The 87+ Best Art YouTube Video Ideas for 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Art YouTube Video Ideas

Best Art YouTube Video Ideas Many individuals rely on art tutorials on YouTube to improve their artistic abilities and connect with like-minded individuals seeking motivation.

If you aim to establish a supportive creative network and qualify for earning money from your videos, it is essential to consistently produce and share fresh content.

However, what do you do when you’re lacking inspiration for new video concepts?

What Are the Best Art YouTube Video Ideas?

Here are 87 top art video ideas for your art YouTube channel. Included are descriptions and suggestions for customizing ideas to fit your channel.

Oil Painting Tutorial for Beginners.

A step-by-step guide on how to start oil painting for beginners, covering basic techniques, materials, and tips to create beautiful artworks.

Watercolor Techniques: Exploring Wet-on-Wet.

Dive into the world of watercolor painting with a tutorial focusing on wet-on-wet techniques, showcasing how to blend colors and create soft, flowing effects.

Drawing Realistic Portraits: Tips and Tricks.

Learn how to draw realistic portraits with expert tips and tricks, covering proportions, shading, and capturing likeness to create lifelike portraits.

Acrylic Pouring for Abstract Art.

Explore the fascinating art of acrylic pouring, where colors are poured and manipulated on canvas to create mesmerizing abstract artworks, with tips on materials and techniques.

Pen and Ink Drawing: Mastering Cross-Hatching.

Pen and Ink Drawing Mastering Cross-Hatching

Master the art of pen and ink drawing with a focus on cross-hatching techniques, showcasing how to create depth, texture, and contrast in drawings using ink pens.

Mixed Media Art Journaling for Creativity.

Discover the joys of mixed media art journaling, where various materials like paints, collage, and markers are combined in a journal for creative expression and exploration.

Palette Knife Painting: Creating Texture in Acrylics.

Explore the expressive technique of palette knife painting in acrylics, demonstrating how to use palette knives to apply thick layers of paint and create texture in artworks.

Urban Sketching: Capturing City Scenes.

Embark on urban sketching adventures with tips and techniques for capturing city scenes on location, focusing on composition, perspective, and capturing the essence of urban environments.

Charcoal Drawing Techniques: Creating Dramatic Artworks.

Delve into the world of charcoal drawing with a tutorial on techniques for creating dramatic and expressive artworks, covering blending, smudging, and creating highlights and shadows.

Digital Art for Beginners: Getting Started with Procreate.

Learn the basics of digital art with a tutorial on using Procreate, a popular digital painting app, covering tools, brushes, and techniques for creating digital artworks.

Sculpting Clay Figures: From Start to Finish”.

Follow along with a comprehensive tutorial on sculpting clay figures, from sculpting the armature to adding details and finishing touches, providing a step-by-step guide for beginners and advanced artists alike.

Color Theory Basics: Understanding Color Mixing.

Gain a solid understanding of color theory basics with a tutorial focusing on color mixing principles, including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as well as complementary and analogous color schemes.

En Plein Air Painting: Capturing Outdoor Landscapes.

Explore the beauty of outdoor painting with a tutorial on en plein air painting, covering essential tips and techniques for capturing landscapes directly from nature.

Inktober Challenge: Daily Ink Drawing Prompts.

Participate in the Inktober challenge with daily ink drawing prompts and tutorials, inspiring artists to create ink drawings based on different themes throughout the month of October.

Abstract Painting Techniques: Exploring Texture and Composition.

Experiment with abstract painting techniques focusing on texture and composition, including methods such as layering, dripping, and splattering to create dynamic and expressive abstract artworks.

Printmaking for Beginners: Introduction to Linocut.

Printmaking for Beginners Introduction to Linocut - Art YouTube Video Ideas

Introduce yourself to the art of printmaking with a beginner-friendly tutorial on linocut, covering carving techniques, printing methods, and tips for creating unique prints.

Botanical Illustration: Drawing and Painting Flowers.

