7 Best Time and Attendance Systems Of 2024 (Compare Reviewed)

7 Best Time and Attendance Systems 2021 Really You Should Use It

Reviewed by: Jayprakash Prajapati | Last updated on December, 17, 2023

Tracking time and attendance means managing the time and demands of the employees and the company. that is, the employee has to trek for up to seconds. Which is important for small, medium, and big businesses. I will review this in 7 Best Time and Attendance Systems of 2024.

If we use the Time and Attendance Systems directly. so that makes everything easy. there is a lot of software available in the market. but, every software stands outside the recommendations.

With the help of software, we can do things like employee salary, incentives, increments, performance, etc. with the help of Time and Attendance Systems.

Integrates services with any online payroll with a Time and Attendance System. don’t Worry, what kind of business is it? Which industry do you come in? All this does not matter. let’s discuss the seven best time and attendance system software. You can consider any time and attendance system software. Which is Range useful for you.

What is the Best Time and Attendance Systems?

Here are my picks for the best Time and Attendance Systems to use this year.

1. Rippling.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Rippiling

This Rippling software is free to free smart people to work on difficult problems. They work on the mission of ending the administrative work of running the company. It believes that people should focus on the hard things — things that only people can do — and that software makes it easier to manage other things.


It automates its HR and IT. This repelling allows you to easily manage your employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more all in one place.

If you already have payroll software that you like, then you are looking for a Time and Attendance Systems solution. which allows it to be seamlessly integrated with it, otherwise, you will get frustrated with manual data entry or glitches, es, or incomplete imports from your time tracking tool.

But what if you’re thinking, “Well, I can use better payroll software as well.”


  • Payroll: Pay your people in minutes—globally—with reliable, modern payroll.
  • Apps: Manage all your employees’ apps from GSuite to Slack—in one place.
  • Benefits: Manage your health insurance to 401K in one, integrated system.
  • Devices: Manage and protect your employees’ computers, and phones.
  • Talent Management: Easily find, develop, and engage top talent for your business.
  • Time & Attendance: Fully automate Time and Attendance Systems from clock-in to paycheck.
  • Rippling PEO: Get Rippling, plus access to better benefits, and risk mitigation.


See Rippling in Action Schedule a 30-minute product demo with expert Q&A.

2. TSheets.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Quicknbooks

It is the best software for remote workers and QuickBooks integration. Who uses QuickBooks Time to track this employee’s time? Thousands of businesses use QuickBooks Time and Attendance Systems to track and manage employee time for payroll, invoicing, and scheduling.


Millions of employees are using QuickBooks Time every day for accurate timesheets and project tracking. QuickBooks Time has been considered the best automated Time and Attendance System for construction companies, landscaping businesses, small businesses, large businesses, and more.


  • Time care
  • mobile app
  • team management
  • Determination
  • Integration
  • Reports


Try it FREE for 30 days.

3. OnTheClock.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Ontheclock

OnTheClock A service company has a wide range of needs ranging from Time and Attendance Systems software to most others. Whether you are a small or big business. And whether you’re a construction job, it spends less time worrying about time tracking, accuracy, and compliance. Which frees all your worries. Our Time Clock System Over 10,000 Companies and Their Employees.


This is one of the keywords customers use to describe Time Clock software. This is because OnTheClock was designed to be easy to use, yet powerful. Employees also love our Time Clock system, which is convenient and simple for employees to clock in and out. By creating a strong but simple time clock, OnTheClock has earned a 4.8-star rating on several review platforms.


It is a simple yet powerful employee Time and Attendance System for remote employees or in-house employees!
It is the # 1 Time Clock software option for top organizations such as OnTheClock State Farm and Holiday Inn, with features such as phone apps, paid time off tracking, scheduling, and notifications. Employees can watch the clock using their phone, computer, or fingerprint, which can be used as a time clock using almost any device you authorize.


Start a free 30-day trial.

4. Desktime.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Desktime

At DeskTime, we are committed to accountability, transparency, and fairness. that Desktime is one such product. Which is designed to increase productivity in an open and empowered environment. Which is an additional benefit. Makes it easy to promote your employees and motivate them to perform at 100% of their potential.


This led to DeskTime needing the Draugiem Group to manage its many employees. an internal application has been developed, and we soon realize that we have created a tool that can be useful to many other companies. Which hosts its DeskTime service,

This is an automated Time and Attendance Systems software for your teams and freelancers Is a desktop and mobile app for time tracking, presence tracking, and effective workflow management. Which makes employees friendly to use.

It features best-in-class time tracking and team monitoring which makes it easy to monitor daily activity, sick leaves, holidays, and time easily. Not only this, you can get a clear overview of the workflow with your team.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • URL and app tracking
  • Project time tracking
  • Document Title Tracking
  • Absence calendar
  • Idle time tracking
  • Automatic screenshot
  • Shift scheduling
  • Invoicing


Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Desktime

Lite FREE – Sign Up for 1 User only.

5. uAttend.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - uAttend

This demonstration provides you with a brief overview of the uAtend workforce management system, which includes several features. That it can offer your business. uAtend Service has designed an easy way to track time and attendance in your business. Which makes it a powerful, reliable, and economical choice of traditional time watches.


With this cloud-based software, your system can be accessed from the web and mobile. This is an ideal feature for your remote workforce. you can also set geofencing functionality to restrict punches to specified locations.

This is the right way for web dashboard managers to see everything at a glance. You will be able to see who is working. Who is Hajar and who is Gerhajar? Those who enter can see the report.

Time clocks that work as hard as you do. And is able to provide advanced technology paired with powerful cloud software.

