The 9 Best Photo Editing for Android Apps of 2024

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on April, 28, 2024

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps. If you’re in search of the ultimate mobile photo editing app, our top pick is Picsart. It stands out for its top-notch filters and effects, easy-to-use photo retouching features, and advanced editing tools for professionals.

However, if Photoshop Express doesn’t meet your requirements, we’ve discovered nine other fantastic photo editing apps worth exploring. Here, we present the top 11 photo editing apps available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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What is Best Photo Editing for Android Apps.

Here is my top selection of the best Android photo editing apps to use for your personal and professional photo editing and design this year.

1. Picsart.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Picsart

Download: Android | iOS

Picsart stands out as the top-notch photo editing app on our list, catering to users who have a keen interest in video editing as well. With Picsart, users can effortlessly create collages of professional quality, design and incorporate personalized stickers, swiftly modify and replace backgrounds, apply filters and effects to their photos, and much more.

Moreover, Picsart’s robust video editor empowers users to seamlessly add music to their videos, making it an ideal choice for crafting captivating social media videos. Additionally, the intelligent video merger feature simplifies the process of blending videos.

Furthermore, you can also fashion video collages and slideshows, as well as crop video clips. Notably, Picsart boasts a distinctive drawing tool that offers customizable brushes, layers, and professional-grade drawing tools, enabling users to unleash their creativity and produce stunning illustrations.

Key Features:

  • Free version available.
  • Subscription plans: Picsart Gold: 1 month: $8.99; 12 months: $4.66/month In-app purchases: $0.99 – $119.99/item.
  • Support available: Help Center.


  • This software comes with a top-notch drawing tool for creating high-quality illustrations.
  • Unlock your creativity with advanced video editing capabilities offered by this software.
  • Get creative with the custom sticker maker included in this software.


  • In-app purchases can drain your wallet.
  • Lacks a built-in camera feature.
  • Doesn’t offer support for RAW photo editing.

2. Snapseed.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Snapseed

Download: Android | iOS

Snapseed, developed by Google, is a top-rated photo editing application that provides all its tools and features for free. With over 28 tools and filters like Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, and Face Enhance, it is ideal for swift photo enhancements.

The app supports both JPEG and RAW files and offers tutorial cards for beginners to grasp photo editing techniques. A unique feature is the ability to save custom presets for future use. Users can also utilize basic filters, tweak white balance, lighting, incorporate text, and more.

Key Features:

  • Get started with our free version.
  • Enjoy our free version with no in-app purchases.
  • Access our free version without any additional costs.
  • Take advantage of our free version, no in-app purchases required.
  • Utilize our free version with no need for in-app purchases.


  • Tutorial cards are provided.
  • Users have the ability to save their own custom presets.
  • All features are available at no cost.


  • No camera is integrated.
  • Doesn’t provide support for video editing.

3. Canva.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Canva

Download: Android | iOS

Canva, a free graphic design application for Android, provides a wide range of tools to design posters, invitations, business cards, and more. With features like an AI editor, photo and video editor, as well as templates for resumes, presentations, Instagram reels, and other creative projects, Canva offers a versatile platform for users.

Whether utilizing Canva’s stock photos or uploading your own, adjusting text boxes, or applying filters, the app allows for endless customization possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Generate curved text, animate text, design grids for photos, and apply icons, textures, and stickers.
  • Utilize the background remover to eliminate backgrounds from images, perfect for product shots, portraits, or transparent PNGs.
  • Access a wide array of customizable templates for various social media posts, invitations, flyers, and more.
  • Seamlessly add or swap elements within an image with the magic edit feature.
  • Use the magic eraser tool to easily remove unwanted details from your images.
  • Sync video footage with a selected soundtrack for a cohesive viewing experience.
  • Easily add icons by clicking the plus symbol and selecting “Graphics” from the menu.


