12 Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels You Didn’t Expected You Needed

Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels

Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels. Proper preparation is key to success on ETS exams like GRE, TOEFL, and Praxis, which are crucial for those looking to further their academic and professional goals.

YouTube has become a go-to platform for many seeking helpful resources. This piece showcases the top 12 YouTube channels to assist you in your ETS exam readiness, providing a range of videos from in-depth tutorials to useful test strategies.

We have curated a list of the top 12 YouTube channels to help you prepare for your ETS exam. These channels were chosen for their educational content, quality, and popularity among ETS exam takers.

What Are The Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels?

Check out these top ETS Preparation YouTube channels for all your ETS needs!

Kaplan Prep for Grad School.

Kaplan, a reputable test preparation provider, offers a variety of resources on their YouTube channel for SAT and ACT preparation. Their content includes strategies, practice questions, and helpful tips for students.

Kaplan’s YouTube channel is a reliable source for SAT and ACT preparation, offering a diverse range of topics. Students can benefit from their strategies, practice questions, and valuable tips.

Kaplan’s YouTube channel is a go-to resource for SAT and ACT preparation, providing students with a wide array of topics. Their content includes strategies, practice questions, and useful tips to help students succeed.

Magoosh GRE.

Magoosh GRE stands out as a premier option due to its thorough and user-friendly GRE preparation materials. The platform provides thorough explanations of GRE topics, practice problems, and effective strategies for mastering each part of the exam.

Key Highlights:

  • Highly skilled teachers.
  • Detailed video tutorials.
  • Frequent content updates and additions.

The Princeton Review.

The Princeton Review is a reliable destination for test preparation needs, providing top-notch resources for a variety of standardized exams such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT.

Their instructional videos are meticulously organized and user-friendly, making it simple for students to navigate through the content.

With a wide array of resources available, ranging from full-length practice exams to targeted strategies and advice, The Princeton Review’s platform serves as a comprehensive support system for individuals looking to excel in their test prep journey.

Students can access a wealth of valuable tools and guidance all in one place, making it a convenient and effective option for those seeking to boost their exam performance.

Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is renowned for offering accessible educational materials, and their test preparation resources are of excellent quality. They provide in-depth tutorials for the SAT, and their collaboration with the College Board guarantees that the content remains current and pertinent.

Engaging Learning Opportunity: Khan Academy’s instructional videos are engaging, frequently incorporating practice exercises and instant feedback to enhance the learning process.


PrepScholar’s YouTube channel provides customized methods and valuable advice to support students in achieving success in standardized tests.

The channel emphasizes the importance of recognizing each student’s unique learning style and adjusting the content to suit their needs.

The videos offer comprehensive explanations of test concepts, simplifying complex subjects and making them more accessible to viewers.

Manhattan Prep.

Manhattan Prep’s YouTube channel showcases content from skilled educators who simplify intricate GRE and GMAT topics into easy-to-understand lessons.

Their instructional videos are supported by top-notch study materials and practice questions, providing a comprehensive preparation journey for test-takers.

TOEFL TV Official.

Get your hands on genuine study resources directly from the makers of the TOEFL exam by subscribing to the TOEFL TV Official Channel. This guarantees that the material is precise and mirrors the real test structure.

Benefit from legitimate practice resources that consist of sample questions, tips for taking the test, and thorough clarifications to assist learners in getting ready efficiently.


GREedge specializes in GRE preparation, providing tailored lessons and tactics for every part of the exam. Their focus is on helping students excel in each section of the test by offering specialized resources and strategies.

In addition to their comprehensive study materials, GREedge also offers online support and personalized guidance to ensure that students are well-equipped and on the right path towards achieving their desired GRE scores. Their commitment to helping students succeed sets them apart in the realm of GRE preparation.

Test Prep Insight.

Test Prep Insight provides unbiased evaluations and side-by-side analyses of different test preparation materials, empowering students to choose the best resources for their study needs.

By offering honest reviews and comparisons, Test Prep Insight ensures that students can make well-informed decisions when planning their study strategies.

In addition to their comprehensive reviews, Test Prep Insight also offers practical tips and strategies for test day. These valuable insights help students alleviate anxiety and increase their confidence when facing important exams.

With Test Prep Insight’s guidance, students can approach test day with a clear plan and the necessary tools for success.


Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels - SupertutorTV

SupertutorTV offers top-notch video tutorials that cater to various standardized exams such as the SAT and ACT. Their interactive and entertaining teaching style not only enhances the learning experience but also reduces the pressure typically associated with studying for these tests.

MBA Crystal Ball.

Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels - MBA Crystal Ball

Get ready for MBA exams with specialized preparation from MBA Crystal Ball YouTube Channel. Our team of experts provides insider tips and advice to help you ace the GMAT and other entrance exams.

Gain valuable insights into the MBA application process and learn how to thrive in business school through our informative videos. Let MBA Crystal Ball guide you towards success in your MBA journey.

GMAT Ninja.

Best ETS Preparation YouTube Channels - GMAT Ninja

GMAT Ninja’s platform focuses on rigorous GMAT preparation, providing in-depth tutorials and tactics for every part of the test.

Their efficient study methods assist students in optimizing their study hours and enhancing their performance.

ETS Preparation YouTube Channels – FAQs

What is the best YouTube channel for GRE prep?

The best YouTube channel for GRE prep varies based on individual needs, but Magoosh GRE and Manhattan Prep are highly recommended for their comprehensive and high-quality content.

Are free YouTube channels effective for SAT/ACT preparation?

Yes, free YouTube channels like Khan Academy and Kaplan SAT & ACT Prep offer effective and high-quality preparation materials that can significantly aid in your SAT/ACT preparation.

How often should I watch ETS prep videos?

Consistency is key. Aim to watch ETS prep videos several times a week, complementing them with practice questions and other study materials to reinforce learning.

Can YouTube replace traditional test prep courses?

While YouTube provides excellent supplementary resources, traditional test prep courses offer structured and comprehensive study plans that can be beneficial, especially for those who need more guidance.

How do I choose the right YouTube channel for my needs?

Consider your specific test prep needs, learning style, and the quality of content when choosing a YouTube channel. It’s also helpful to read reviews and try a few different channels to see which one resonates with you.


To sum up, YouTube is a goldmine of valuable materials for ETS preparation. The 12 channels available provide a wide range of content, from detailed lessons to useful tips, guaranteeing that you have all the resources necessary for success.

Whether you are getting ready for the GRE, SAT, ACT, or GMAT, these channels offer professional advice and assistance to aid you in achieving your highest score. Therefore, delve into these channels, explore, and begin your path to test success.

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