The DR Series Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock with an optional temperature reader and voice-controlled punching can encourage workplace safety.


  • JR Series Biometric Finger Scan Finger.
  • Facial Recognition Authentication.
  • Basic and advanced voice-controlled punching.
  • Temperature reader (optional).
  • And RFID time clock.
  • Enjoy versatile punching options, including fingerprint scanners, RFID readers, and personal pins.


Best Time and Attendance Systems  - uAttend

uAttend is a great value, low monthly cost, Time and Attendance System. Prices quoted are per group of employees not per employee.

6. iSolved Time.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Isolved

This iSolved software for small to medium-sized businesses deserves a comprehensive solution. Something that big companies have had for years. It allows businesses of all sizes to remain compliant with ACA requirements and FLSA and overtime law changes that are difficult to manage alone. iSolved helps navigate today’s business compliance cycle view but efficiently handles complex workforce management requirements. Their time clock will help you track employee time in any business environment.


Physical Time Watches: Designed and built specifically to complement the time iSolved, our Time Clock features a touch screen, USB, swipe card, proximity, or biometric reader. If you need a physical clock, these have a solution for almost any workplace environment.

This iSolved time makes it easier than ever to collect, manage, and process your employee time. From time-punch to salary, iSolved time is the solution. not only this, more than 45000 employees and more than 300000 users trust iSolved to manage their Time and Attendance Systems process.

This iSolved saves you time and money. You will change cumbersome time tracking procedures, and completely eliminate the manual collection of payroll information. This iSolved time is the result of 20+ years of experience, customer feedback, and time and presence research and development in the market.


  • Manage your employees’ time better
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Comp time
  • Geofencing
  • Handle any work environment
  • Make scheduling a breeze
  • Add full HR seamlessly
  • Collection method


What is the iSolved cost per employee? For this, you have direct contact.

7. Stratustime.

Best Time and Attendance Systems  - Stratustime

Every worker likes new technology, right? not enough. The truth is that even in today’s business world, where some areas are dominated by the news of ‘always on culture’, adopting and training the same new technology can be challenging for a lot of employees. NettimeSolutions, training employees on new Time and Attendance Systems software from service is probably a perfect fit.


This intuitive Time and Attendance System allows employees to request clock in, out, and time without any assistance. Behind the scenes, managers and payroll professionals get a state-of-the-art tracking system. Which is completely seamless to help you reduce labor costs and comply with salary and hour requirements.

Unlike the NettimeSolutions competition, Stratus Time is a flexible time and attendance solution that expands as your business expands. It can start with low-cost clock-in / clock-out functionality and basic labor analysis, and when you’re ready, we get new add-ons like a biometric time clock, advanced scheduling, and labor-cost forecasting.


NettimeSolutions, revolutionary cloud-based Time and Attendance Systems software can be integrated with most payroll systems, not only that, it can be placed on almost any device. And mobile phones. PC in your backroom., and because it remains in the cloud, the stratus time is always improving.

Self-service features are recognized for most cloud-based Time and Attendance Systems software. such features are designed to be employee-facing, helping workers engage with software, thereby improving their user experience as well as their employee experience. It is designed to create many self-service features to a new level of mobility.


What is the Stratus time cost per employee? For this, you have direct contact.

Executive Summary.

Time and attendance systems are software and hardware solutions used by organizations to efficiently track and manage employees’ work hours, attendance, and related data. These systems automate timekeeping processes, reduce errors, and improve workforce management. Here’s a brief summary of time and attendance systems:

1. Employee Clock-In/Out: Time and attendance systems allow employees to clock in and out using various methods, including biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition), RFID cards, PINs, or mobile apps. This data is then recorded electronically.

2. Real-Time Tracking: Modern systems offer real-time tracking, enabling employers to monitor employee attendance and work hours as they occur throughout the day.

3. Attendance Records: These systems maintain accurate records of employee attendance, including start times, end times, breaks, and absences, which can be crucial for payroll and compliance purposes.

4. Overtime Management: Time and attendance systems can automatically calculate overtime hours based on predefined rules and regulations, helping organizations comply with labor laws.

5. Absence Management: They allow employees to request time off, and managers can approve or deny these requests digitally. This streamlines the leave management process.

6. Reporting and Analytics: Time and attendance systems generate reports and analytics on employee attendance patterns, which can assist in making informed decisions about staffing and scheduling.

7. Integration: Many systems can integrate with payroll and HR software, ensuring that accurate attendance data is used for payroll processing and other HR functions.

8. Compliance: These systems help organizations comply with labor regulations and union agreements by accurately tracking and documenting hours worked.

9. Cost Savings: By reducing manual data entry and errors, time and attendance systems can lead to cost savings in terms of labor expenses and payroll processing.

10. Employee Self-Service: Some systems offer self-service portals where employees can view their attendance records, request time off, and manage their schedules, reducing the administrative burden on HR departments.

11. Mobile Accessibility: Many time and attendance systems provide mobile apps, allowing employees to clock in/out or request time off using their smartphones, which is especially useful for remote or mobile workforces.

12. Geolocation and Geofencing: Some systems use GPS technology to verify an employee’s location when they clock in/out, ensuring that they are at the designated worksite.

13. Security: Biometric authentication methods enhance security by preventing time fraud and buddy punching (when one employee clocks in/out for another).

14. Scalability: Time and attendance systems can scale to accommodate the needs of small businesses with a few employees or large enterprises with thousands of workers.

In summary, time and attendance systems are invaluable tools for organizations seeking to accurately track employee attendance, manage work hours, and ensure compliance with labor laws. These systems streamline administrative processes, improve payroll accuracy, and provide valuable data insights for better workforce management.

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