Using the Sniply link shortener means creating a call-to-action by making your product shortened links. Which attracts its customers in its product service.


This tool is great for those people. Those who want to increase the call-to-action by shortening the link. And A/B testing to reveal the best strategies to reach your goals is exactly what tools like these are looking for.


  • The format you add a call-to-action to any of your pages – this tool works on the same principles as URL Shorteners. It just doesn’t shorten the link. But instead, it allows you to overlay your content on the destination site.
  • Share short links and increase conversions – this service lets you know that even if you have more purchases, contacts, and signups, it can easily streamline your social media chains. can make. So that you can concentrate more on your work.
  • Track Results and Monitor Engagement – ​​This tool clearly states that it is not an easy way to build short links. But it can be monitored instead so that your customers can easily engage with the link you shared.


  • You can get a call to action with each link.
  • This may allow you to overlay your content on your destination site.
  • You can also send your followers to third-party content without disabling them.
  • You can organize the channels of your social media accounts.
  • You can share interesting pages from your web by using short links that you customize with your message that prompt users to complete the same activities.


Sniply offers that plan free signup for starters. (with 500 clicks and 20 links) can be tried for a full month for free. Plus the paid plan starts from $29 to $299. Have a glimpse at the below-mentioned Paid plan.

  • Basic Plan – $29 per month (with 5000 clicks and 1000 links)
  • Pro Plan – $79 per month (with 20000 clicks and 5000 links)
  • Business Plan – $149 per month (with 50000 clicks and 10000 links)
  • Agency Plan – $299 per month (with 250,000 clicks and 50,000 links)

Lastly, you can enjoy 14-days of free trial on these four paid plans above.

6. Firebase Dynamic Links.



Firebase dynamic link created by this. And it was founded in 2011. And it’s designed to be a great 100% free URL shortener. You can create a dynamic link from the Firebase console using the iOS, REST API, and Android Builder API, or by creating a URL by adding the dynamic link parameter to your visit domain. Those who use more mobile devices than desktops than before.


Firebase Dynamic Link is a great tool. This tool will work very effectively for those who are looking to create a dynamic link in their mobile phone by adding the like parameter with the help of an API tool.


  • Set up Firebase and Dynamic Link SDK – With the help of this Firebase tool, you can very powerfully enable the dynamic links for your project. And you can include Dynamic Link SDK in your apps.
  • Create Dynamic Link – You can create a dynamic link to your link programmatically or by using the firebase console.
  • Asana Marketing – Enables users of You Dynamic Link to view marketing material in the app exactly as it is in your desktop campaign.
  • Fall-Back Link – Let us assume that if your users do not install the apps on the smartphone, they may be prompted to install the app automatically.
  • View analytics data – In the best and simplest form of the Firebase console, you can easily track the performance of your dynamic links.


  • You can use the REST API, iOS or Android Builder API, using the Firebase console.
  • Firebase lets you easily convert and track with a simple dashboard with a few clicks.
  • You can do this both with your custom page. link domain and with your own domain.
  • You can provide your users with the best experience available for that platform.


Firebase plans can be started completely free to use.

7. Short.io



Short.io Shortener URLs You can make your brand shine in a very powerful way by using your own domain, making links short, personalize, and sharing. The number of users of this device is more than 2 lakhs. This allows businesses to focus on their priorities, looking to provide reliable service. In addition, it is easy to integrate internal operations to automate processes manually.


Short.io This great tool for those who want to promote their businesses by adding new audiences and branding. And they look for such equipment.


  • Track Clicks in Extensive Realtime – This tool is able to display a sequence of recent clicks from your clickstream data. Where you can easily track metrics, such as code, user agents, and referrers, for each of your clicks. And you can track with different classics to get detailed data about your user.
  • Campaign Tracking – With the help of these tools, the performance of marketing and advertising campaigns with UTM tags can be easily tracked. And allows it to integrate with Google Analytics to get more in-depth information about campaigns.
  • Link Retargeting – You can display ads to users who are retargeting your links. And it has been able to help re-engage inactive users, increase retention, and convert visitors into customers.


  • If you’re into advanced tasks, integrations might work for you.
  • You can transfer links from any of your domains to other domains.
  • Allows you to route to the US or Canada for your user with the help of IP.
  • You can add a shortening feature to your existing app or create a new one.
  • You can track individual clicks to get detailed data about those intended users.
  • You can get this 7-day free trial for unlimited redirects with each paid plan.


The Short.io plan starts for free. Also offers three paid plans. Note that this is the point. With three plans, you get 7 days of unlimited features.

The following are the three plans given below.

  • Personal Plan – $20 per month (with 7 days of free cruise)
  • Team Plan – $50 per month (with 7 days of free trial)
  • Enterprise Plan – $150 per month (with 7 days of free trial)

Lastly: If you buy the plan for one year instead of per month. So you get a 17% discount on each plan.




