The 9 Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps of 2024

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps. Grammarly is a standout among grammar check apps due to its versatility. The software is highly customizable, available on both Android and iOS, and you can integrate the Grammarly keyboard with any app on your mobile device. However, if Grammarly doesn’t meet your needs, we’ve also reviewed nine other quality grammar check apps below.

We thoroughly researched numerous grammar check apps to create this guide, selecting options that offer useful features like grammar tests/exercises, auto-correct, and a personal dictionary. Now, it’s up to you to determine what you specifically require from a grammar check app.

Each grammar check app has its own advantages and disadvantages, and what works best for one user may not be ideal for another. For instance, if you’re willing to pay for advanced grammar check features, your needs will differ from someone seeking the best free app.

Are you seeking a grammar check solution for language learning purposes? Many grammar check apps offer additional features like translations, flashcards, and quizzes to assist you in achieving this goal. However, if you only need to proofread content in your native language, you can opt for an app dedicated solely to grammar checking to save money.

What is Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps.

Here are my top picks for the best Android Grammar Checker apps to use for your personal and professional needs. Grammarly doesn’t meet your needs, we’ve also reviewed nine other quality grammar check apps below.

1. Grammarly.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Grammarly

Download: Android | iOS

Grammarly provides a comprehensive mobile grammar checking tool that covers all your needs. Once you install Grammarly on your device, you can utilize its advanced spelling and grammar checker across all your mobile applications.

The tool instantly identifies any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation as you type. Additionally, you have the option to personalize the appearance of the Grammarly keyboard, select between light or dark themes, and toggle the number row on or off.

Moreover, the app supports swipe typing for faster input. For those seeking additional features, Grammarly offers a premium version with enhancements for vocabulary, clarity, and tone.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Choose from a range of in-app purchases priced between $29.99 and $139.99 per item.
  • Get support through various channels including Help Center, Email, Live Support, and Tickets.


  • Robust spell and grammar verification tool.
  • Personalizable keyboard.
  • Compatible with all mobile applications.


  • Additional features come with an extra charge.
  • Certain functionalities may require an additional fee.
  • There are extra costs associated with certain features.

2. Google Docs.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Google Docs

Download: Android | iOS

Google Docs has gained immense popularity as a word processor in recent times. This cloud-based application allows multiple users to collaboratively edit, comment, and incorporate action items into a document in real-time.

Additionally, Google Docs provides a convenient built-in grammar check feature to detect any misspellings or errors in your text. However, it is important to note that Google Docs does not offer more advanced grammar check features such as a universal keyboard or synonym suggestions for other applications.

Nevertheless, if you prioritize budget-friendly options, Google Docs remains unbeatable with its price tag of $0.

Key Features:

  • Complimentary application.
  • Assistance provided: Customer Support.
  • No cost app.


  • Completely free.
  • Totally free.
  • Completely cost-free.


  • Features for checking grammar are limited.
  • The grammar check capabilities are restricted.
  • There are only a few grammar check features available.

3. Ginger Writer.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Ginger Writer

Download: Android | iOS

Ginger Writer surpasses the capabilities of most apps mentioned in this guide. Apart from detecting and rectifying grammatical errors, their groundbreaking Rephrase function empowers you to explore fresh writing styles, stimulating creativity and averting errors.

The personal dictionary feature permits you to include your preferred slang, names, and other words that you wish to exclude from corrections. Ginger Writer even has the ability to convert speech into text. And remarkably, this app allows you to translate your text into over 50 diverse languages.

Key Features:

  • Free trial available for 7 days.
  • Android price: $6.49, iOS price: $8.99.
  • Support options include Help Center, Email, and Phone.


  • Enhanced rephrasing tool.
  • Customized vocabulary list.
  • Multilingual translation capabilities.


  • Absence of readability scoring function.
  • Readability scoring feature is not available.
  • Lack of readability scoring option.

4. Spellcheckplus.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Spellcheckplus

Download: Android | iOS

SpellCheckPlus is an excellent choice for individuals who are in the process of learning English as a second language. Apart from assisting in fixing evident spelling and grammar errors, SpellCheckPlus can also pinpoint more nuanced mistakes commonly made by learners who are not fully proficient in English (such as “I am student” versus “I am a student”).

