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The Difference between Marketing and Selling (With Table) A Guide

Hello, What is the difference between marketing and selling? This is what many people confuse selling and marketing as one and the same thing. Because in reality, the two are quite different from each other. And selling is an important part of marketing but it is not marketing. Because marketing is much broader than sales.

Selling is characterized by a product focus approach. And it has the same short-term goal of gaining market share. It does not consider making this plan to make a place in the markets. And the same high loyal set does not occur for customers. And any sales

The ultimate means of activity is maximum profit through sales maximization. And it is the idea of ​​the marketer, that once the production is completed, then the sale work starts. And then whatever has been produced. It is the duty of the sales force to sell it. And aggressive sales are adopted to achieve cash-giving sales to the company.

And marketing as a concept is more widespread than sales. And it focuses on the needs and desires of customers rather than the product. The production and marketing of the product begin before production. Customer satisfaction is given due importance to all of us according to the needs and desires of the customers. Changes are made as if the customer is not satisfied.

And it is a long chain of activity, which includes production, packing, promotion, pricing, distribution, and then sales. Profits are not ignored. Rather, they are made on a long-term basis. And realizing customer satisfaction. If you do business though, then it is definitely like giving you these things. So that no one can stop your growth.

Every business is for profit, even marketing believes in profit maximization, but through it the following pillars we must pay attention to.

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The necessary to understand the needs and wants of the customers. The necessity to develop products or services according to the needs The desires of the customers. Satisfaction with customer needs is essential. The identification of target customers of the target market is necessary.

We have created a table to understand sales and marketing concepts. So that you can understand easily. Let’s look at the table below.

Point of DifferenceMarketing ConceptSelling Concept
DefinitionMarketing is the process of delivering goods and services to create value for the customer and make a profit.Sales are the process of rounding up customers to increase sales.
View on businessIt views the business as a customer satisfactory process.It views business as a goods-producing process.
PriceConsumers determine the price.The cost determines the price.
EffectivenessThis concept is applicable to the pure competition market.This concept is useless in pure competition market
Marketing mixThis concept gives equal importance to the marketing mix.This concept gives importance on only promotion.
Market segmentationThis concept thinks about market segmentation deeply.This concept never thinks about the market concept.
StartThis concept starts with actual and potential customers.This concept starts with existing products.
ProfitThis concept earns profit through customer satisfaction.This concept earns profit through attractive sales and promotion.
EmphasisThis concept emphasis on customer needs.This concept emphasis on products or services.
ScopeThe scope of marketing concept is wider.The scope of the selling concept is narrow.
ObjectiveThe objective of this concept is to satisfy the customer through goods and services.The objective of the selling concept is to increase sales of goods and services.
Marketing Vs. Selling

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