The 150+ Best YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on March, 27, 2024

The 150+ Best YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024! The phrase “YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024″ refers to suggestions or concepts for video challenges that content creators can create and share on YouTube in the year 2024.

These challenges are typically engaging, fun, and often involve viewers participating in some sort of activity or task. Content creators may use these ideas to create popular and shareable content on the platform.

I have compiled a list of the top 200+ YouTube challenge videos to assist you in getting started. Let’s dive in and explore them!

What Are the Best YouTube Challenge Video Ideas?

Top 150+ YouTube Challenge Video Ideas. Consider your niche and channel requirements while reviewing these challenge ideas. If you come across an idea that interests you but may not align with your target audience, brainstorm ways to customize it.

Food Challenges.

Select a challenge that resonates with your audience, gather necessary ingredients or visit appropriate establishments, set up filming equipment, and embark on the challenge with enthusiasm. Capture reactions and commentary throughout for an engaging video.

  • Spicy Ramen Challenge.
  • Giant Pizza Challenge.
  • 10,000 Calorie Challenge.
  • World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge.
  • Massive Burger Challenge.
  • Giant Gummy vs. Real Food Challenge.
  • Extreme Sour Candy Challenge.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Tower Challenge.
  • Ultimate Taco Challenge.
  • Giant Cookie Challenge.
  • Food Truck Challenge.
  • Raw vs. Cooked Challenge.
  • Food Roulette Challenge.
  • Food Truck Mystery Wheel Challenge.
  • Fast Food Menu Challenge.
  • Breakfast Burrito Challenge.
  • Sushi Train Challenge.
  • World’s Spiciest Curry Challenge.
  • Oreo Taste Test Challenge.
  • International Street Food Challenge.

Physical Challenges.

Physical Challenges - YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Choose a challenge that matches your fitness level and interests, gather any necessary equipment, set up your filming area, and begin the challenge with proper warm-up. Document your progress, struggles, and achievements throughout the challenge for an engaging video.

  • Ultimate Gymnastics Challenge.
  • Extreme Obstacle Course Challenge.
  • 100 Push-Up Challenge.
  • Yoga Pose Challenge.
  • CrossFit Workout Challenge.
  • Marathon on a Treadmill Challenge.
  • Jump Rope Challenge.
  • Plank Challenge.
  • Wall Sit Challenge.
  • Handstand Challenge.
  • Parkour Challenge.
  • Burpee Challenge.
  • Rock Climbing Challenge.
  • Trampoline Dodgeball Challenge.
  • Synchronized Swimming Challenge.
  • Hula Hoop Challenge.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Challenge.
  • Paddleboarding Race Challenge.
  • AcroYoga Challenge.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Challenge.

Random/Fun Challenges.

RandomFun Challenges - YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Select a challenge that appeals to your audience, gather necessary props or materials, set up your filming space, and invite participants if needed. Explain the rules, get everyone excited, and dive into the challenge with enthusiasm. Capture reactions and funny moments for an entertaining video.

  • Try Not to Laugh Challenge.
  • Whisper Challenge.
  • Bean Boozled Challenge.
  • Guess the Song Challenge.
  • Blindfolded Drawing Challenge.
  • Say Anything Challenge.
  • Baby Food Challenge.
  • Chubby Bunny Challenge.
  • Bubble Wrap Challenge.
  • Water Bottle Flip Challenge.
  • Innuendo Bingo Challenge.
  • Egg Roulette Challenge.
  • Backwards Words Challenge.
  • No Thumbs Challenge.
  • 7-Second Challenge.
  • Balloon Pop Challenge.
  • What’s in the Box Challenge.
  • Charades Challenge.
  • Speed Drawing Challenge.
  • Extreme Pictionary Challenge.

DIY/Craft Challenges.

DIYCraft Challenges -YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Pick a DIY challenge that aligns with your skills and interests, gather necessary materials, set up your filming area with good lighting, and explain the challenge to your audience. Demonstrate the steps involved and share tips along the way. Showcase the final results for an inspiring and creative video.

  • Upcycling Challenge.
  • Dollar Store DIY Challenge.
  • Pinterest DIY Challenge.
  • Thrift Store Flip Challenge.
  • Recycled Materials Challenge.
  • Room Makeover Challenge.
  • Tiny Room DIY Challenge.
  • DIY Gift Ideas Challenge.
  • Embroidery Challenge.
  • Resin Art Challenge.
  • DIY Halloween Costume Challenge.
  • Origami Challenge.
  • Clay Sculpting Challenge.
  • DIY Jewelry Challenge.
  • Paint Pouring Challenge.
  • Woodworking Challenge.
  • Macramé Challenge.
  • DIY Candle Making Challenge.
  • Paper Craft Challenge.
  • Sewing Challenge.

