The 137+ Best Instagram Usernames for Boys (New 2024 List Guide)

Best Instagram Usernames for Boys

Best Instagram Usernames for Boys. Welcome, everyone. Today, I present to you a comprehensive and efficient manual on Instagram handles for males.

Inside this manual, you will discover:

  • Over 137 Instagram handles that have proven to attract a large audience.
  • Various categories of handles to suit your personal style.
  • Suggestions on crafting your own handle to increase your follower count.
  • Responses to common inquiries.

Your Instagram handle should:

  • Reflect your values.
  • Indicate the type of content you will share.
  • If you are a business, clearly state your services.

I have amassed a substantial following on Instagram by utilizing this handle strategy. Trust me, it works.

Choose dynamic, descriptive words and avoid being overly cute or vague. The aim is to select a handle that is engaging, intriguing, or amusing, while also being easy to recall.

No need to fret, I will guide you through it all. If you are short on time, simply navigate to the category that best fits your style and select one of my Instagram handles. You’re welcome!

Let’s get started!

What Are the Best Instagram Usernames for Boys?

You don’t have to waste hours brainstorming for the perfect Instagram usernames. I have over 99 of the top ones right here, neatly categorized for your convenience. Each of these names is carefully crafted using a proven formula and extensive research.

1. Unique Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Urban_Nomad
  2. Rogue_Gent
  3. Sonic_Scribe
  4. Mystic_Wanderer
  5. Retro_Rebel
  6. Cyber_Naut
  7. Alpha_Voyager
  8. Neon_Seeker
  9. Tech_Trekker
  10. Phantom_Pulse
  11. Noble_Nomad
  12. Shadow_Explorer

2. Art Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Artisan_Voyage
  2. Canvas_Craftsman
  3. Palette_Pioneer
  4. Creative_Brushwork
  5. Visual_Virtuoso
  6. Artistic_Adventurer
  7. Ink_Innovator
  8. Easel_Explorer
  9. Brushstrokes_Journey
  10. Mural_Maestro
  11. Sketch_Savant
  12. Artful_Wanderer

3. Attractive Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Charming_Chap
  2. Gentleman_Gaze
  3. Suave_Stylist
  4. Dapper_Dreamer
  5. Enigmatic_Eyes
  6. Smoldering_Smile
  7. Magnetic_Mane
  8. Radiant_Rascal
  9. Alluring_Artist
  10. Captivating_Charmer
  11. Seductive_Strider
  12. Fascinating_Fellow

4. Creative Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Imagination_Ink
  2. Whimsical_Wanderer
  3. Innovative_Idea
  4. Artistic_Alchemy
  5. Creative_Crafter
  6. Inspired_Imaginator
  7. Visionary_Voyager
  8. Imaginative_Inventor
  9. Crafty_Creator
  10. Mindful_Masterpiece
  11. Original_Artisan
  12. Imaginary_Explorer
  13. Expressive_Enigma

5. Aesthetic Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Serene_Spectre
  2. Azure_Adonis
  3. Harmonic_Haze
  4. Luminous_Lagoon
  5. Velvet_Vista
  6. Tranquil_Tides
  7. Mystic_Meadow
  8. Cerulean_Cascade
  9. Opal_Oracle
  10. Ethereal_Echo
  11. Sapphire_Symphony
  12. Celestial_Charm
  13. Whispering_Willow

6. Music Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Melodic_Maestro
  2. Rhythmic_Rocker
  3. Harmonic_Hero
  4. Beat_Boxer
  5. Groove_Genius
  6. Tune_Titan
  7. Lyric_Luminary
  8. Audio_Artisan
  9. Tempo_Talent
  10. Musical_Maverick
  11. Verse_Virtuoso
  12. Cadence_Creator

7. Athletic Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Fit_Finesse
  2. Athletic_Ace
  3. Endurance_Eagle
  4. Strength_Strider
  5. Muscle_Marvel
  6. Speedy_Sprinter
  7. Agile_Adonis
  8. Sporty_Sage
  9. Powerful_Pacer
  10. Active_Ambassador
  11. Dynamic_Dynamo
  12. Fitness_Fusion
  13. Iron_Intensity

8. Attitude Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Rebel_Renegade
  2. Swagger_Supreme
  3. Bad_Vibes
  4. Alpha_Attitude
  5. Maverick_Mindset
  6. Rogue_Ruler
  7. Daring_Dynamo
  8. Fearless_Frontier
  9. Bold_Brawler
  10. Vivid_Vagabond
  11. Untamed_Trendsetter
  12. Fierce_Flair

9. Stylish Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Sartorial_Sage
  2. Fashion_Finesse
  3. Trendy_Trooper
  4. Chic_Champion
  5. Dapper_Dude
  6. Swanky_Stylist
  7. Sleek_Swagger
  8. Modish_Maverick
  9. Elegant_Enigma
  10. Classy_Chap
  11. Vogue_Voyager
  12. Urban_Urbane

