IT Startups Being an entrepreneur A Guide – IBusinessMotivation

IT Startups Being an Entrepreneur – IBusinessMotivation

Hello, Being an entrepreneur is tough. Having your startup make it past year one is even more so and generating revenue can at times seem next to impossible. So, for those startups that have successfully gotten over these humps and made it look easy.

There is additional encouraging news for aspiring entrepreneurs on many fronts, just in case you are thinking about joining the current ranks. Let us take you to the next step.

  1. Valuations of successful startups have hit an all-time high.
  2. Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are back as an exit strategy.
  3. Funding for early-stage startups is more available than ever.
  4. The cost of entry for a startup is at an all-time low.
  5. Startup incubators and accelerators are popping up everywhere.
  6. The world is a now single market, both homogeneous and heterogeneous.
  7. Social media is a boon for entrepreneurs and startups.
  8. Large corporations have lost their ability to innovate.
  9. Entrepreneurs.
  10. Baby Boomers are joining the fun in record numbers. Get more information about it…

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