Unlike several other applications mentioned in this manual, SpellCheckPlus does not offer a free version, requiring a payment of $5.99 upfront to access its features.

Key Features:

  • No trial period offered.
  • Cost: $5.99.
  • Assistance provided through email and FAQ section.


  • Particularly beneficial for individuals learning English as a second language.
  • Extremely useful for those who are non-native English speakers.
  • Invaluable resource for ESL learners.


  • No version available for free or trial.

5. Microsoft Word.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Microsoft Word

Download: Android | iOS

Furthermore, grammar check apps not only assist in rectifying errors in your writing but also provide additional functionalities. Among these, Microsoft Word surpasses all other apps in terms of extra features. In fact, this application is more than just a grammar check tool; it serves as a comprehensive word processor.

It enables you to swiftly commence projects by offering templates for various document types such as letters, scripts, and resumes. Moreover, it encompasses real-time collaboration, version history, and custom permissions as part of its repertoire. However, to fully utilize these features, upgrading to a Microsoft 365 subscription is necessary.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Choose from a range of in-app purchases, priced between $5.99 and $99.99 per item.
  • Get support through the Help Center, Community, and Live Support options.


  • Provides a range of practical functionalities.
  • Presents an assortment of valuable features.
  • Delivers a diverse selection of helpful options.


  • Additional features come with an extra charge.
  • Certain functionalities may require an additional fee.
  • Extra costs may apply for specific features.

6. Reverso.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Reverso

Download: Android | iOS

Enhance your vocabulary and enhance your reading, writing, and speaking skills with Reverso. This application provides translation services in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Japanese.

The translations offered by Reverso are highly accurate, thanks to the extensive data collected from millions of real-life texts in both languages. These texts undergo advanced algorithms and machine learning processes to deliver the best possible results.

Moreover, if you aspire to achieve fluency in a language rather than just relying on occasional translations, Reverso offers flashcards and quizzes tailored to your search history, enabling you to improve your language skills effectively.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Make in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $19.99 per item.
  • Get support through the Help Center, Email, Phone, or Tickets.


  • Advanced algorithms designed for efficient translation tasks.
  • Interactive flashcards and quizzes to enhance language acquisition.
  • Cutting-edge translation algorithms for accurate and powerful language conversions.


  • Features for checking grammar are limited.
  • The grammar check features have limitations.
  • There are only a few grammar check features available.

7. Grammar Checker.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Grammar Checker

Download: Android

The standout feature of Grammar Checker is its user-friendly interface. Simply paste your content or write directly in the app, and Grammar Checker will promptly identify any spelling, punctuation, or other errors.

Additionally, this app enables you to effortlessly upload documents from Google Drive or Dropbox for thorough grammar checking. However, it’s important to note that Grammar Checker is exclusively available for Android users, while iOS users can explore alternative apps mentioned in this guide.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Make in-app purchases ranging from $2.99 to $19.99 per item.
  • Reach out for support via email.


  • User-friendly design.
  • Intuitively designed user interface.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Not available on iOS devices.

8. Outwrite.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Outwrite

Download: iOS

Outwrite, previously known as GradeProof, provides essential features that you would expect from grammar check software, including spell checking and rephrasing analysis. However, what distinguishes Outwrite from other apps mentioned in this guide are its word count targeting and plagiarism check capabilities.

These unique features make Outwrite a perfect choice for students seeking writing assistance with their essays. It’s worth noting that Outwrite is exclusively available on iOS, so Android users will need to explore alternative options.

Key Features:

  • Access the free version of the app.
  • Choose from in-app purchases ranging from $14.95 to $24.95 per item.
  • Get support through FAQ or Live Support.


  • Targeting word count.
  • Checking for plagiarism.
  • Word count optimization.


  • Not available on Android.

9. Nounplus.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Nounplus

Download: Android

This app, exclusive to Android, provides a comprehensive solution for fixing grammatical errors. In addition to identifying spelling mistakes, Nounplus can assist with verb tenses, passive and active voice, and other nuances of the English language.

