How to Prepare for a Meeting: Step by Step With Checklist pdf.

Meeting Preparation Checklist pdf Before Meeting the Outline to The Effective Meetings

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Planning Meeting: Before Meeting the Outline, how to prepare before the meeting? No matter what your meeting is, but to say this on the basis of the article, whether your meeting is small or big, this article can be checked before all the meetings and it will apply. And in making this article, we have prepared, keeping a close watch on all small and big meetings.

Planning Meeting: Before Meeting the Outline to The Effective Meetings

Whether Formal Meetings, whether Annual General Meeting (AGM), whether Statutory Meetings, whether Board Meetings, Informal Meetings, etc. meetings. All these meetings given below are one-on-one meeting questions. If you want, you can print copy this article and do personal discus.

First, decide your first meeting planning checklist.

  • Why do you have a meeting?
  • Who should you add to the meeting?
  • What to discuss in the meeting?
  • How to record thoughts?
  • Where will the meeting be held?

What will be the goals, and objectives of the meeting?

  • Identify the problems, and solve problems.
  • Start gathering more information brainstorming ideas.
  • Set up, and decide what to do.
  • Completeness, and Planning for implementation.

Balance the requirements of the competition.

  • Maximize your speed.
  • What time does the meeting end?
  • Emphasize any fast decision and prioritize the work.
  • Be personally accountable. Or protest “group”
  • Work with a limited approach and resources.
  • Also, maximize input.
  • Take the necessary time to be thoughtful and creative.
  • Make the process a priority by promoting discussion and inclusion.
  • Be mutually accountable: and move forward with your group.

Whom do you want to invite? You must decide it seriously.

  • How many participants will be confirmed in the meeting?
  • What kind of group do you want? You must decide your group,
  • Who should be there during the meeting? And who doesn’t? Must decide
  • How much background or new information do they need?

Orchestrate the roles. (Whose work will be given, it has to be decided)

  • Who will serve as the moderator during the meeting?
  • Who will serve as a scribe during the meeting?
  • Who will serve as a timer during the meeting?
  • Who will serve as the minute writer during the meeting?

Be sure to set a meeting agenda.

  • Specify the purpose and participants.
  • What will be the schedule agenda item?
  • Be sure to explain each agenda item.
  • Decide on the discussion format.
  • Decide on the decision-making technique.
  • Please distribute the agenda in advance.

Start the meeting.

  • Make happiness like a meeting.
  • Remind participants of their roles.
  • Compromise on ground rules
  • Get people involved early. Pray for people to join in time.

Enlighten mental listening skills.

  • Remove internal and external barriers.
  • Show an active interest in understanding others.
  • Hear the difference between issues and objectives.
  • The difference between logical and emotional content.

Do not have nonverbal hearing skills. (Do not spoil the atmosphere, which should be taken care of.)

  • Asanas – “an open center”
  • Keep eye to eye contact left and make a “listening/speaking connection”.
  • Shaking your face and nodding. Make the meeting a joyous event.
  • Only make gestures with your hands and head.
  • Must bring awareness about the body language of others.

Must choose the decision-making model.

  • The decision on executive or expert.
  • Majority decision.
  • Consensus decision.

Before concluding the meeting, please pay attention to the following.

  • Know when the meeting will end
  • Make the meeting brief.
  • Please confirm the summary.
  • Do end on a positive note.

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