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Why Negative Thoughts Come To Mind: How To Avoid For Negative Thoughts

Why Negative Thoughts Come To Mind? Today we will talk to here about how to Clear your Mind and Focus on your mind? This section is going to be very fun for you. So it will be my request for you to read this article carefully from beginning to end. In this article, we have tried to explain to you Negative Thoughts as an example. And by the way, you can understand it as a Clear Mind and Focus. but How To Avoid For Negative Thoughts?

Why Negative Thoughts Come To Mind?

How to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

First of all, we will tell you how the virus gets installed in your brain. What are the types of viruses if we see them? Which is a thing without work, which is not necessary for us?

Things from around the world fill in his mind, which is a kind of garbage in his brain, which makes his brain virus inside himself, which makes this activity known as a virus. If we usually tell you that the virus is inside your brain. The same virus also comes out through your talks.

After all, from which things this virus comes. The first is, the news that every border crossing news, like the COVID-19, you sit on a TV channel and watch it throughout the day. You must have also experienced in your life that when the news is for its knowledge, then the mind ignores that news.

The first is, the news that every border crossing news, like the Coronavirus, you sit on a TV channel and watch it throughout the day.

When some dangerous news comes, the same news is seen again and again, due to which the same news gets stuck in your mind.

The second is that it is permanent. Meaning that you stay in the same place that you have any strength, say that we had more than 21 days of lockdown due to COVID-19 in India due to which different kinds of thoughts come to your mind, something inverted in your brain Think. All this, it does not take time for the virus to enter your brain.

Why does this happen: Because our brain is divided into two parts. And what are the sources between these two?

Conscious Mind

  • Critical thinking
  • memory
  • Reasoning power
  • Willpower

Subconscious Mind

  • Reactions
  • Feelings
  • Strong memory
  • Beliefs
  • Habits – intuition, etc.

What is the action of Conscious Mind?: The conscious mind is an active mind, whatever is said or told to us, then whatever reaction we have is due to our Conscious Mind. When we do something, we are focused on the same moment that we are watching. And those who are feeling this activity is called Conscious Mind.

What is the action of the subconscious mind?: Just as we have understood about the activity of Conscious Mind, in the same way, the process of Conscious Mind is carried forward and process that what we have done the work becomes a habit of doing that task. So this activity is called a Subconscious Mind.

How to get this virus out of your brain?: You have to keep learning something in your present life. If you stop learning your life then you will become a living corpse in your life. Who else is teaching?

How to get this virus out of your brain?

He is alive. You should understand both these things very well. But you will find my words bitter. But it’s true. And you all must know this thing very well. You may have also read some seminars, videos, or books.

Learning is a very short word. But you may not know what a big word is for your life. I do not mean any student, who is from school or college, besides every person whose mind is open. Its link is learning – it comes from the point of view. You can Clear your Mind and Focus from your brain in this way.

Now we will talk about how the virus which is in our brain has to reach the root, then, first of all, you have to give peace to your mind, you do not have to think anything for 20 minutes. If the thought comes to your mind, then you think of the Positive which is only useful for you. You have to do this thing when you are completely filled with garbage in your mind.

How To Avoid For Negative Thoughts?

  1. You must wake up in the morning and remember your God.
  2. You must wake up in the morning and do yoga. Which strengthens your immune system and your health.
  3. After doing yoga in the morning, you must do the flowering of fruits. So that you have an immune system
  4. You must have lunch all afternoon. So that your body is strong.
  5. You learn or know what is necessary for you.
  6. You should concentrate on the same thing. Which is a success in your life?
  7. Do not use too much social media. Use only for 1 hour throughout the day.
  8. Must watch the news but according to some time.
  9. If you get time, then you read books. Watch a good video.
  10. Do you work or do the research behind that.
  11. You make your own time management. Per day.
  12. You have to do the work that is necessary for your life. Which you must learn.  

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