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Meditation and Self-Discipline – Helps in Human Improvement. – IBusinessMotivation

Hello, what is the purpose of Zazen? Just like if you study Zazen regularly, then you definitely get into the habit of it. And as far as I am personally concerned, if I say, for example, my brain works in the same way in everyday life. The way it does during zazen. And the beginning of the day, morning zazen also affects the rest of your day.

What is zazen?

Zazen is a meditative discipline. Which is usually the primary practice of Zen Buddhist tradition. The meaning and method of zazen vary from school to school, but in general, it can be considered a means of insight into the nature of existence.

Does meditation help with self-discipline?

(When you read this article, read it while feeling yourself. Only then will this article be helpful to you.) Or am I a human being? If I do not meditate for some time. Do I find myself suffering from a more angry fool? rather than solving the problem to the already existing people. I can create additional problems for myself. Why sometimes in my life the heat of anger comes.

That makes us eat more, talk more, keep quiet, or feel proud and proud. Because it basically comes from assuming the place of self-indulgence. Because this mind comes from an intelligent mind. If left unchecked in it the ego will create its life of struggle and madness.

For me, meditation is the most desirable activity. If we take this step a little further, sometimes more than practice, writing, or any work, it seems impossible to sit in one place permanently through whole 1 hour or 1.30-hour sessions. Because physically it can be very simple. Still, we find it incredible. This is how much the mind resists in protecting its part.

At which time our attention seems impossible. Because these are the most important moments. If our moving activity pulls the mind back, exhaling or clinging to it. This activity is an internal initiation test for us. Can you manage to make peace with your mind? As you are required to give yourself the gift that is ready to reach the strength?

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Often it is an indulgence whenever you decide to end your seating early. And when you yell at your loved ones or loved ones. Or ridicule them without any reason, then this thing is enjoyment on its own. Whenever you kill yourself for not accomplishing any goal.

Or feel ungrateful for whatever you have. And when you reach for a bottle or smoke or kiss any smoking steps. This is also enjoyable for you. And most of our problems that result from a simple lack of self-control. Now we go without cultivating this discipline, to make it, the more work we have to do.

Zen Masters (Zen Master is a somewhat ambiguous English word that originated in the first half of the 20th century, sometimes referring to a person who taught Zen Buddhist meditation and practices, usually teaching and transmitting the tradition Implements prolonged study and subsequent authorization to do.)

The Zen masters often always clean the dusty room. Let’s compare the cleanliness of one’s mind. Even, if you let the room sit with no activity, it is going to develop a little dust for each day. Eventually, this dust is thick and disruptive. And each key is to sweep it for a few days before it becomes a big clear burden, or a small amount of dust is cleaned. This is what your daily meditation practice does for your self-discipline.

It distracts your mind a lot. Or the ego-mind is always rational. And it is always the word “tomorrow” saying witness about those things. That makes sense to do today. So it always pushes the present to one side instead of concerns about the future or past.

Because this meditative mind is always ready to accept its position. This “mind” also says, “I am here for you.” Keep up with it always. “To practice this daily meditation and you are committed to yourself. Yet it is committed to the development of you.

Lao Tzu wrote, (Do you have the patience to wait until the soil settles? And is your water or mind clear?” Do we need peace to search for truth? As: Life can never be understood through constant enjoyment and distraction. Because when you step back. And it breathes through every impulse, only then it is cultivated. And let them come and go.

It will take you into your daily life. And will reduce the burden of self-indulgence. It is worth mentioning that. How deep this pleasing effect is over time. But you still have to sweep it every day. Even, the most beautiful and ancient rooms still collect dust.)

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