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Manager of Purpose Definition

What is a Manager of Purpose?

No enterprise can run without management. Some may say that the main purpose of management is to earn a profit. For most business firms, an important objective is the creation of a surplus. Management is to establish an environment in which people can meet organizational goals with minimal time, money, material, and personal dissatisfaction or in which they can achieve as much as possible of the desired goal with the available resources.

Manager of Purpose Definition: Management can affect not only an organization but also the socio-economic and political goals of a country. Improving economic and social standards of living and creating a better political environment are real challenges for modern management. The achievement of socio-political and economic goals in Bangladesh will depend on whether the management of the country can handle it efficiently or incorporate the course of current and future events in the social, political, and economic spheres.

Management makes the human effort more productive. It brings better equipment, plants, offices, products, services and human relations to our society. Its main objective is to influence improvement and progress. There is no alternative to good management. It is an essentially social process. It is charged with the responsibility of taking action that will make it possible for individuals to contribute their best to the objectives of the group.

Thus management applies to small and large organizations, to profit and non-profit enterprises, as well as to service industries. Effective management is the concern of the corporation president, hospital Administrator, government secretary, football manager, college principal, and university vice-chancellor Nature has given us enormous resources. Most of these resources require attention to management so that they can be used for the benefit of society.

Why Project Management is Essential?

Management is essential because it plans, directs, and motivates employees, coordinates everyone’s activities, and ensures performance through control. It may happen that an enterprise with a weak resource base can succeed with sound management.

Furthermore, it is often heard that countries like Bangladesh have very large natural resources, but it is due to the absence of proper management that they are being wasted. In many countries of Asia, poor resource base, such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and so on, huge industrial development is not possible without sound management.

Research results also prove that Western Economic giants such as the United States and Germany cannot reach their current positions without proper management. In contrast, oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq have failed to make any progress towards industrialization due to the deterioration of their managerial capacity.

In fact, management is the most important of all resources. It is important at the micro and macro level. It is necessary for every enterprise, for every society, for every country. President Roosevelt once rightly said, “No ideology, no respect, no political principle can win overproduction with less effort than a complex of human and material resources without sound management.”

There is no scholarly disagreement about the importance of management in using factors of production to achieve desired results. Scientific and technological development cannot produce any fruit without management. Thus contemporary development is more on managerial development than scientific research.

The use of information technology and computer software in management is an additional motivation for the critical importance of management. The only hope for countries with meager natural and/or economic resources is to improve management and ensure a better life for their people.

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