10. Funny Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Jolly_Joker
  2. Witty_Wanderer
  3. Cheeky_Chap
  4. Laughing_Lad
  5. Comic_Commander
  6. Quirky_Quipster
  7. Hilarious_Hero
  8. Silly_Sage
  9. Whimsical_Wizard
  10. Amusing_Adventurer
  11. Lighthearted_Legend
  12. Chuckling_Champion

11. Emotion Instagram Usernames for Boys.

  1. Passionate_Pulse
  2. Soulful_Seeker
  3. Tearful_Trailblazer
  4. Joyful_Journey
  5. Melancholy_Marvel
  6. Blissful_Bard
  7. Anguished_Artist
  8. Serene_Soul
  9. Enraptured_Ember
  10. Yearning_Yarn
  11. Radiant_Ripple
  12. Pensive_Painter
  13. Zealous_Zephyr

8 Tips to help you come up with an awesome Instagram username

Tips to help you come up with an awesome Instagram username

Image Source: freepik

Guys, let me quickly explain why your Instagram username holds so much significance before I dive into the tips. It seems like many guys tend to overlook this aspect completely.

Your Instagram username plays a crucial role in shaping how people perceive you on the platform. It not only reflects how you see yourself but also gives others an idea of your personality, whether it’s funny, attractive, romantic, and so on. Trust me, this is something you definitely want.

Although it may sound simple, its importance cannot be overstated.

Let’s put it this way…

Imagine you’re craving some delicious seafood (which is always a great idea). You’re in the mood for lobster, shrimp, crabs, and all those mouthwatering options (now I’m getting hungry…).

Now picture yourself driving along the beach and coming across two different places: “Dave’s Lobster Shack” and “Steve’s”.

Which one would you choose?

Chances are, you’d go for the first option, right? Because the name clearly indicates what that restaurant specializes in. It instantly makes your brain go, “Oh, I like that”.

Your Instagram username works in a similar way.

As I mentioned earlier, your Instagram ID shapes how people perceive you and influences their thoughts about you.

Crafting a memorable Instagram handle can set you apart and draw in more followers. Check out these eight suggestions to inspire your perfect Instagram username:

  • Reflect Your Interests: Think about your hobbies, passions, or interests. Incorporating them into your username can make it more memorable and authentic.
  • Be Creative: Don’t be afraid to get creative with wordplay, puns, or combining unrelated words to form a unique username.
  • Keep It Short and Simple: Long usernames can be difficult to remember and type correctly. Aim for something short and easy to spell.
  • Use Keywords: Consider including relevant keywords related to your niche or the content you plan to share on your Instagram account. This can help users find you more easily.
  • Avoid Numbers and Special Characters: While numbers and special characters may seem like a way to make your username unique, they can make it harder to remember and may not look as professional.
  • Check Availability: Before settling on a username, make sure it’s not already in use by searching on Instagram. You want a name that’s distinct and won’t be confused with someone else’s account.
  • Get Feedback: Once you have a few ideas, ask friends or family for their opinions. They might offer valuable insights or suggest improvements.
  • Think Long-Term: Choose a username that you’ll still be happy with months or even years down the line. Avoid trends that might quickly become outdated.

Outline Your Personal Perspective on Yourself.

Consider your self-perception when choosing an Instagram username. Are you the funny guy who enjoys making people laugh? Or perhaps you lean towards being the adventurous rebel who posts pictures of extreme activities like dirt biking and skydiving. Your username should reflect your identity, so think carefully. Whether it’s “king”, “Z”, “comedian”, or “star”, choose a name that aligns with how you view yourself.


I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on Instagram usernames for boys, packed with a variety of ideas. I trust you’ve discovered the perfect one for yourself. Even if you haven’t, you’ve gained valuable insights into my 5 key tips for crafting an exceptional username, so you should be all set.

Keep in mind that your Instagram username holds more significance than you might realize. It should be memorable, descriptive, eye-catching, and readable. It’s your initial opportunity to captivate new visitors and encourage them to follow your page. Your username should reflect your personality, style, or attitude without being overly lengthy or confusing.

Now that you have an Instagram username, it’s time to progress to the next phase: discovering how to monetize your Instagram account.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share which name you ultimately select!

What Is a Unique Username?

A distinctive username is something that distinguishes itself from the ordinary usernames found on Instagram.

Many individuals simply conform to trends and adopt generic Instagram names. If you desire an ideal Instagram username for boys, make it exceptional by incorporating your name, a reflection of your life philosophy, or your interests. Avoid relying on AI or plagiarizing from others.

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