  • Canva offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of organizing, creating, and editing photo collections, collages, videos, banners, and presentations.
  • The free version of Canva is both ad-free and watermark-free, providing a seamless experience for users.
  • With over 250,000 free templates available, Canva allows users to easily create visual content or start from scratch to design their own.
  • Customize your designs with various colors, fonts, images, and text to make them unique to your style.
  • Utilize Canva’s built-in AI tools, like the AI text generator, to assist in creating blog outlines, social captions, and content ideas effortlessly.


  • Restricted search capabilities.
  • Restricted resizing and shape choices.
  • Restricted color and template selections.
  • Complex layer organization.
  • Restricted typography choices.
  • Absence of local file storage.
  • Absence of source file.
  • Restricted file formats.
  • Restricted editing features.
  • Restricted collaboration possibilities.

4. Photoshop Express.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Download: Android | iOS

Photoshop Express stands out as the top choice for photo editing apps, providing professional-grade editing tools from Photoshop in a mobile-friendly format. With this app, users can effortlessly enhance, retouch, create collages, and merge photos.

Offering a wide array of top-notch effects and filters, Photoshop Express allows you to elevate your photos with ease. Additionally, features like the blemish remover and makeup transfer tool enable quick enhancements.

The Transform tool corrects camera angles automatically, while saving images as PNG files for layering adds versatility. Ideal for social media editing, Photoshop Express includes high-quality fonts, borders, frames, and collage options.

Key Features:

  • Get started for free.
  • In-app purchases range from $2.99 to $34.99 per item.
  • Access support through Help Center or FAQ.


  • Top-notch photo editing tools.
  • Extensive variety of filters and effects.
  • Comes with a personalized sticker creator.


  • Contains costly in-app transactions.
  • Lacks video editing capabilities.

5. VSCO.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - VSCO

Download: AndroidiOS

VSCO provides users with a comprehensive photo and video editing platform, offering a wide range of top-notch presets. With the ability to import RAW photos and utilize features like Contrast, Saturation, Grain, and Fade, users can enhance their images effortlessly.

What sets VSCO apart is its extensive collection of over 200 presets for creating professional-grade edits quickly. Additionally, the VSCO Montage feature enables users to craft videos by overlaying videos, images, and shapes.

To spark creativity, users can engage with the VSCO community and discover inspiring photos, videos, and editorials.

Key Features:

  • Get started for free!
  • Subscription options: $7.99 per month or $19.99 per year.
  • Need assistance? Check out our Help Center.


  • Over 200 top-notch presets available.
  • Comes with video editing capabilities.
  • Exciting community features included.


  • The package does not come with a text editor.
  • Unfortunately, a text editor is not included in the package.
  • Please note that the package does not provide a text editor.

6. Prisma.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Prisma Art Effect

Download: Android | iOS

Prisma is a user-friendly tool that empowers novice photo editors to produce stunning images by utilizing a wide range of filters and effects. With an extensive collection of over 500 creative filters, including specialized Portrait styles for capturing perfect selfies, Prisma surpasses all other apps on our list in terms of filter quality.

Once you’ve selected a filter, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the exposure, brightness, saturation, contrast, and vibrance to suit your preferences. Moreover, Prisma constantly updates its filter library, ensuring that you always have access to fresh and exciting options.

Additionally, Prisma provides a robust background editing feature, enabling you to effortlessly replace the background of any photo with a template or another image from your personal library.

Key Features:

  • Get started with our complimentary version.
  • Subscription options: Premium membership for $7.99 per month or $29.99 annually.
  • In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 per item.
  • Reach out for assistance via email.


  • Over 500 filters available.
  • Fresh filters added every day.
  • Enhance your photos with our background editing tool.


  • Costly in-app transactions.
  • Lacks RAW file compatibility.
  • Absence of a text editing feature.

7. Pixelmator Photo.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Pixlr

Download: Android | iOS

Pixelmator Photo is an incredibly advanced photo editing application that provides users with a wide range of professional-grade editing tools. With over 30 color adjustments and support for more than 600 RAW image formats, it offers an extensive selection of features. Additionally, the app seamlessly integrates with iCloud Photos, allowing for easy access to your entire photo library.