Delve into the world of botanical illustration with a tutorial on drawing and painting flowers, covering observation skills, botanical accuracy, and techniques for capturing the beauty of plants.

Palette Cleanser: Quick and Relaxing Art Exercises.

Take a break from complex projects with quick and relaxing art exercises designed to refresh your creativity and inspire new ideas, providing a fun and low-pressure way to experiment with different mediums and techniques.

Art Supply Haul and Review: Exploring New Materials.

Discover new art supplies and materials with a haul and review video, featuring demonstrations and honest opinions on various art supplies, from paints and brushes to papers and canvases.

Art Book Recommendations: Inspiring Reads for Artists.

Explore a curated list of art book recommendations featuring inspiring reads for artists, covering topics such as art history, technique tutorials, artist biographies, and creative inspiration.

Miniature Painting Tutorial: Tiny Art, Big Impact”.

Learn the intricacies of painting miniatures with a tutorial focused on techniques for creating detailed and captivating small-scale artworks, perfect for hobbyists and tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

Digital Illustration Speedpaint: From Sketch to Finished Artwork.

Witness the creative process unfold with a digital illustration speedpaint video, showcasing the artist’s workflow from initial sketching to adding colors and final touches, providing insight into digital illustration techniques.

Collage Art Techniques: Mixed Media Mastery.

Explore the versatility of collage art with a tutorial highlighting various mixed media techniques, including layering, tearing, and blending materials to create visually stunning and textured artworks.

Pastel Drawing Tutorial: Soft and Dreamy Landscapes.

Create soft and dreamy landscapes with a pastel drawing tutorial, focusing on techniques for blending and layering pastels to evoke mood and atmosphere in landscape artworks.

Art Studio Tour: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Space.

Take a virtual tour of an artist’s studio with a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the workspace, tools, and organization methods, offering insight into the artist’s creative process and environment.

Gouache Painting Techniques: Vibrant and Versatile Artistry.

Dive into the world of gouache painting with a tutorial on techniques for using this versatile medium, covering opacity, layering, and color mixing to create vibrant and expressive artworks.

Art Journal Flip Through: Exploring Creative Journals.

Art Journal Flip Through Exploring Creative Journals

Explore the pages of an artist’s journal with a flip-through video, featuring glimpses of sketches, paintings, and mixed media experiments, offering inspiration for starting your own creative journaling practice.

Palette Inspiration: Creating Harmonious Color Palettes.

Find inspiration for your artwork with a video focused on creating harmonious color palettes, featuring examples from nature, art history, and everyday life to inspire your color choices and compositions.

Street Art Exploration: Discovering Urban Art Installations.

Embark on a visual journey through street art with a video showcasing urban art installations, graffiti murals, and public art projects from around the world, celebrating the creativity and diversity of street art culture.

Art Challenge: One Color, Many Possibilities.

Challenge your creativity with a video featuring an art challenge focused on using only one color to create diverse artworks, showcasing how limitations can spark innovation and experimentation in art.

Surrealism Art Techniques: Exploring the Unconscious Mind.

Delve into the realm of surrealism with a tutorial focusing on techniques used by surrealist artists to depict dreamlike and imaginative worlds, exploring symbolism, juxtaposition, and subconscious influences.

Copic Marker Tutorial: Blending and Layering Techniques.

Master the use of Copic markers with a tutorial showcasing blending and layering techniques, allowing artists to create smooth transitions and vibrant colors in their marker illustrations.

Digital Art Speedpaint: Creating Fantasy Characters.

Witness the creation of fantasy characters come to life with a digital art speedpaint video, showcasing the artist’s process from sketching initial concepts to adding intricate details and textures.

Art Therapy Techniques: Healing Through Creativity.

Learn about the therapeutic benefits of art with a video exploring art therapy techniques, including guided exercises, journaling prompts, and mindfulness practices to promote emotional expression and self-discovery.

