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Personal Selling Tasks Definition | Ibusinessmotivation

Personal Selling Tasks Definition | Ibusinessmotivation

Today’s section is, What is your personal selling job, or what is its definition? You will discuss the subject of Six Personal Selling Tasks. We are doing this because of this. If everyone’s sales function is different, then I will discuss the section separately. Sales functions may vary, but all require one. And anyway, work has to be done to understand each other’s needs.

After understanding the different types of sales, one has to understand the different functions of selling, which a salesperson may have to do in order to sell a product. The type of sales work they have to do will depend on the type of product and the amount of money involved in purchasing that product. The following are the different types of sales functions.

What is Personal Selling Tasks Definition

1. Consultant Salesperson: This definition states that one knows about the customer’s needs before talking about the product. When a solution is distributed and deployed based on customer needs and language, product knowledge transforms into a coherent solution. This is done where product customization is required. For example, a tailor or a hairdresser who makes a suit for a customer gives the car manufacturer a customized haircut that makes the car for their customer according to their needs or personal needs. Houses are also built on a consultancy basis.

2. Creative selling: This definition states that creative selling requires the greatest sales ‘skills’. Customers often do not feel they have a ‘need’ for certain products or services. Creative salespersons are expected to demonstrate their creative side and explain it to customers. The need arises through effective communication.

3. Developmental sales: This definition states that the purpose of developmental selling is to turn prospects into customers, that is, customers who do not currently like the company’s product. Here, the seller will have to work hard to convert non-users of the products into users. They have to make competitive sales, i.e. use a sales strategy that will in all cases portray their product better than competitors.

4. Missionary Selling: This definition states that missionary selling means goodwill, educating and ultimately influencing the real or potential customer, rather than focusing only on sales. Salespeople who do this work just keep going to the customers and keep them updated about the product apart from promotional activities. For example, a vendor sometimes informs doctors to exchange a new CT scan machine or bus greetings to meet with doctors.

5. Technical selling: This definition states that technical selling refers to explaining the function of a product to a customer and meeting the needs of the individual customer. ‘Sales Engineers use their expert knowledge of product capabilities and design during the sales process. Their customers on the buying side are also often very strong technically and therefore receiving orders is a big task. For example, a team of salespersons performing a presentation on a new CT scan machine. In fact, missionary selling forms the basis for technical sales.

6. Selling merchandise: This definition states that in this type of selling, mostly found in the case of consumer products, the products are sold through distribution/intermediaries, such as wholesalers and retailers. Middlemen handle their products and sell them. They also provide promotional and sales support to manufacturers.

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