250+ Best Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube (New 2024 List)

Best Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube

Best Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube. The artist skillfully applies colors and shapes to her canvas, each stroke bringing her closer to creating a masterpiece. Eventually, she turns a blank canvas into a stunning work of art.

I aim to bring that same level of creativity to your drawing YouTube channel.

Discover over 250 drawing video concepts in this post that will captivate your audience and inspire them to become active participants in the art world.

Implementing these ideas will establish your channel as the go-to platform for drawing enthusiasts.

And if you’re questioning my credibility, here’s the reason you should trust me: I have successfully grown my own YouTube channel by producing content that resonates with viewers.

What Are the Best Drawing Video Ideas?

Discover the ultimate drawing video concepts to enhance your YouTube channel.

1. Dance and Music Challenges Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • The TikTok Dance Challenge: Drawing Edition.
  • Guess the Song Challenge: Drawing Dance Moves.
  • Retro Dance Challenge: Drawing Old School Grooves.
  • One Minute Dance Challenge: Speed Drawing Edition.
  • Musical Genre Mashup: Drawing Dance Fusion.
  • Iconic Music Video Recreation: Drawing Challenge.
  • Dance Battle Drawing Challenge: Artist vs. Artist.
  • Random Dance Generator: Drawing Challenge.
  • World Dance Challenge: Drawing Cultural Moves.
  • Dance Evolution: Drawing Through the Decades.
  • Dance Choreography Challenge: Drawing Step-by-Step.
  • Song Lyric Interpretation: Drawing Challenge.
  • Dance Trend Prediction: Drawing Future Moves.
  • Artist’s Choice Dance Challenge: Drawing Original Routines.
  • Animated Dance Challenge: Drawing in Motion.
  • Celebrity Dance Impersonation: Drawing Challenge.
  • Holiday Dance Special: Drawing Festive Moves.
  • Fantasy Dance Challenge: Drawing Mythical Creatures.
  • Dance Emoji Challenge: Drawing Emoticon Interpretations.
  • Virtual Reality Dance Challenge: Drawing in VR.
  • Animal Dance Challenge: Drawing Animal-Inspired Moves.
  • Dance Around the World: Drawing Global Dances.
  • Dance Fitness Routine: Drawing Workout Moves.
  • Dance Doodle Challenge: Drawing with Non-Dominant Hand.
  • DIY Music Video Challenge: Drawing Scenes to a Song.

2. Tutorial and How-to Videos Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

Tutorial and How-to Videos Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube
  • Beginner’s Guide to Drawing: Step-by-Step Tutorial.
  • Mastering Basic Shapes: Drawing Fundamentals.
  • Portrait Drawing Tutorial: From Sketch to Finish.
  • Drawing Anatomy: Understanding Proportions and Structure.
  • Inking Techniques: Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorial.
  • Color Theory for Artists: Drawing with Confidence.
  • Drawing Realistic Eyes: Step-by-Step Tutorial.
  • Character Design Tutorial: Creating Original Characters.
  • Perspective Drawing Made Easy: Step-by-Step Guide.
  • Digital Drawing Tutorial: Introduction to Digital Art.
  • Drawing Landscapes: Capturing Nature’s Beauty.
  • Cartooning 101: Creating Expressive Cartoons.
  • Gesture Drawing Workshop: Capturing Movement.
  • Still Life Drawing Tutorial: Bringing Objects to Life.
  • Incorporating Texture: Drawing Techniques.
  • Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Designing Trendy Outfits.
  • Animal Drawing Workshop: Bringing Creatures to Paper.
  • Storyboarding Tutorial: Visualizing Your Ideas.
  • Urban Sketching: Drawing City Scenes on Location.
  • Hand Lettering Tutorial: Creative Typography.
  • Drawing with Charcoal: Exploring Tonal Values.
  • Mixed Media Drawing: Combining Techniques.
  • Illustrating Children’s Books: Step-by-Step Guide.
  • Anime Drawing Tutorial: Mastering Manga Style.
  • Creating Digital Comics: Tips and Tricks.