Metallic Watercolor Painting: Adding Shine and Sparkle.

Add shimmer and shine to your watercolor paintings with a tutorial on metallic watercolor techniques, featuring tips for using metallic paints and adding reflective effects to your artworks.

Japanese Ink Painting: Mastering Sumi-e Techniques.

Immerse yourself in the traditional art of Japanese ink painting with a tutorial on sumi-e techniques, covering brush handling, ink consistency, and principles of composition to create elegant and expressive artworks.

Art Supplies DIY: Crafting Your Own Tools and Materials.

Get creative with your art supplies by learning how to DIY crafting your own tools and materials, from homemade paintbrushes and palettes to unique textures and surfaces for experimentation.

Art Business Tips: Marketing and Selling Your Artwork.

Navigate the world of art business with a video offering tips and strategies for marketing and selling your artwork, covering online platforms, social media marketing, and building a brand as an artist.

Art Exhibition Tour: Exploring Contemporary Art Spaces.

Art Exhibition Tour Exploring Contemporary Art Spaces

Experience the excitement of an art exhibition with a virtual tour video showcasing contemporary art spaces, galleries, and installations, providing inspiration and insights into the contemporary art scene.

Art History Lesson: Exploring Renaissance Masterpieces.

Journey back in time with an art history lesson focused on Renaissance masterpieces, exploring iconic artworks, artists, and themes from this influential period in art history.

Abstract Art Tutorial: Expressive Techniques and Composition.

Explore the world of abstract art with a tutorial focused on expressive techniques and composition principles, allowing artists to unleash their creativity and experiment with shapes, colors, and textures.

Resin Art DIY: Creating Stunning Resin Pour Paintings.

Dive into the world of resin art with a DIY tutorial on creating stunning resin pour paintings, covering techniques for mixing, pouring, and manipulating resin to achieve beautiful and glossy artworks.

Art Conservation: Preserving Cultural Heritage.

Learn about the importance of art conservation with a video exploring techniques and practices used to preserve and protect cultural heritage, including cleaning, restoration, and preventive measures.

Urban Sketching Challenge: Sketching Everyday Scenes.

Take on the urban sketching challenge with a video featuring prompts and tips for sketching everyday scenes and landmarks in your city, capturing the beauty and character of urban environments.

Eco-Friendly Art Supplies: Sustainable Alternatives.

Discover eco-friendly art supplies and sustainable alternatives with a video showcasing environmentally friendly materials and practices for artists who want to reduce their ecological footprint.

Art Journaling Workshop: Creative Prompts and Techniques.

Join an art journaling workshop with a video offering creative prompts and techniques for exploring themes, emotions, and memories through mixed media journaling and collage.

Palette Knife Painting: Impressionistic Landscapes.

Create impressionistic landscapes with a tutorial on palette knife painting techniques, featuring bold strokes and textures that capture the energy and atmosphere of outdoor scenes.

Artistic Anatomy Study: Drawing the Human Figure.

Improve your figure drawing skills with an artistic anatomy study video focusing on proportions, gesture, and anatomy of the human figure, providing insights and references for artists.

Art Therapy for Stress Relief: Relaxing Art Activities.

Explore art therapy techniques for stress relief with a video featuring relaxing art activities, mindfulness exercises, and creative practices to promote relaxation and emotional well-being.

DIY Art Projects: Creative Crafts for Home Decor.

Get crafty with DIY art projects for home decor, featuring tutorials on creating handmade artworks, decorations, and personalized gifts using various art techniques and materials.

Digital Painting Tutorial: Creating Realistic Portraits”.

Learn digital painting techniques for creating realistic portraits with a step-by-step tutorial covering digital brushwork, color blending, and detailing to achieve lifelike results.

Stencil Art Techniques: Creating Intricate Designs.

Stencil Art Techniques Creating Intricate Designs

Explore stencil art techniques with a tutorial demonstrating how to create intricate designs using stencils, spray paint, and layering to achieve visually striking artworks.