Gaming Challenges.

Gaming Challenges - YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Choose a gaming challenge that aligns with your skills and preferences, create a suitable gaming setup, and provide an explanation of your choices.

  • Speedrun Challenge.
  • No Damage Challenge.
  • One Life Challenge.
  • Blindfolded Gaming Challenge.
  • Randomizer Challenge.
  • Ironman Challenge.
  • Nuzlocke Challenge.
  • Permadeath Challenge.
  • Minimalist Challenge.
  • Low-Level Challenge.
  • 100% Completion Challenge.
  • First-Person Challenge.
  • Boss Rush Challenge.
  • Pacifist Challenge.
  • No HUD Challenge.
  • Speed Build Challenge.
  • Hardcore Mode Challenge.
  • Modded Challenge.
  • No Save Challenge.
  • Solo Squad Challenge.

Travel Challenges.

Travel Challenges -YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Select a travel challenge that aligns with your interests and destination, plan the logistics accordingly, and set up your filming equipment. Embark on the challenge with curiosity and excitement, documenting your experiences, interactions, and challenges faced along the way. Share tips and insights for fellow travelers in your video.

  • Travel Scavenger Hunt Challenge.
  • Budget Travel Challenge.
  • Cuisine Exploration Challenge.
  • Solo Travel Challenge.
  • Adventure Challenge.
  • Language Barrier Challenge.
  • Local Transportation Challenge.
  • Street Food Challenge.
  • 24-Hour Challenge in a City.
  • Photography Challenge.
  • Cultural Immersion Challenge.
  • Mystery Destination Challenge.
  • Volunteer Travel Challenge.
  • Survival Challenge.
  • Extreme Weather Challenge.
  • Public Speaking Challenge.
  • Historical Sites Challenge.
  • Local Market Challenge.
  • Artistic Challenge (Sketching, Painting, etc.).
  • Sustainable Travel Challenge.

Collaborative Challenges.

Choose a challenge that interests both collaborators, plan the logistics together, and set up filming equipment. Engage in the challenge with enthusiasm, encourage each other, and capture moments of collaboration and fun. Collaborators can share their perspectives and experiences throughout the video for added engagement.

  • Collaborative Art Challenge.
  • Collaborative Cooking Challenge.
  • Collaborative Gaming Challenge.
  • Collaborative Prank Challenge.
  • Collaborative Q&A Challenge.
  • Collaborative Dance Challenge.
  • Collaborative Workout Challenge.
  • Collaborative Music Challenge.
  • Collaborative DIY Challenge.
  • Collaborative Talent Show Challenge.
  • Collaborative Taste Test Challenge.
  • Collaborative Storytelling Challenge.
  • Collaborative Makeup Challenge.
  • Collaborative Sports Challenge.
  • Collaborative Trivia Challenge.
  • Collaborative Fashion Challenge.
  • Collaborative Science Experiment Challenge.
  • Collaborative Karaoke Challenge.
  • Collaborative Comedy Challenge.
  • Collaborative Language Challenge.

Yoga Challenge.

Yoga Challenge - YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Choose a specific yoga challenge from the list, set up your yoga mat and camera, and explain the challenge and its objectives to your audience. Demonstrate each yoga pose or sequence with clear instructions, focusing on proper alignment and breathing. Encourage participants to join you in the challenge and share their progress.

  • 30-Day Yoga Challenge.
  • Partner Yoga Challenge.
  • Yoga Pose Roulette Challenge.
  • Yoga Challenge for Beginners.
  • AcroYoga Challenge.
  • Yoga Wheel Challenge.
  • Yoga Sculpt Challenge.
  • Yoga for Flexibility Challenge.
  • Yoga for Strength Challenge.
  • Yoga Balance Challenge.
  • Yoga for Stress Relief Challenge.
  • Yoga Challenge with Props.
  • Yoga Flow Challenge.
  • Yoga for Back Pain Challenge.
  • Yoga for Digestion Challenge.
  • Yoga Nidra Challenge.
  • Yoga for Sleep Challenge.
  • Yoga for Weight Loss Challenge.
  • Yoga for Mental Health Challenge.
  • Yoga Challenge for Athletes.