3. Art History and Style Evolution Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • The Renaissance Masters: Drawing Like Da Vinci and Michelangelo.
  • Baroque Brilliance: Exploring the Art of Caravaggio and Bernini.
  • Impressionist Impulses: Drawing in the Style of Monet and Renoir.
  • Cubist Creations: Picasso and Braque Drawing Tutorial.
  • Surrealist Dreams: Drawing in the Style of Dalí and Magritte.
  • Abstract Expressionism: Channeling Pollock and Rothko in Your Art.
  • Pop Art Pioneers: Drawing Like Warhol and Lichtenstein.
  • Minimalist Magic: Drawing with Mondrian and Judd as Inspiration.
  • Art Nouveau Revival: Exploring the Style of Mucha and Gaudí.
  • Realism Reimagined: Drawing in the Tradition of Courbet and Velázquez.
  • Romanticism Revisited: Drawing with Turner and Delacroix.
  • Neoclassical Nostalgia: Drawing Like Ingres and Canova.
  • Gothic Glamour: Drawing Inspired by Medieval Masters.
  • Ancient Artistry: Drawing in the Style of Egyptian and Greek Art.
  • Modernist Movements: Exploring Futurism, Constructivism, and Dada.
  • Fauvist Flair: Drawing with Matisse and Derain’s Bold Colors.
  • Dadaist Doodles: Creating Surrealistic Art in the Dada Style.
  • Post-Impressionist Portraits: Drawing Like Van Gogh and Cézanne.
  • Constructivist Concepts: Drawing Inspired by Malevich and Rodchenko.
  • Art Deco Delights: Channeling Erte and Tamara de Lempicka in Your Art.
  • The Harlem Renaissance: Drawing with Bearden and Lawrence as Guides.
  • Abstract Realities: Exploring the Work of Kandinsky and Mondrian.
  • The Hudson River School: Drawing American Landscapes Like Cole and Church.
  • Rococo Romance: Drawing in the Style of Watteau and Fragonard.
  • Avant-Garde Adventures: Drawing Like the Artists of the Bauhaus Movement.

4. Art Challenge Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • Blindfolded Drawing Challenge: Testing Artistic Instincts.
  • One Color Challenge: Creating Art Using a Single Hue.
  • Tiny Art Challenge: Drawing Miniature Masterpieces.
  • Left Hand Only Challenge: Exploring Ambidextrous Artistry.
  • 10-Minute Art Challenge: Speed Drawing Under Pressure.
  • Upside Down Drawing Challenge: Flipping Perspective.
  • Limited Palette Challenge: Drawing with a Restricted Color Range.
  • No Eraser Challenge: Embracing Imperfection in Art.
  • Monochrome Madness: Drawing in Black and White Only.
  • Collaborative Art Challenge: Partnering with Another Artist.
  • Inktober Prompts Challenge: Drawing Based on Daily Themes.
  • Random Word Generator Challenge: Creating Art from Unexpected Concepts.
  • Fast Food Art Challenge: Drawing with Food Items.
  • Art Style Mashup Challenge: Blending Two Different Art Styles.
  • Memory Drawing Challenge: Recreating Scenes from Memory Alone.
  • Limited Tools Challenge: Creating Art with Minimal Supplies.
  • Art in Nature Challenge: Drawing with Natural Elements.
  • Non-Dominant Hand Challenge: Pushing Artistic Boundaries.
  • Texture Challenge: Incorporating Various Textures into Artwork.
  • Emotion Drawing Challenge: Expressing Feelings through Art.
  • Inverse Color Challenge: Reversing Traditional Color Schemes.
  • Negative Space Challenge: Drawing Focus on Background Elements.
  • Artistic Alphabet Challenge: Drawing Using Letters as Inspiration.
  • Artistic Resolutions Challenge: Setting and Achieving Art Goals.
  • Art Trading Card Challenge: Creating Miniature Art Pieces.

5. Fashion and Beauty Tips Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

Fashion and Beauty Tips Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube
  • Fashion Sketching Basics: How to Draw Croquis.
  • Mixing and Matching Outfits: Wardrobe Drawing Tutorial.
  • Illustrating Hairstyles: Step-by-Step Drawing Guide.
  • Accessorizing Your Look: Drawing Accessories and Jewelry.
  • Creating Fashion Mood Boards: Drawing Inspiration.
  • Fashion Figure Proportions: Drawing the Perfect Silhouette.
  • Drawing Fashion Trends: Stay on Top of the Latest Styles.
  • Sketching Fabrics and Textures: Adding Realism to Fashion Illustrations.
  • Drawing Fashion Flats: Mastering Technical Drawing.
  • Fashion Coloring Techniques: Bringing Designs to Life.
  • Illustrating Beauty Looks: Drawing Makeup Styles.
  • Hairstyle Evolution: Drawing Historical and Modern Hairdos.
  • Fashion Design Process: From Sketch to Finished Garment.
  • Drawing Fashion Accessories: Bags, Shoes, and Hats.
  • Creating Your Signature Style: Drawing Personalized Fashion.
  • Fashion Figure Variations: Drawing Different Body Types.
  • Drawing Runway Fashion: Capturing High Fashion Looks.
  • Fashion Illustration Tips: Perfecting Proportions and Poses.
  • Fashion Design Portfolio: Tips for Presenting Your Work.
  • Drawing Fashion Icons: Recreating Iconic Looks.
  • Beauty Product Illustrations: Drawing Cosmetics and Skincare.
  • Fashion Editorial Drawing: Creating Stunning Fashion Spreads.
  • Drawing Fashion Patterns: Designing Custom Prints.
  • Fashion Illustration Collage: Mixing Media for Unique Art.
  • Fashion Branding Art: Creating Logos and Brand Identity.