Art Supplies Haul: Exploring New Tools and Materials.

Discover the latest art supplies with a haul video showcasing new tools, materials, and products for artists, providing reviews, recommendations, and demonstrations.

Printmaking Tutorial: Introduction to Relief Printing.

Learn relief printing techniques with a tutorial covering carving, inking, and printing methods for creating relief prints using linoleum blocks or woodblocks.

Crafting with Clay: Sculpting Miniature Figures.

Dive into clay sculpting with a tutorial on crafting miniature figures, providing tips and techniques for sculpting, detailing, and finishing tiny sculptures.

Art Critique Session: Feedback and Improvement.

Participate in an art critique session with a video offering constructive feedback, critique, and suggestions for improvement on submitted artworks from viewers.

Art Journal Flip Through: Mixed Media Inspiration.

Gain inspiration from an art journal flip through video showcasing mixed media artworks, collage pages, and creative journaling spreads from an artist’s personal sketchbook.

Watercolor Landscape Tutorial: Painting Scenic Views.

Explore watercolor landscape painting techniques with a tutorial focusing on capturing scenic views, including skies, mountains, and bodies of water using transparent watercolors.

Illustration Process: From Concept to Finished Artwork.

Follow an artist’s illustration process from concept to finished artwork with a video documenting sketching, inking, coloring, and digital editing stages.

Art Therapy for Self-Exploration: Healing Through Creativity.

Engage in art therapy exercises for self-exploration and healing with a video featuring guided prompts, visual journaling, and reflective activities for personal growth and introspection.

Palette Knife Painting: Abstract Expressionism Techniques.

Explore abstract expressionism with palette knife painting techniques, focusing on spontaneous and gestural movements to create dynamic and emotionally charged artworks.

Art Book Review: Inspiring Reads for Artists.

Discover inspiring art books with a review video highlighting must-reads for artists, covering topics such as technique tutorials, artist biographies, and creative inspiration.

Urban Sketching Workshop: Sketching Architecture.

Urban Sketching Workshop Sketching Architecture

Participate in an urban sketching workshop focusing on sketching architecture and cityscapes, providing tips for capturing perspective, details, and character of urban environments.

Art Supply DIY: Making Your Own Paints.

Get creative by making your own paints with a DIY tutorial covering natural pigments, binders, and techniques for creating custom colors and textures.

Art Portfolio Review: Tips for Aspiring Artists.

Receive feedback on your art portfolio with a video offering critique, advice, and tips for aspiring artists looking to improve their portfolio presentation and content.

Crafting with Recycled Materials: Eco-Friendly Art Projects.

Get crafty with eco-friendly art projects using recycled materials, showcasing creative ways to repurpose and upcycle household items into artworks and decorations.

Oil Pastel Techniques: Exploring Vibrant Colors.

Dive into oil pastel techniques with a tutorial focusing on vibrant colors, blending, and layering to create expressive and colorful artworks with rich textures.

Art History Series: Masters of Impressionism.

Learn about the masters of impressionism with a video series exploring iconic artworks, techniques, and artists from the impressionist movement in art history.

DIY Art Supplies: Making Your Own Brushes.

Experiment with DIY art supplies by making your own brushes with unconventional materials, offering tips and techniques for creating custom brushes for different painting effects.

Art Business Workshop: Marketing Strategies for Artists.

Attend an art business workshop focused on marketing strategies for artists, covering topics such as branding, social media promotion, and selling art online or at events.

Scratchboard Art Tutorial: Creating Intricate Illustrations.

Explore scratchboard art with a tutorial demonstrating techniques for creating intricate illustrations by scratching away black ink to reveal white or colored layers underneath.

Art Therapy Techniques for Anxiety Relief.

Discover art therapy techniques specifically designed to relieve anxiety, featuring guided exercises, mindfulness practices, and creative activities aimed at promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Palette Exploration: Mixing Unique Color Combinations.

