The 137+ Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas for 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas

Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas. Creating fresh and exciting videos is a surefire way to keep kids engaged on your YouTube channel. Consistent posting will not only increase your viewership and audience, but also make you eligible for monetization.

However, if you find yourself stuck without any new video ideas, don’t worry! It’s a common challenge for content creators at any stage.

To help you overcome this hurdle, I collaborated with a team of skilled YouTube video editors, thumbnail designers, and scriptwriters to compile a comprehensive list of 107 top video ideas specifically tailored for kids YouTube.

What Are the Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas?

I have compiled a comprehensive compilation of 137+ video concepts for children, along with some additional ideas. To assist you in finding ideas within your specific area of interest, I have categorized the list into popular YouTube channel categories that cater to child audiences.

Cooking and Baking.

  • Easy Recipes for Kids: Start with simple dishes using familiar ingredients, encouraging creativity and fun in the kitchen.
  • Fun Baking Ideas for Kids: Begin with basic recipes like cookies or cupcakes, focusing on safety and enjoyment.
  • Healthy Cooking with Kids: Start with nutritious recipes like fruit kebabs or veggie wraps, emphasizing balanced eating habits.
  • DIY Snacks for Kids: Begin with no-bake treats like energy balls or yogurt parfaits, promoting independence and healthy snacking.
  • Creative Desserts for Kids: Start with playful recipes like rainbow fruit salad or edible art, sparking imagination and culinary skills.
  • Cooking Challenges for Kids: Begin with simple challenges like pancake flipping or sandwich making, fostering friendly competition and teamwork.
  • Baking Basics for Kids: Start with essential techniques like measuring and mixing, building confidence and kitchen fundamentals.
  • Quick Meals for Kids to Make: Begin with speedy recipes like wraps or smoothies, emphasizing efficiency and independence.
  • Cooking Science Experiments for Kids: Start with edible experiments like homemade ice cream or volcano cakes, combining learning with fun.
  • World Cuisine Adventures for Kids: Begin with easy international recipes like sushi rolls or tacos, introducing diverse flavors and cultures.
  • Holiday Treats Kids Can Make: Start with seasonal recipes like Halloween cookies or Christmas cupcakes, celebrating traditions with creativity.
  • Cooking with Storytelling for Kids: Begin with recipes inspired by favorite stories or characters, combining cooking with imagination and storytelling.
  • Farm to Table Cooking for Kids: Start with recipes using fresh, local produce like salads or smoothies, promoting sustainability and healthy eating.
  • Cooking for Picky Eaters: Begin with customizable recipes like build-your-own pizzas or DIY trail mix, encouraging exploration and variety.
  • Kitchen Safety for Kids: Start with basic safety rules like washing hands and using oven mitts, ensuring a secure and enjoyable cooking experience.
  • Cooking with Kids on a Budget: Begin with cost-effective recipes like pasta dishes or homemade snacks, teaching resourcefulness and financial literacy.
  • Interactive Cooking Classes for Kids: Start with live-streamed or interactive videos, engaging children in real-time cooking experiences with guidance.

Animals and Nature.

Animals and Nature - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Wildlife Exploration for Kids: Begin with backyard adventures, discovering insects or birdwatching, inspiring curiosity about the natural world.
  • Animal Fun Facts for Kids: Start with fascinating facts about animals, from lions to ladybugs, sparking interest and learning.
  • Nature Crafts for Kids: Begin with DIY projects using leaves or pinecones, connecting creativity with the outdoors.
  • Zoo Animals for Kids: Start with virtual zoo tours or animal profiles, introducing diverse species and habitats.
  • Outdoor Adventures for Kids: Begin with hiking tips or nature scavenger hunts, fostering a love for exploration and outdoor activities.
  • Ocean Life for Kids: Start with videos about marine creatures or beach clean-ups, promoting ocean conservation and awareness.
  • Nature Documentaries for Kids: Begin with short documentaries about ecosystems or wildlife migrations, educating and inspiring conservation efforts.
  • Garden Activities for Kids: Start with planting seeds or caring for plants, nurturing green thumbs and appreciation for gardening.
  • Forest Exploration for Kids: Begin with forest walks or tree identification, immersing in nature and learning about ecosystems.
  • Animal Rescue Stories for Kids: Start with heartwarming tales of animal rescues or rehabilitation, fostering empathy and compassion.
  • Bird Watching for Kids: Begin with bird feeder setups or identifying common birds, igniting a passion for avian observation and conservation.
  • Safari Adventures for Kids: Start with pretend safaris or toy animal hunts, igniting imagination and learning about African wildlife.
  • Insect Investigations for Kids: Begin with bug hunts or observing ant colonies, exploring the fascinating world of insects up close.
  • Animal Habitats for Kids: Start with learning about different habitats like rainforests or deserts, understanding animal adaptations and ecosystems.
  • Nature Photography for Kids: Begin with basic photography tips or capturing backyard wildlife, nurturing creativity and observation skills.
  • Pet Care for Kids: Start with responsible pet ownership guides or DIY pet toys, teaching empathy and responsibility towards animals.
  • Nature Drawing for Kids: Begin with simple nature-themed drawing tutorials or outdoor sketching sessions, encouraging artistic expression and appreciation for the environment.