6. Digital Art and Software Reviews Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • Top 10 Digital Drawing Tablets: Reviews and Recommendations.
  • Procreate App Review: Best Features and Tips for Artists.
  • Wacom vs. Huion: Drawing Tablet Showdown and Comparison.
  • Adobe Photoshop for Digital Artists: Review and Tutorial.
  • Clip Studio Paint Review: Pros, Cons, and How to Get Started.
  • iPad Pro for Artists: Reviewing Drawing Capabilities and Accessories.
  • Drawing Software Showdown: Comparing Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW.
  • Affinity Designer Review: Professional Graphic Design Software.
  • Best Free Drawing Apps: Review and Comparison.
  • Graphic Tablet Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Purchasing.
  • Digital Art Software for Beginners: Reviews and Recommendations.
  • Drawing Tablet Accessories: Must-Have Additions for Digital Artists.
  • Drawing Apps for Kids: Reviewing Child-Friendly Options.
  • ArtRage Software Review: Exploring Natural Media Painting Tools.
  • Digital Sketching Apps: Reviewing Tools for Quick Concept Art.
  • Choosing the Right Stylus for Digital Drawing: Review and Comparison.
  • ArtFlow App Review: Drawing and Painting on Android Devices.
  • Digital Art Monitors: Reviewing High-Quality Display Options.
  • Reviewing Drawing Glove Products: Do They Improve Drawing Experience?.
  • Using 3D Software for Digital Art: Reviews and Tips.
  • Best Drawing Apps for Surface Pro: Review and Comparison.
  • Reviewing Digital Art Brushes and Brush Packs: Quality and Variety.
  • Drawing Software for Comics and Manga: Reviews and Recommendations.
  • Graphic Tablet vs. Display Tablet: Pros and Cons.
  • Reviewing Drawing Software Updates: New Features and Improvements.

7. Time-lapse Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • Realistic Portrait Time-lapse: From Sketch to Finished Art.
  • Character Design Time-lapse: Creating Original Characters.
  • Fantasy Landscape Time-lapse: Drawing Imaginary Worlds.
  • Animal Illustration Time-lapse: Bringing Creatures to Life.
  • Comic Book Page Time-lapse: Drawing Sequential Art.
  • Botanical Illustration Time-lapse: Capturing Nature’s Beauty.
  • Cityscape Drawing Time-lapse: Urban Sketching in Fast Motion.
  • Abstract Art Time-lapse: Exploring Creative Expression.
  • Fashion Illustration Time-lapse: Sketching Stylish Outfits.
  • Fan Art Time-lapse: Drawing Your Favorite Characters.
  • Sci-Fi Concept Art Time-lapse: Designing Futuristic Worlds.
  • Inktober Drawing Compilation: A Month of Ink Drawings in Minutes.
  • Holiday Illustration Time-lapse: Celebrating Festive Seasons.
  • Graffiti Art Time-lapse: Street Art Creation in High Speed.
  • Mythological Creature Drawing Time-lapse: Imagining Legends.
  • Food Illustration Time-lapse: Drawing Delicious Dishes.
  • Historical Figure Portrait Time-lapse: Bringing History to Life.
  • Tattoo Design Time-lapse: Creating Body Art on Paper.
  • Abstract Portrait Time-lapse: Expressive Portrayals in Motion.
  • Space Art Time-lapse: Journeying Through the Cosmos.
  • Botanical Tattoo Design Time-lapse: Floral Body Art Creation.
  • Manga Page Drawing Time-lapse: Anime-Inspired Illustrations.
  • Underwater Scene Time-lapse: Drawing Marine Life.
  • Steampunk Illustration Time-lapse: Victorian-Inspired Art.
  • Mythical Creature Tattoo Design Time-lapse: Legendary Ink Creations.

