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Israel case study Amazing Technology Start up

Israel Defense Forces: [Army Power] Case Study

Israel Defense Forces: Today we will talk to you about the country of Israel in this article. Is a Jewish country, if considered on this earth, the geographic angle of view is so small. That 20 to 22 Israelis can come inside California in America. How many Israel population: Israel Population in 2021 87.72 million. But what was his army power?

This is the eighth powerful country in the world, but Israel has put the whole world behind in terms of technology and start-up. Israel has such a small population and so much strength. No one can defeat this country in terms of technology and start-up.

What is the case of Israel’s fight?

Israel is a powerful country that no one can fight. Israel performs a surgical strike on the country. So this country immediately takes strict action against its intelligence agency. And by killing the terrorist in front of the country, he dies. This is the rule of Israel.

If one of our citizens is killed, then instead of one citizen, the frontman enters his own country and kills 100 and heaps. It is considered to be a well-known country in the world.

The greatest strength in fighting in this world?

In case of their fight and quarrel, they have their own agency. He also included the Khupia Agency (Mossad also spelled Mossad, in full Mossad Merkazi le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim, (Hebrew: “Central Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations”), one of the three major intelligence organizations of Israel, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security).) Is it one of the intelligence organizations? And Shin Bet (Internal Security).

What is Mossad Khupia Agency?

Israel Defense Forces: [Army Power] Case Study

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The Mossad Khupia Agency is a very strong and very clever agency. The world is afraid of their technology. If someone raises his finger, he will take his step at the same time.

Surgical strike on Israel, But you would know that when there was a Munich Massacre incident in 1962, there were only 3 terrorists in it, 11 of their players were divided in Munich. after this, the Prime Minister went to each player’s home and pledged to go to their parents and their relatives.

This Mont will be avenged. In the first two days, after killing 2000 terrorists, he was killed and then he did not stop there. they discovered 11 players. it took at least 20 years for the wire to be searched in one country and one house. When he got there, he took the wharf of the monk. So this is the work of the Mossad Khupia Agency of Israel. therefore, this country is considered the most wanted country in the world.

Surgical strike on Israel: In the year 1949, 58 Israeli citizens were taken hostage by Ugandan terrorists. When he was held hostage, Israel did not commit any negatives.

After this, Israel went silently and entered Uganda country. Then 57 of its citizens were held, hostage. So, overnight, he got his citizens released from the country of Uganda.

The agency, which is their agency, is such that the total population of Israel is 85 million. But more than 35 million out of 85 are in the army. Because Israel has built its start-up such that 1 out of every house of Israeli citizens should be in the army. And every person has to take the training in the army, whether it is a man or a citizen. In Israel, every citizen carries a weapon.

Earlier this country was very small in Israel. But small attacks on Israel were many attacks on Israel. Then Israel also attacked them and cleaned the country from which the attack took place. And that water gradually made Israel its place. Today Israel grew up. This was amazing for Israel’s intelligence agency.

(To be honest, when a country attacks Israel. Only then does Israel take steps, not before that). Their army has become so powerful. The world is afraid of them. Israel has prepared so much Yambunesan. Do not use it yourself. They do not export. Today it has come in the biggest exporter in the world. Israel exports one to one weapons to India. This is a big Israeli business.

What is Israel’s technology research point?

Business is due to the friendship between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That India buys weapons from Israel. Israel does the business of weapons. India and other countries also buy weapons from Israel.

The only country in Israel that has covered the entire country of the Antique Ballistic Missile System. He knows that there is a lot of enemy around me; this muscle has so much power that you cannot even guess it. If any country leaves Israel on Israel, then Israel’s antique ballistic missile system will destroy that mileage in the air. Radars have been installed all around such that any missile will destroy the air before it arrives. This is the strength of Israel’s antique ballistic missile system.

Apart from this, a separate bunker has been made in every place in the office in the houses in cities inside the country of Israel. As soon as there is an attack, a siren will start playing in the offices in the houses in cities across Israel. This is the technology of the country of Israel, which the world is afraid of their technology.

Hotel: Israel has built such a hotel. Blow this hotel from the bomb or do anything, but no one can scratch anything inside the hotel. That is, even a parinda cannot touch the place; in that hotel come Narendramodi leaders like Prime Minister, President coming from different countries.

Israel Manufacturing: Telling about Israel’s manufacturing, these four countries of India, China, Japan, and Germany together can compete with Israel and can never match Israel. Because Israel has already strengthened manpower. and to be seen in such a clean country, apart from Israel, not all countries trust technology, but in Israel, all countries trust every start-up business, technology, and manpower. This is the pleasure of Israel.

After making the technology itself, it uses its own technology, when Israel feels that it is my technology success then only it will tell the other country. Or will sell.

Israel Internal Organization: Israel has made its own internal organization (Israel Innovation Authority); its job is to put 4.5% of GDP in the Innovation Authority, like, to put research and innovation to build. Is. Innovation does not put any country in the GDP, 4.5% GDP, only Israel. Syed, you don’t know which country Microsoft has launched?

All this technology has been launched in Israel. If Israel did not innovate on Motorola, then even today we would use a phone like ET, then your mobile phone is a small mobile phone launched in Israel.

USB, Pen drive, IBM R&D Center, Biotech Start-up, Voice Technology, Antivirus, VOIP, and Communication Router have all been launched by Israel, this is the amazing innovation authority of Israel.

Government of Israel: tells every citizen that you should come with a new idea technology, we will give you money, but if your technology is successful, you will also pay.

If you fail, then you will also pay. If your technology becomes usefully then we will give you more than 10 times money. So, friends, the Israeli government has created such start-up technology. (If the country does not run alone, the country will run with the country, and then every country will fail in reversing the strength of the world.)

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