Experiment with color by exploring unique palette combinations in art, providing insights into color theory and demonstrating how different color schemes can evoke various moods and emotions.

DIY Art Storage Solutions: Organizing Your Creative Space.

Get organized with DIY art storage solutions for your creative space, offering practical and budget-friendly ideas for storing art supplies, materials, and finished artworks.

Art Book Recommendations for Children: Inspiring Reads.

Explore a curated list of art books for children, featuring inspiring reads that encourage creativity, imagination, and artistic exploration in young artists.

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial: Creative Layering Techniques.

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial Creative Layering Techniques

Dive into mixed media collage with a tutorial focusing on creative layering techniques, combining various materials such as paper, fabric, and found objects to create textured and dynamic artworks.

Art Workshop: Exploring Abstraction.

Participate in an art workshop exploring abstraction, providing guidance and exercises to help artists experiment with non-representational forms, shapes, and compositions.

Art Supply Swap: Trading Materials with Other Artists.

Engage in an art supply swap with other artists, showcasing the exchange of materials, tools, and supplies to discover new products and inspire creativity.

Art History Lecture: The Renaissance Period.

Dive into the Renaissance period with an art history lecture exploring key artists, artworks, and themes from this transformative era in Western art history.

Ink Wash Painting Tutorial: Creating Atmospheric Landscapes.

Learn ink wash painting techniques for creating atmospheric landscapes, focusing on layering washes to achieve depth, perspective, and mood in ink artworks.

Artistic Process: From Inspiration to Creation.

Gain insight into an artist’s creative process from inspiration to final creation, exploring how ideas are developed, refined, and transformed into finished artworks.

Art Journaling for Self-Expression: Creative Prompts.

Explore the practice of art journaling as a means of self-expression with creative prompts and exercises designed to spark creativity and emotional exploration.

Digital Art Masterclass: Advanced Techniques.

Elevate your digital art skills with a masterclass covering advanced techniques such as digital painting, rendering, and special effects to enhance your artworks.

Sustainable Art Practices: Eco-Friendly Creativity.

Learn about sustainable art practices that minimize environmental impact, featuring tips for using recycled materials, reducing waste, and adopting eco-conscious techniques.

Drawing Animals: Capturing Movement and Expression.

Improve your animal drawing skills with a tutorial focused on capturing movement, anatomy, and expression in drawings of various animals, from wildlife to pets.

Art Critique Session: Community Feedback.

Participate in an art critique session where artists share their work for constructive feedback and discussion, fostering a supportive and collaborative creative community.

Art Business Q&A: Expert Advice for Artists.

Art Business Q&A Expert Advice for Artists

Get expert advice on art business topics such as pricing, contracts, and marketing strategies in a Q&A session featuring industry professionals and experienced artists.

DIY Art Gifts: Handmade Presents for Loved Ones.

Create heartfelt DIY art gifts for your loved ones with tutorials on handmade artworks, crafts, and personalized creations to celebrate special occasions.

Art Therapy Workshop: Healing Through Creativity.

Join an art therapy workshop focused on using creative expression to promote healing, self-discovery, and emotional well-being in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Art Supply Review: Testing New Products.

Explore new art supplies and products with a review video featuring demonstrations, tests, and reviews of various materials, tools, and brands to help artists make informed choices.

Art YouTube Video Ideas FAQ.

Here are some key strategies to grow your art YouTube channel successfully:

  • Establish your niche
  • Produce regular, captivating content
  • Market your channel
  • Interact with your viewers
  • Enhance your videos with keywords and appealing thumbnails
  • Stay open to learning and adjusting

For beginners in the art channel realm, refer to my comprehensive article on launching a YouTube channel.

Do you believe?

This statement means that after coming up with new ideas for videos, it’s time to start filming. You should plan out the content of your videos, film and edit them, and maintain a regular schedule for streaming to help your art channel grow consistently.

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