8. Character Design and Storyboarding Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • Creating Original Characters: Character Design Process Explained.
  • Fantasy Character Design: Bringing Mythical Creatures to Life.
  • Character Design Challenge: Designing Characters Based on Prompts.
  • Character Design Tutorial: From Concept Sketches to Final Illustration.
  • Superhero Character Creation: Designing Heroes and Villains.
  • Animal Character Design: Drawing Anthropomorphic Characters.
  • Character Design for Animation: Tips and Techniques.
  • Sci-Fi Character Design: Drawing Futuristic Characters.
  • Character Design Timelapse: Speed Drawing Original Characters.
  • Character Design with Personality: Creating Memorable Characters.
  • Character Design Critique: Analyzing and Improving Character Designs.
  • Character Design Dos and Don’ts: Common Mistakes to Avoid.
  • Historical Character Design: Drawing Figures from Different Eras.
  • Character Design Workshop: Interactive Session with Viewers.
  • Character Design Mashup: Combining Different Genres and Styles.
  • Character Design Challenge: Designing Characters in Different Art Styles.
  • Character Design Portfolio Review: Sharing and Critiquing Viewer Submissions.
  • Character Design for Comics: Creating Dynamic Comic Book Characters.
  • Character Design for Games: Designing Playable and Non-Playable Characters.
  • Character Design Q&A: Answering Viewer Questions About Design Process.
  • Character Design Anatomy: Understanding Body Proportions and Features.
  • Character Design Tips for Beginners: Getting Started in Character Design.
  • Character Design Inspired by Nature: Drawing Creatures and Beasts.
  • Character Design Using References: Incorporating Real-Life Inspiration.
  • Storyboarding Basics: From Script to Visual Storytelling.

9. Collaborative Art Projects Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

  • Pass the Drawing Challenge: Collaborative Sketching with Friends.
  • Exquisite Corpse Drawing Game: Surreal Collaborative Art.
  • Group Doodle Challenge: Drawing Together in Real Time.
  • Collaborative Comic Strip Creation: Each Artist Draws a Panel.
  • Round-Robin Drawing Challenge: Passing Artwork in a Circle.
  • Blind Collaboration Challenge: Drawing Without Seeing Each Other’s Work.
  • Telephone Drawing Game: How the Image Transforms Through Collaboration.
  • Interactive Drawing Challenge: Letting Viewers Contribute to the Artwork.
  • Collaborative Zine Making: Each Artist Creates a Page.
  • Artistic Relay Race: Passing the Drawing Baton.
  • Collaborative Mural Project: Creating a Large-Scale Artwork Together.
  • Community Art Project: Collaborative Artwork with Local Artists.
  • Artistic Remix Challenge: Each Artist Adds Their Twist to the Drawing.
  • Swap and Draw Challenge: Exchanging Drawings and Adding to Them.
  • Collaborative Sketchbook Project: Passing the Sketchbook Between Artists.
  • Pixel Art Collaboration: Creating Pixel Art Together.
  • Themed Collaboration Challenge: Drawing Based on a Common Theme.
  • Artistic Telephone Pictionary: Combining Drawing and Guessing Game.
  • Online Drawing Jam: Collaborative Drawing Session with Viewers.
  • Interactive Digital Whiteboard Collaboration: Drawing with Virtual Participants.
  • Collaborative Graffiti Wall: Street Art Collaboration Project.
  • Artistic Puzzle Challenge: Piecing Together Individual Drawings.
  • Collaborative Animation Project: Each Artist Contributes a Frame.
  • Collaborative Sculpture Building: Creating 3D Art Together.
  • Worldwide Collaborative Art Project: Joining Artists from Different Countries.

10. Realistic vs. Abstract Art Comparisons Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube.

Realistic vs. Abstract Art Comparisons Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube
  • Realism vs. Abstraction: Drawing a Realistic Landscape vs. Abstract Interpretation.
  • Portrait Art Comparison: Realistic Portrait Drawing vs. Abstract Portrait Experimentation.
  • Still Life Study: Realistic Representation vs. Abstract Composition.
  • Nature Drawing Challenge: Realistic Depiction vs. Abstract Expression of the Same Scene.
  • Urban Sketching Showdown: Realistic Cityscape Drawing vs. Abstract Urban Interpretation.
  • Animal Art Exploration: Realistic Wildlife Drawing vs. Abstract Animal Imagery.
  • Life Drawing Session: Realistic Figure Study vs. Abstract Gesture Sketches.
  • Architecture Sketching Challenge: Realistic Building Rendering vs. Abstract Architectural Forms.
  • Botanical Illustration Comparison: Realistic Flower Drawing vs. Abstract Floral Abstraction.
  • Realistic vs. Abstract Portrait Series: Exploring Different Approaches to Portraiture.
  • Seascape Interpretation: Realistic Ocean Scene vs. Abstract Coastal Impression.
  • Fantasy Art Showdown: Realistic Fantasy Creature Drawing vs. Abstract Creature Design.
  • Still Life Experiment: Realistic Object Arrangement vs. Abstract Object Deconstruction.
  • Travel Sketching Challenge: Realistic Travel Journal vs. Abstract Travel Impressions.
  • Color Study Comparison: Realistic Color Rendering vs. Abstract Color Exploration.
  • Texture Exploration: Realistic Texture Reproduction vs. Abstract Texture Creation.
  • Realistic Landscape vs. Abstract Landscape: Capturing Nature’s Essence.
  • Abstract Expressionist vs. Realist Art: Contrasting Styles and Techniques.
  • Artistic Interpretation Challenge: Realistic vs. Abstract Interpretations of a Concept.
  • Surreal Art Comparison: Realistic Surrealism vs. Abstract Surrealist Exploration.
  • Artistic Process Revealed: Realistic Rendering Steps vs. Abstract Experimentation Process.
  • Abstract vs. Realistic Collage: Exploring Different Mixed Media Approaches.
  • Realistic vs. Abstract Self-Portrait: Expressing Identity in Different Styles.
  • Cubism vs. Realism: Exploring Geometric Abstraction and Detailed Representation.
  • Abstract Landscape vs. Realistic Landscape: Emotion vs. Observation.

