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Hello – how are you?, In this article, we will tell you that some of the major importance or importance of management for the business is as follows: We will provide information about it for you. Because many of our users always question their tongue. Is the importance of modern management?

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The importance of management to a modern business is discussed below:

After realizing that management is a universal activity that is integral with any organization, we now examine some of the reasons that have made management so important:

1. Management helps in achieving group goals:

Management is required not for itself but for achieving the Goals of the organisation. The task of a manager is to give a common direction to the individual effort in achieving the overall goal of the Organisation.

02. Management increases efficiency:

The aim of a manager is to reduce costs and increase productivity through better planning, organisation, directing, staffing and controlling the activities of the organisation.

03. Management creates a dynamic organisation:

All organisations have to function in an environment which is constantly changing. It is generally seen that individuals in an organisation resist change as it often means moving from a familiar, secure environment into a newer and more challenging one. Management helps people adapt to these changes so that the organisation is able to maintain its competitive edge.

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04. Management helps in achieving personal objectives:

A manager motivates and leads his team in such a manner that individual members are able to achieve personal goals while contributing to the overall organisational objective. Through motivation and Leadership the management helps individuals to develop team spirit, cooperation and commitment to group success.

05. Management helps in the development of society:

An organization has multiple objectives to serve the purpose of the different groups that constitute it. In the process of fulfilling all these, management helps in the development of the organization and through that, it helps in the development of society. It helps to provide good quality products and services, creates employment opportunities, adopts new technology for the greater good of the people, and leads the path towards growth and development. Next, we will tell you what is the nature of management?

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What is Nature of Management?

Management is as old as civilization. Although modern organizations are of recent origin, organized activity has existed since the time of the ancient civilizations. In fact, organizations may be considered the distinguishing feature that separated civilized society from uncivilized ones. The earliest management practices were a set of rules and regulations that grew out of the experiences of Governmental and Commercial activities.

The development of trade and commerce gradually led to the development of management principles and practices. The term ‘management’ today has several different connotations that highlight the different aspects of its nature. The study of management has evolved over a period of time along with modern organizations; based both on the experience and practice of managers and a set of theoretical relationships. Over a period of time.

It has grown into a dynamic subject with its own special characteristics. However, one question that needs to be addressed pertaining to the nature of management is whether it is a science or an art or both? In order to answer this let us examine the features of both science and art to see how far management fulfills them.

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