Educational Content.

Educational Content - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Fun Science Experiments for Kids: Start with easy experiments like volcano eruptions or slime making, blending learning with excitement.
  • Math Games for Kids: Begin with interactive games or puzzles, making math enjoyable and engaging for young learners.
  • Language Learning for Kids: Start with basic vocabulary lessons or fun language games, fostering a love for language exploration.
  • History Adventures for Kids: Begin with animated stories or virtual tours of historical sites, bringing the past to life in an exciting way.
  • STEM Activities for Kids: Start with hands-on STEM projects like building a bridge or creating a simple circuit, sparking curiosity and innovation.
  • Geography Explorations for Kids: Begin with map challenges or virtual travels around the world, inspiring a fascination with different cultures and places.
  • Art and Creativity for Kids: Start with art tutorials or DIY crafts, encouraging self-expression and imagination in young artists.
  • Coding for Kids: Begin with basic coding concepts or block-coding games, introducing valuable computer literacy skills in a playful manner.
  • Music Lessons for Kids: Start with instrument introductions or simple music theory, nurturing a passion for melody and rhythm.
  • Health and Wellness for Kids: Begin with yoga for kids or healthy snack recipes, promoting physical and mental well-being.
  • Environmental Education for Kids: Start with lessons on recycling or nature walks, instilling a sense of responsibility towards the planet.
  • Critical Thinking for Kids: Begin with brain teasers or logic puzzles, fostering problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
  • Literature Adventures for Kids: Start with read-aloud sessions or book discussions, cultivating a love for reading and storytelling.
  • Life Skills for Kids: Begin with basic cooking or money management tips, preparing children for independence and responsibility.
  • DIY Science Toys for Kids: Start with making simple science toys like a homemade telescope or balloon rocket, combining fun with learning.
  • Cultural Diversity for Kids: Begin with stories or traditions from different cultures, promoting empathy and understanding of diversity.
  • Exploring the Universe for Kids: Start with astronomy basics or space exploration videos, igniting curiosity about the cosmos and beyond.

Fashion and Beauty.

Fashion and Beauty - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • DIY Fashion Crafts for Kids: Start with easy projects like t-shirt painting or hair accessory making, fostering creativity and style.
  • Beauty Tips for Kids: Begin with simple skincare routines or age-appropriate makeup tutorials, promoting self-care and confidence.
  • Fashion Show for Kids: Start with dressing up and runway walks, encouraging self-expression and showcasing personal style.
  • Hair Braiding for Kids: Begin with basic braiding techniques or fun hairstyles, making hair care playful and creative.
  • Kids’ Clothing Haul: Start with showcasing trendy outfits or thrifted finds, inspiring fashion-forward choices within budget.
  • Nail Art for Kids: Begin with easy nail designs or polish application tips, adding a pop of color and creativity.
  • Fashion Drawing for Kids: Start with simple fashion sketches or design templates, nurturing artistic skills and imagination.
  • Fashion History for Kids: Begin with fun facts about iconic fashion trends or vintage styles, exploring the evolution of fashion.
  • DIY Beauty Products for Kids: Start with making lip balm or bath bombs, promoting natural skincare and DIY creativity.
  • Kids’ Makeup Tutorial: Begin with age-appropriate makeup looks or face painting ideas, emphasizing fun and experimentation.
  • Fashion Challenge for Kids: Start with themed outfit challenges or style swaps, encouraging creativity and fashion exploration.
  • Accessory DIY for Kids: Begin with making friendship bracelets or customizing hats, adding personalized flair to outfits.
  • Kids’ Fashion Lookbook: Start with showcasing versatile outfit combinations or seasonal trends, inspiring fashion versatility.
  • Natural Beauty for Kids: Begin with discussions on inner beauty or eco-friendly beauty products, promoting confidence and sustainability.
  • Fashion Design Basics for Kids: Start with learning about colors and fabrics or sketching clothing designs, fostering interest in fashion design.
  • Glamour Dress-Up for Kids: Begin with themed dress-up parties or costume ideas, sparking imagination and role-playing fun.
  • Kids’ Skincare Routine: Start with gentle skincare practices or sun protection tips, instilling healthy habits for glowing skin.