Morning Fitness.

YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Choose a morning fitness challenge that suits your preferences and fitness level. Set up your filming area, explain the challenge and its benefits to your viewers, and guide them through the workout with clear instructions and demonstrations. Encourage participants to join you in the challenge and share their progress for accountability and motivation.

  • Morning Yoga Flow Challenge.
  • 7-Minute Morning Workout Challenge.
  • Morning Stretching Challenge.
  • Sunrise HIIT Challenge.
  • Pilates Morning Routine Challenge.
  • Morning Meditation Challenge.
  • Morning Dance Fitness Challenge.
  • Morning Jogging Challenge.
  • Morning Jump Rope Challenge.
  • Morning Calisthenics Challenge.
  • Sun Salutation Challenge.
  • Morning Circuit Training Challenge.
  • Morning Tai Chi Challenge.
  • Morning Barre Workout Challenge.
  • Morning Bootcamp Challenge.
  • Morning Power Walk Challenge.
  • Morning Cycling Challenge.
  • Morning Bodyweight Exercise Challenge.
  • Morning Swimming Challenge.
  • Morning Stair Climbing Challenge.

Drawing Challenge.

Choose a drawing challenge that interests you, gather your art supplies, and set up your filming area. Explain the challenge to your viewers, demonstrate your process, and provide tips along the way. Encourage viewers to participate and share their drawings using a specific hashtag for community engagement.

  • Blindfolded Drawing Challenge.
  • 3-Minute Drawing Challenge.
  • Drawing with Non-Dominant Hand Challenge.
  • One-Line Drawing Challenge.
  • Drawing from Memory Challenge.
  • Speed Drawing Challenge.
  • Inktober Challenge.
  • Character Design Challenge.
  • Drawing Prompts Challenge.
  • Draw This Again Challenge.
  • 10-Second Drawing Challenge.
  • Color Palette Challenge.
  • Draw in Different Styles Challenge.
  • Collaborative Drawing Challenge.
  • Drawing with Unconventional Materials Challenge.
  • Scribble Art Challenge.
  • Drawing Your Favorite Book/Movie Scene Challenge.
  • Drawing Portraits Challenge.
  • Draw Your Pet Challenge.
  • Drawing Challenge with a Theme (e.g., Nature, Space, Fantasy).

Memory Challenge.

Memory Challenge - YouTube Challenge Video Ideas for 2024

Celect a memory challenge from the list, explain the rules to your audience, and demonstrate the challenge yourself. Encourage viewers to participate and share their results. Consider providing tips or techniques for improving memory skills throughout the video.

  • Memory Card Matching Challenge.
  • Number Recall Challenge.
  • Word Association Challenge.
  • Recite the Alphabet Backwards Challenge.
  • Object Memorization Challenge.
  • Historical Dates and Events Challenge.
  • Name Recall Challenge.
  • Sequence Memorization Challenge.
  • Visual Memory Challenge.
  • Song Lyrics Recall Challenge.
  • Color Recall Challenge.
  • Storytelling Challenge from Memory.
  • Foreign Language Vocabulary Challenge.
  • Celebrity Trivia Challenge.
  • Geography Memory Challenge.
  • Movie and TV Show Quotes Challenge.
  • Mathematical Equations Recall Challenge.
  • Book Passage Recall Challenge.
  • Trivia Quiz Challenge.
  • Random Fact Recall Challenge.

How to Make Sure the Challenge Fits YouTube Channel Niche.

Upon first glance, it may appear that many of these videos do not align with your specific niche. In such cases, I suggest exploring unconventional approaches.

For example, the cotton ball challenge does not necessarily have to involve cotton balls. If you run a beauty channel, consider using beauty supplies instead.

If you have a music channel, you could opt to focus solely on musical instruments for a “guess the sound” challenge or whisper famous artists or songs for a whisper challenge.

Now, the no thumbs challenge might pose a bit of a challenge (pun intended!) if you are a fitness YouTuber who needs to film your routines. However, this could also be quite entertaining for your viewers!

Remember, challenge videos are meant to be creative and enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these ideas and tailor them to suit both you and your audience.

Keep Safety in Mind for Your Challenge Videos.

Not all challenge videos are harmless; some can actually be risky. It’s important to ensure you can safely participate in trending challenges by doing some research beforehand. Consider adding a warning or disclaimer to your video if the challenge poses any potential dangers.

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