What sets Pixelmator Photo apart from other editing apps is its utilization of machine learning technology to automatically enhance your photos. This means that users can effortlessly fine-tune their images, remove camera noise, match colors, crop, and even increase resolution with just a few taps.

While Pixelmator Photo is undoubtedly a powerful editing tool, it is important to note that it does not offer a free version. The app can be downloaded for $7.99, providing users with a premium editing experience.

Key Features:

  • No free version is offered.
  • There are no subscription plans available.
  • Support is provided through help and email.


  • Experience the power of AI with our cutting-edge photo editing tools.
  • Supporting a wide range of 600 RAW image formats, our software ensures that you can edit your photos with ease.
  • With desktop-grade color adjustments, you can enhance the colors in your images like a pro.


There is no free version available, and it costs $7.99. Additionally, it does not offer any video editing tools and lacks a built-in camera.

8. TouchRetouch.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - TouchRetouch

Download: Android | iOS

If you are in need of a robust photo editing application, TouchRetouch is an excellent choice. It offers a variety of features including a one-tap blemish remover, intelligent editing tools, versatile selection tools, automatic retouching, object duplication, and 360-degree editing capabilities.

New users can take advantage of in-app tutorials to master the powerful editing tools offered by TouchRetouch. While the app is not free, it is available for $3.99 on iOS and $2 on Google Play, providing users with full access to all features without any additional in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Additionally, the recent 5.0 update introduces new features like object-aware retouching, flexible line removal, and mesh removal.

Key Features:

  • There is no free version offered.
  • No subscription plans are available.
  • You can seek support through our FAQ or Contact Us Form.


  • Object removal done automatically.
  • Intelligent editing.
  • Editing of 360-degree photos.


  • There is a paid version available for $3.99 or $2.
  • There are no video editing features.
  • There is no integrated camera.

9. Adobe Lightroom.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Lightroom

Download: Android | iOS

Adobe Lightroom is the go-to photo editing app for photographers due to its exceptional built-in camera and extensive range of photo enhancement tools. With the app’s built-in camera, users can take advantage of advanced controls such as exposure, timer, instant photo presets, and more.

The Lightroom Auto feature is particularly unique, allowing users to enhance their photos with just a single tap, making it an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals. Additionally, Lightroom offers over 150 photo presets, an AI-powered recommendation system for the best preset, color correction and enhancement features, as well as a top-notch object removal tool.

What sets Lightroom apart is its vibrant community features, where users can discover community-made presets, learn from community-created tutorials, and follow their favorite photographers.

Key Features:

  • Get started with our complimentary version.
  • In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $49.99 per item.
  • Assistance is provided through our Help Center.


  • Experience automatic photo enhancement with our cutting-edge technology.
  • Capture stunning photos with our high-quality built-in camera.
  • Join our vibrant community and explore a range of exciting features for photo enthusiasts.


  • Adobe subscription is needed for numerous features.
  • No video editing included.

10. Afterlight.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - Afterlight

Download: Android | iOS

Afterlight stands out as the ultimate photo editor for those who want to craft their own filters and effects. Unlike any other app in our selection, Afterlight simplifies the process of creating custom filters by combining multiple filters together.

With a collection of over 70 Fusions that are regularly updated, users have endless options to explore. Moreover, Afterlight offers an extensive range of features including 150 filters, 60 textures and overlays, 120 hand-picked fonts, and 20+ photo editing tools.

The app’s touch editing tools provide precise enhancements, while the innovative Double Exposure feature allows for the creation of truly unique images by blending photos together.

Key Features:

  • Get started with our complimentary version.
  • In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $35.99 per item.
  • Need assistance? Reach out to us through the Contact Us Form.


  • Customize filters can be made by users.
  • Over 150 unique filters are available.
  • Choose from more than 120 fonts for customization.


  • Absence of photo retouching features.
  • Inability to edit videos.

11. ON1 Photo RAW.

Best Photo Editing for Android Apps - ON1 Photo RAW for Mobile

Download: Android | iOS

ON1 Photo RAW is an exceptional photo editing application that offers users a seamless experience in capturing, editing, and organizing their photos all within a single platform. What sets ON1 Photo RAW apart is its top-notch built-in camera, equipped with advanced controls that enable users to effortlessly capture RAW photos.