Entertainment - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Kids’ Dance Party Videos: Start with energetic dance routines or choreography breakdowns, getting kids moving and grooving.
  • Magic Tricks for Kids: Begin with easy-to-learn magic tricks or illusion tutorials, sparking wonder and imagination.
  • Storytime for Kids: Start with animated story readings or puppet storytelling, fostering a love for narrative and literacy.
  • DIY Puppet Shows for Kids: Begin with puppet-making tutorials or scripted skits, encouraging creativity and imaginative play.
  • Kids’ Talent Show: Start with showcasing various talents like singing, dancing, or comedy, celebrating individuality and performance.
  • DIY Crafts for Kids: Begin with creative craft tutorials using common household items, inspiring artistic expression and hands-on fun.
  • Kids’ Karaoke Party: Start with lyric videos and sing-along sessions, promoting confidence and musical enjoyment.
  • Science Magic for Kids: Begin with experiments that seem like magic, like color-changing potions or disappearing water, blending wonder with education.
  • Cartoon Drawing for Kids: Start with step-by-step drawing tutorials of favorite characters, enhancing artistic skills and creativity.
  • Kids’ Comedy Show: Begin with clean, kid-friendly jokes or skits, spreading laughter and joy among young viewers.
  • DIY Musical Instruments for Kids: Start with making simple instruments like shakers or drums, fostering musical exploration and creativity.
  • Kids’ Cooking Show: Begin with easy-to-follow recipes or cooking challenges, combining fun with culinary learning.
  • Kids’ Yoga and Mindfulness: Start with kid-friendly yoga poses or guided relaxation sessions, promoting physical and mental well-being.
  • Outdoor Adventures for Kids: Begin with nature exploration or backyard camping, fostering a love for the outdoors and adventure.
  • Virtual Field Trips for Kids: Start with virtual tours of museums, zoos, or landmarks, bringing educational experiences to screens.
  • Kids’ Game Night: Begin with family-friendly game reviews or gameplay tutorials, encouraging bonding and friendly competition.
  • Imaginary Playtime for Kids: Start with pretend play scenarios or dress-up ideas, nurturing creativity and storytelling skills.

Arts and Crafts.

Arts and Crafts - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Easy Kids Crafts Tutorials: Start with simple projects like paper flowers or popsicle stick creations, sparking creativity and imagination.
  • DIY Craft Ideas for Kids: Begin with recycled crafts or seasonal projects, inspiring hands-on creativity and eco-friendly crafting.
  • Kids Art Activities: Start with painting techniques or drawing tutorials, encouraging self-expression and artistic exploration.
  • Creative Playdough Ideas for Kids: Begin with homemade playdough recipes or sculpting tutorials, fostering sensory play and fine motor skills.
  • Crafts with Household Items for Kids: Start with repurposing items like cardboard or bottle caps, promoting resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Kids’ Craft Challenges: Begin with themed craft challenges or craft-offs, fostering friendly competition and creative thinking.
  • Origami for Kids: Start with easy origami tutorials like paper animals or simple shapes, enhancing patience and precision.
  • DIY Slime Making for Kids: Begin with safe slime recipes or slime variations, providing sensory fun and experimentation.
  • Kids’ DIY Gifts and Cards: Start with handmade gift ideas or card-making tutorials, fostering thoughtfulness and creativity.
  • Fabric Crafts for Kids: Begin with no-sew fabric projects or fabric painting techniques, exploring textiles and design.
  • Kids’ Craft Party Ideas: Start with themed craft party setups or group project ideas, promoting socialization and creativity.
  • Recycled Crafts for Kids: Begin with upcycling projects using materials like egg cartons or old CDs, promoting sustainability and creativity.
  • DIY Jewelry Making for Kids: Start with simple beadwork or friendship bracelet tutorials, encouraging personal style and fine motor skills.
  • Paper Crafts for Kids: Begin with paper folding or paper cutting projects, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity.
  • Kids’ Painting Techniques: Start with exploring different painting styles or techniques like splatter painting or watercolor resist.
  • Crafts for Rainy Days: Begin with indoor craft ideas or rainy day activities, turning gloomy weather into creative opportunities.
  • Seasonal Crafts for Kids: Start with holiday-themed crafts or seasonal decorations, celebrating special occasions with creativity.


