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How to register a business in India (Ultimate guide - MCA)

How to Register Own Business in India – The Complete Guide

How to Register Own Business in India? Registering any business can be a very mixed process. For this, you have to improve the policy of the government in the simple steps of registering a business. Before registering your business, you have to do all the basic things like market research and searching for products, and naming the business. So that your business does not face any hurdle during registration. How do we register our business in India?

How to register your business in India

How to Register Own Business in India? Unless you have a business registered name. Till then you cannot register, for this, you will have to decide the name of your business. The name does not match with any other business, only you have to pay attention to these things. You must ensure this. And I would like to explain further what products or services you plan to offer to customers. So you remove that part from the path.

Like brick and mortar. That is, one has to face a lot of difficulties to register for this business. In which there is some amount of corruption. You may have to grab a lot of palms to register your business. It can be far more convenient to do all this online, as this online registration process is a transparent one.

To register any business in India, I am offering the following steps given below. Which you have to follow.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs an about

To start the process of registering your business online in MCA – Government, you have to go to the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. On these websites, you will find two types from which you have to search. The first form name (DIR-3), and the second form name (DAC) is called, you can fill the form from both of them, after this you can apply for (DIN) online.

Some documents have to be added while filling the form. And you also have to submit a hardcopy. Your ID proof, electricity bill, business address proof, all the proofs of the current business, and passport photo, etc. will have to be submitted in the documents. See the next process.

You will need to register for a Digital Signature Certificate, also known as (DAC). Without (DSC), you cannot apply for registration online. As was the case for (DIN), you need documents to file for (DAC). These include address proof passport, passport size photo, educational qualification, and all these documents of current occupation.

Prepare the application process.

When you have your (DIN) and (DAC) ready. Then you have to take information about the rest of the application. You must begin by filling out the electronic version of the (1A) form, and you must send the name options to at least five companies. Because a rule comes into law. Those 6 names are approved by (ROC) based on their availability, further knowing if it is suitable.

(ROC) It may take more than 2 days to get a reply from there, and the price of this form is 500 / – rupees. – (Some around) Which you have to pay this fee. After all these documents are approved, you have to prepare a file for registration of the company within 6 months. You will take at least 6 months to complete.

The draft will have to be done in the following two places given below.

The next step is to draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Contents of Articles of Association – (AOA). And this is a legal document that you will have to prepare with your lawyer. Contents of Articles of Association – (AOA) lists the daily operations of the company and its management details. Each document must be signed by two people of the company, and two witnesses are required to appear.

When all these documents are ready, then you have to send them to (ROC), so that it can be vitiated. Because (ROC) approves these documents, you need to print them. So that you can get it notarized, or you can fill it with all those documents after processing it yourself. Then those required to register your business.

After all this process is complete, you will have to pay the registered fee. According to their fee, you have to deposit the amount. So that the business can be submitted for registration. You have to register in the state where you are working. If the process is not interrupted, (ROC) will provide you with a certification of incorporation, which means that your business has been registered. Then your business falls under the ambit of law, then you can start your business by getting free.

After completion of all steps or registration

Once your business is registered, you will then have to take some additional steps that are mandatory. Which was implemented by the Government of India from the day of July 1, 2014, of all business (GST)? (The GST was launched by the President of India and the Government of India on the midnight of 1 July 2017. The launch was marked by a historic midnight (30 June – 1 July) session of both houses of parliament in the Central Hall of Parliament. ) For this you have to apply for an online GST number. In that, you have to submit business documents. Then, you can use a service like RBI Invoice to help you create GST-compliant invoices. After this, you can run your company completely under a legal rule.

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