At a mere 1.1 MB, it is one of the most lightweight applications recommended here. Nounplus won’t occupy a lot of storage on your device, and it swiftly analyzes any text you input. Furthermore, all of its features are accessible at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Email and phone support are provided for this free app.
  • Get assistance for this app through email or phone.
  • Reach out for support via email or phone with this free app.


  • Completely free of charge.
  • App that is lightweight and operates quickly.
  • High-performance application with no cost.


  • Not available on iOS.

10. Linguix.

Best Grammar Checker for Android Apps - Linguix

Download: Android | iOS

This spelling assistant, powered by AI, utilizes a vast database of more than 9 million possible spelling errors to assist you in avoiding mistakes and enhancing your English skills. The Linguix keyboard is capable of checking your grammar in nearly any application, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail.

Moreover, if you prioritize security, Linguix is an excellent choice as all text is securely transmitted to their servers through an encrypted connection, and content is never retained longer than required for generating corrections.

Key Features:

  • Extremely safe.
  • Unbreakable security.
  • Top-notch protection.


  • Additional features come with an extra charge.
  • Certain functionalities may require an additional fee.
  • Extra costs may apply for certain features.


  • Some features cost extra.

How to Choose the Best Grammar Checker Apps for Android.

Selecting the top grammar checker applications for Android can greatly enhance your writing skills by detecting and fixing grammatical mistakes, improving readability, and maintaining correct punctuation and style. Here is a detailed manual to assist you in choosing the most suitable grammar checker app for your requirements.

Keys to Consider When Choosing an Grammar Checker App.

1. Accuracy and Reliability.

  • Error Detection: Choose an app known for its high accuracy in detecting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Contextual Analysis: Look for apps that can understand context and provide relevant suggestions to improve sentence structure and word choice.

2. Ease of Use.

  • User Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the app easier to navigate and use.
  • Integration: Ensure the app integrates well with other applications like email clients, messaging apps, and document editors.

3. Features and Tools.

  • Grammar and Spell Check: Basic and advanced grammar and spell checking features are essential.
  • Style Suggestions: Apps that offer style suggestions can help improve the overall quality of your writing.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Some apps come with built-in plagiarism checkers, which can be useful for students and professionals.
  • Multi-Language Support: If you write in multiple languages, choose an app that supports those languages.

4. Performance.

  • Speed: The app should perform checks quickly without slowing down your device.
  • Offline Use: Some apps offer offline functionality, which can be handy if you often work without an internet connection.

5. Cost.

  • Free vs. Paid: Some apps offer basic features for free but require a subscription for advanced features.
  • In-App Purchases: Be aware of any additional costs for premium features or ad removal.

6. Reviews and Ratings.

  • User Reviews: Check user reviews on the Google Play Store to see what others think about the app’s performance and reliability.
  • Expert Reviews: Look at expert reviews and comparisons to get an in-depth understanding of the app’s capabilities.

7. Updates and Support.

  • Regular Updates: Choose apps that receive regular updates to ensure new features and bug fixes.
  • Customer Support: Good customer support can be crucial if you encounter problems or need help with the app.

Grammar Checker Apps. – FAQs.

Which grammar checker app is best for casual use?

Grammarly and Ginger are great for casual use due to their ease of use and accurate checking.

Are there free grammar checker apps without limitations?

Most free versions have limitations, but Hemingway Editor offers good functionality without many restrictions.

Can these apps check for plagiarism?

Some apps like Grammarly and ProWritingAid offer plagiarism checking as a premium feature.

Do these apps work offline?

Hemingway Editor works offline, but most other apps require an internet connection for full functionality.

Can I use these apps for multiple languages?

Yes, Ginger and WhiteSmoke support multiple languages, making them ideal for multilingual users.


When selecting a grammar checker application for your Android device, take into account various factors such as precision, user-friendliness, functionalities, efficiency, price, feedback, and assistance.

Grammarly, Ginger, ProWritingAid, Hemingway Editor, and WhiteSmoke are some of the apps that provide a variety of features catering to different writing needs and proficiency levels. Assess these factors according to your specific requirements in order to discover the most suitable grammar checker application for your Android device.

For more insights, head over to What is Grammarly Software, Best Language Learning for Android Apps., and Best AI Paragraph Rewriter Tools.

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