Gaming - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Kids Gaming Fun: Start with gameplay of popular kid-friendly titles, sharing tips and tricks for a fun gaming experience.
  • Minecraft Adventures for Kids: Begin with building tutorials or survival challenges, exploring the limitless creativity of Minecraft.
  • Roblox Gameplay for Kids: Start with showcasing different Roblox games or hosting virtual meetups, sharing the excitement of Roblox.
  • Animal Crossing Tips for Kids: Begin with island tours or decorating ideas, enhancing the Animal Crossing experience for young players.
  • LEGO Video Games for Kids: Start with gameplay footage or reviews of LEGO-themed video games, combining gaming with creativity.
  • Mario Kart Racing for Kids: Begin with race highlights or character guides, mastering the tracks of Mario Kart.
  • Educational Games for Kids: Start with reviews of educational apps or gameplay of learning-focused games, blending fun with learning.
  • Fortnite Challenges for Kids: Begin with completing in-game challenges or hosting custom matches, showcasing Fortnite skills and strategies.
  • Pokémon Adventures for Kids: Start with gameplay of Pokémon games or trading card unboxings, diving into the world of Pokémon.
  • Nintendo Switch Games for Kids: Begin with game recommendations or multiplayer sessions, exploring the diverse library of Switch titles.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Gameplay for Kids: Start with speedrun challenges or character spotlights, joining Sonic on thrilling adventures.
  • Among Us Fun for Kids: Begin with gameplay of Among Us matches or hosting themed events, mastering deception and teamwork.
  • Gaming Challenges for Kids: Start with completing gaming challenges or speedrun attempts, testing skills and creativity.
  • LEGO Builds and Games for Kids: Begin with showcasing LEGO builds or playing LEGO video games, combining building with gaming fun.
  • Adventure Games for Kids: Start with gameplay of adventure titles suitable for young players, embarking on exciting virtual quests.
  • Virtual Reality Games for Kids: Begin with VR gameplay footage or reviews of kid-friendly VR experiences, immersing in virtual worlds.
  • Gaming Party Ideas for Kids: Start with planning gaming-themed parties or tournaments, bringing friends together for gaming fun.

Toy Unboxing and Reviews.

Toy Unboxing and Reviews - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Toy Unboxing Adventures: Start with unwrapping exciting toys, sharing first impressions and exploring features for endless play possibilities.
  • Kids Toy Reviews: Begin with detailed reviews of popular toys, providing insights for young viewers and their parents.
  • Surprise Toy Reveals: Start with unveiling mystery toys or blind bag openings, sparking excitement and anticipation for new discoveries.
  • Educational Toy Reviews for Kids: Begin with informative reviews of educational toys, highlighting learning benefits and interactive features.
  • Gaming Toy Unboxings: Start with unboxing video game-related toys or merchandise, immersing viewers in their favorite gaming worlds.
  • DIY Toy Kits Unboxing: Begin with unboxing and assembling DIY toy kits, showcasing creativity and hands-on construction.
  • Collectible Toy Reviews: Start with reviewing collectible toys like action figures or trading cards, exploring rare finds and value.
  • Outdoor Toy Unboxings: Begin with unboxing outdoor play equipment like sports gear or inflatables, inspiring active fun.
  • Doll and Playset Reviews: Start with detailed reviews of dolls and playsets, sharing stories and imaginative play scenarios.
  • Toy Car Unboxings and Reviews: Begin with unboxing toy cars or remote-control vehicles, showcasing speed and cool features.
  • Toy Kitchen Set Unboxing: Start with unboxing toy kitchen sets or cooking playsets, inspiring culinary creativity and role-play fun.
  • Toy Construction Sets Unboxing: Begin with unboxing building block sets or construction kits, fostering engineering skills and creativity.
  • Toy Animal Figurine Reviews: Start with reviewing animal figurine sets or wildlife playsets, exploring imaginative animal worlds.
  • Tech Toy Unboxings: Begin with unboxing and reviewing tech gadgets or electronic toys, exploring interactive features and functions.
  • Toy Story Playtime: Start with playing with toys inspired by the Toy Story franchise, bringing favorite characters to life.
  • Toy Makeover and Customization: Begin with transforming and customizing toys, showcasing creativity and personalization.
  • Toy Hunt and Haul: Start with hunting for toys at stores or online, sharing exciting finds and unboxing hauls for toy enthusiasts.

Sports and Fitness.