Moreover, this app boasts the most impressive photo organizer among all the apps available, allowing users to categorize their photos based on star ratings, likes, dislikes, or rejects. With the ability to search and filter your library, finding specific photos becomes a breeze.

ON1 also provides users with the tools to process RAW files, edit and retouch photos, as well as apply professional effects and presets to enhance their pictures.

Key Features:

  • There is a free version that you can use.
  • Additionally, we offer subscription plans with different storage options. For the monthly plan, you can choose between $7.99 for 200GB or $15.99 for 1TB. If you prefer a yearly plan, it is available for $89.99 with 200GB or $179.99 with 1TB.
  • We also have a special upgrade offer for 2022 priced at $79.99. If you need any assistance, our Help Support is available to assist you.


  • Experience the capabilities of our advanced built-in camera.
  • Effortlessly organize your photos with our user-friendly features.
  • Explore a wide range of effects and presets for stunning photography.


  • Video editing is not allowed.

How We Choose the Best Photo Editing Apps for Android?

Begin by conducting thorough research and carefully considering your options when it comes to selecting the best photo editing apps for Android. The Google Play Store offers a wide range of choices, making it important to take a systematic approach in order to find the perfect app that suits your editing needs.

With the abundance of options available on the Google Play Store, finding the ideal photo editing app for Android can be a daunting task. Thorough research and careful consideration are essential in order to identify the top contenders that offer the features and functionality you require.

When it comes to selecting the best photo editing apps for Android, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and carefully consider your options. With the vast number of choices available on the Google Play Store, finding the perfect app to suit your editing needs can be overwhelming. However, by following a systematic approach and evaluating key criteria, you can identify the top contenders that offer the features and functionality you require.

Next, consider the following factors when evaluating photo editing apps for Android:

  • User Interface and Experience: Opt for apps with intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows to ensure a smooth and enjoyable editing experience. Look for features like customizable layouts, gesture-based controls, and clear navigation menus.
  • Editing Tools and Features: Assess the range and quality of editing tools offered by each app, including basic adjustments like exposure, contrast, and saturation, as well as advanced features such as selective editing, layer support, and artistic filters. Choose apps that offer a comprehensive suite of tools to unleash your creativity and achieve your desired results.
  • Performance and Stability: Stability and performance are crucial considerations when selecting a photo editing app. Look for apps that run smoothly on your device without crashing or lagging, even when handling large files or complex edits. Opt for apps that prioritize optimization for Android devices to ensure a seamless editing experience.
  • Integration with Cloud Services: Consider apps that offer seamless integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows you to easily access your photos from multiple devices and sync your edits across platforms for added convenience and flexibility.
  • Community and Support: Look for apps that foster a vibrant community of users and provide access to tutorials, forums, and customer support channels. A strong community can offer valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to enhance your editing skills and troubleshoot any issues you encounter.
  • Price and Subscription Model: Evaluate the pricing structure of each app, including whether it offers a one-time purchase option, subscription plans, or a combination of both. Consider your budget and the value offered by each app’s features to determine the best investment for your needs.


Navigating the world of podcast apps on Android can be overwhelming with the myriad of choices available. However, by understanding your preferences and considering key factors such as user interface, content library, customization options, offline listening capabilities, and recommendation features, you can find the perfect app to cater to your needs.

Whether you opt for Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Stitcher, or another top-rated app, the goal remains the same: to enrich your listening experience and provide easy access to a diverse range of engaging content. Each app offers unique strengths and features, catering to different preferences and usage patterns.

Ultimately, the best podcast app for Android is one that aligns with your interests, enhances your listening enjoyment, and fits seamlessly into your digital lifestyle. So, take the time to explore your options, try out different apps, and discover the one that resonates with you the most.

With the right podcast app at your fingertips, you can embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and entertainment, immersing yourself in a world of captivating audio content wherever you go.

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