BL.INK is one of the Enterprise Link Management Platforms. Which helps in making any of your links short. But you can promote your brand. It helps create an environment to provide analytical insights from tools to manage every touch, monitor accuracy, and measure value and performance.


This device suits the best of those people. Those who want to manage their enterprise on a single platform. The one he’s looking for.


  • Excellent link management – ​​It is fully capable of helping you create creative control over each link with the help of these tools. What’s more, you can manage, monitor, and measure every touchpoint in your engagement journey.
  • Analytics – The dashboard of BLINK is very attractive. Where you can see what you measure. And access to key metrics can be gained. Dashboard which helps you to view your reports.
  • Interoperability – You can BLINK to be connected to those tools. which you are already using. That is, with the help of API, it makes it completely easy to connect directly to your stake. And also use native integration with enterprise platforms like Khoros and Sprinkler. Which gives you full permission.
  • Flexibility and Creativity – This tool is fully capable of powering each link. Self-service does not mean sacrificing functionality or ease of use. Rather you empower your platform teams to streamline, automate, standardize and solve the most complex linking challenges.


  • You can add your brand, and vanity keywords, and every detail is editable at any time.
  • You can easily see what you measure.
  • You can have access to your entire organization with our global teams, endless campaigns, and complete brand portfolio.
  • This prompt, friendly, and understanding service is a big part of their DNA.
  • You can manage, monitor, and measure each Customer Engagement.


BL.INK offers 21-days of free testing starting with the plan. Also offers a total of five paid plans. Which is the following.

  • Expert Plan – $48 per month
  • SMB Plan – $99 per month
  • Team Plan – $299 per month
  • Business Plan – $599 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Plan




YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) is a free open-source URL shortening tool. It provides a small set of PHP scripts. Which allows you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL or Bitly). And the way you can easily add the URL of your product or blog to your brand has been designed.


This device fits them. They are looking for free-source URL shortening with their brand.


  • Open Source Tools – With the help of this tool, you can easily create short links easily. And you can easily share with each other.
  • Developer API – You can easily add new features to any application with the help of API.
  • Output Format – Provides major output including JSON, XML, or simple raw text.


  • It provides a small set of PHP scripts. so that you can connect to (TinyURL or Bitly).
  • You can feel at home with your login/password protection.
  • You can generate existing shortened URLs with sequential or custom keywords.
  • You can add your brand to the URL shortener.
  • You can connect to any application with the help of API.
  • If you upgrade to the latest version. So it helps to maintain the change with the help of tools.


YourLS starts with free. Which is this open-source platform.

10. Bit.Do



Bit.Do This is URL shortener software. It has a lot of access to the dashboard. You can easily track any URL to your businesses. Even gives you access to real-time. And the platform allows administrators to gain insight into a variety of metrics, including IP address, time, country, date, and city that track individual clicks.


Bit.Do This is the best tool. It is a perfect platform for both personal and business use. which they are looking for.


  • Real-time statistics – This tool lets you collect information on shortened URLs such as the number of individual clicks, as well as their date, referral site, IP address, number of specific users, and more.
  • Optimized URLs – In addition to shortening the text length of your URLs, this tool allows you to create customized URLs with your favorite text or phrases. Which helps it rank.
  • Ease of Management – You can easily manage all your short URLs. You are redirected to your user. Which you can change the destination of your link.
  • Multiple Domain Extensions – This tool lets you create multiple domain extensions. Like .to, do., in., .us etc.


  • It provides protection. You can access features such as your password, URL, migration, creation, grouping links, bulk link creation, callback actions for the site, and technical support.
  • It serves features like Secure Server (HTTPS) of your URLs and all the basic features offered in Basic Pack.
  • You can easily track the number of all the visitors to the page through the marketing image on your Facebook and Twitter by short links created on social media.
  • It comes with customer support.
  • It helps to rank in search engines.


Bit.Do plans start with free. Apart from this the paid plan you can choose between basic and enterprise plan. And the Basic plan starts at $85 per month.

Executive Summary.

I hope this article helped you choose the best URL and link shorteners tool.

The URL shortener tool on my list that’s super easy to set up.

Most people use URL shorteners to promote their business. And share any product on your blog for personal. Which is going on-trend in today’s era.

By using the URL shorteners tool, we can collect a lot of information about our customers. eg. Like location, time, click, etc.

On the other hand, you can use cutt.ly and rebrandly tools for your big teams or big-budget business marketing campaigns.

We have reviewed the most confident tools to save you most of your time and money. So that you can choose the best URL shortener for you.

You must tell me Which of the equipment you included on our list fits your business?

If you have any kind of question then you can comment to us in the below comment box. So that we will be happy to come back.

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