Sports and Fitness - Best Kids YouTube Video Ideas
  • Kids Sports Challenges: Start with fun challenges like relay races or obstacle courses, promoting active play and friendly competition.
  • Fitness Workouts for Kids: Begin with kid-friendly exercises or dance routines, making fitness enjoyable and accessible for young viewers.
  • Soccer Skills for Kids: Start with drills for dribbling or shooting, improving soccer techniques and fostering a love for the sport.
  • Basketball Basics for Kids: Begin with learning dribbling or shooting fundamentals, developing basketball skills and teamwork.
  • Gymnastics Tutorials for Kids: Start with basic gymnastics moves or routines, promoting flexibility, strength, and coordination.
  • Outdoor Games for Kids: Begin with classic games like tag or capture the flag, encouraging outdoor play and physical activity.
  • Kids Yoga Sessions: Start with simple yoga poses or guided relaxation, promoting mindfulness and flexibility in young practitioners.
  • Tennis Tips for Kids: Begin with serving or forehand techniques, enhancing tennis skills and sportsmanship on the court.
  • Swimming Lessons for Kids: Start with water safety tips or basic swimming strokes, building confidence and aquatic skills.
  • Skateboarding for Kids: Begin with balancing exercises or beginner skateboarding tricks, introducing kids to the world of skateboarding.
  • Athletics Training for Kids: Start with running drills or jumping exercises, improving overall athleticism and physical fitness.
  • Kids Martial Arts Classes: Begin with basic martial arts moves or self-defense techniques, promoting discipline and confidence.
  • Cycling Adventures for Kids: Start with bike safety tips or cycling routes, encouraging outdoor exploration and active transportation.
  • Dance Workouts for Kids: Begin with dance routines or choreography tutorials, making fitness fun with music and movement.
  • Kids Sports Nutrition Tips: Start with healthy snack ideas or hydration guidelines, promoting balanced nutrition for young athletes.
  • Ultimate Frisbee for Kids: Begin with throwing and catching drills or mini-games, introducing the basics of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Team Sports Highlights: Start with game highlights or player spotlights, celebrating teamwork and sportsmanship in youth sports.

Unlocking Your Creativity: Tips for Finding New YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with new content for your YouTube videos, there are a few strategies you can try to spark your creativity.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Interact with your audience and revisit old comments: Take a look at what your viewers enjoy, what they’re passionate about, and what didn’t resonate with them. Use this feedback to brainstorm fresh ideas.
  • Keep an eye on current trends: Stay informed about the latest trends and topics that are popular among your target audience. Look for connections between these trends and your content niche to come up with innovative video concepts.

Analyze your competitors: Take a look at what other creators in your field are doing, but remember to put your own unique spin on things. Use their content as a source of inspiration to create videos that resonate with your viewers and showcase your individual style and expertise.

Consider these factors when brainstorming ideas for YouTube videos targeted towards children.

Generating YouTube video concepts for children can be an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. It presents you with the chance to educate, motivate, and amuse kids through your videos. To ensure that your video ideas result in content that is both successful and secure, consider the following guidelines:

Age Suitability and Security.

Ensure that the videos you create for your YouTube channel are tailored to the age group of your audience. This will prevent you from producing content that is either too simplistic or boring for older viewers, or too advanced for younger viewers in terms of topics and content.

For instance, if you are making educational videos about crafts or cooking, make sure not to include videos that require or promote the use of gadgets or tools that may be unsafe for viewers of certain ages or abilities.

Always encourage your young viewers to seek permission and guidance from their parents or guardians.

Consider implementing age ratings on your content to assist parents in screening videos for their children.

Keep the Content Fun and Engaging.

Young children are particularly fond of videos that offer interactive elements. To captivate your kids’ YouTube audience, produce captivating videos that incorporate catchy songs, vibrant visuals, and enjoyable gestures or dance routines.

On the other hand, when targeting older children, it is advisable to keep the content straightforward and entertaining. Instead of relying on singing or dancing, employ innovative video editing techniques, thrilling sound effects, humor, and animations to maintain their interest.

For additional inspiration, consider exploring dance YouTube channel name suggestions. This article’s various sections can help you brainstorm creative ways to ensure your content remains enjoyable.

Think about the educational benefits.

Kids have an innate curiosity and love for learning, and as parents, it is important to ensure that the content they engage with goes beyond mere entertainment and offers educational value.

When brainstorming YouTube video ideas for your channel, always consider how these ideas can contribute to the educational growth of your audience.

How to Maintain a Balance Between Education and Entertainment in My YouTube Video Concepts for Kids?

To make your YouTube videos both entertaining and educational for kids, I suggest integrating quizzes, games, or songs. This will not only make learning enjoyable but also encourage active participation from your young viewers.

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