The Significance of Your Audience’s Drawing Abilities.

Consider the skill levels of your audience when producing drawing content on YouTube.

If your target audience consists of beginners, it is wise to focus on teaching drawing basics. Starting with lessons on fundamental concepts such as shapes and lines ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Beginners can also benefit from learning basic shading techniques like hatching and cross-hatching.

Once you have catered to beginners, you can then create content for more advanced users.

Introduce composition techniques that incorporate perspective and depth to enhance the skills of aspiring artists.

Furthermore, you can continue to build upon these skills. For instance, why not explore abstract composition techniques to inspire creativity in your audience?

Ultimately, it is crucial to understand the needs of your audience and provide content that meets those needs.

What will be the range of themes and subjects you plan to explore?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to brainstorming video ideas.

By exploring different themes and subjects, you can delve into specific areas that interest you.

For example:

  • Mythical creatures: dragons, unicorns, and other fantastical beasts are perfect for captivating YouTube content.
  • Nature: Whether you love flowers, trees, animals, landscapes, or seascapes, the options are limitless!
  • Human figures: Express your creativity by drawing human figures in any style you desire. Share your expertise in human anatomy and portraiture.
  • Urban themes: Dive into the excitement of city life by exploring street art, graffiti, cityscapes, and architecture. Showcase your skills through engaging content.

Reflect on Your Drawing and Art Video Commentary.

Narration plays a crucial role in the success of your videos. It has the power to either enhance or hinder the viewer’s experience. A well-executed narration makes it effortless for viewers to comprehend and apply the lessons presented in the video.

Conversely, a subpar narration can be distracting and make it difficult for viewers to concentrate on the content being presented.

To ensure effective narration in your drawing videos, consider the following tips:

  • Clarity is key: Speak at a pace that is easily understandable for your audience. Additionally, vary your speaking speed throughout the video to maintain engagement.
  • Explain the process: Don’t assume that your viewers are already familiar with the basics. Take the time to explain the fundamentals and provide logical reasoning behind your artistic choices, especially if you are targeting beginners.
  • Show enthusiasm: Let your passion for teaching shine through in your narration. This will make the learning process more enjoyable and captivating for your audience.
  • Incorporate humor: If humor is a natural part of your personality, feel free to inject it into your storytelling. Adding a touch of humor can make your videos more entertaining and relatable.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you practice and refine your narration skills, the better you will become.

By combining exceptional narration with valuable knowledge sharing, your YouTube channel will establish itself as the ultimate destination for drawing enthusiasts.


The possibilities are truly endless. Why not experiment with time-lapse videos or engage in art challenges to connect with your viewers?

No matter which path you decide to take, remember this key point. It’s not just about selecting an idea from a list.

The real magic unfolds when you infuse each concept with your unique touch, infusing your videos with your personality and passion.

This is what will entice your audience to keep coming back for more.

For more insights, head over to IBusinessMotivation.com: Interested in delving into the realm of art and creativity on YouTube? Discover the top art YouTube video ideas. This guide is essential for any budding artist.

If you’re searching for the perfect channel name, explore these drawing channel name suggestions. They will ignite your creativity and help your channel stand out.

For those who enjoy a challenge, explore this article on different challenge videos to keep your content dynamic and captivating.

And if you’re looking to create content for a younger audience, don’t overlook the best YouTube video ideas for kids. These ideas are sure to captivate their imagination and keep them entertained.

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