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Most Important Factors Influencing for Entrepreneurship development (Effective)

The Most Important Factors Influencing for Entrepreneurship development (Effective): All of us Indians sociologically have traditionally been male-dominated. And women are perceived as having underage sex, as we always depend on menfolk throughout our lives, in and out of their families. And they are left with fewer commitments. And is kept as a passive force for a long time. And Indian culture made them subordinate and performative only to decisions made by other male members, within the basic family structure. However, the traditional setup is changing in the modern era.

Evolution of Women Entrepreneurs in India

There is a need for a change in the lifestyle of Indian women, in the context of the changing social fabric of Indian society, the increasing educational status of women, and diverse aspirations for better living. And women themselves have taken a step of faith in the entrepreneurs on their own.

Indian families have had the privilege of being promoted by Westerners, as the women here are taking on more responsibilities to bring up children and maintain a better home with love and affection. And at her family level, without feeling the pinch of inconveniences, she is coordinating various activities in a very effective manner by women.

Top 10 List of successful women entrepreneurs in India.

  1. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal: Co-Founder & CMO, Shopclues.com
  2. Vani Kola: Founder, Kalaari Capital
  3. Falguni Nayar: The Founder of Nykaa
  4. Aditi Gupta: The Co-founder of Menstrupedia
  5. Indra Nooyi: The board member of Amazon
  6. Suchi Mukherjee: Founder & CEO of Limeroad
  7. Ritu Kumar: The Fashion designer
  8. Priya Paul: The chairperson of Park Hotel
  9. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: The founder of Biocon Limited
  10. Vandana Luthra: The founder of VLCC
The Indian women have the basic character as follows in the current sociopolitical and cultural setup.
  • Indian women are considered as Sakthi, which means a source of power.
  • Effectively coordinate available factors and resources.
  • Efficient execution of decisions made on them
  • Clear vision and ambition on the improvement of family and children.
  • Patience and tolerance from others and
  • The ability to do more physically at any age.

If time is needed: about 45% of the Indian population is in the female sector. The literary and educational status of women has improved considerably during the last few decades. Higher and higher education and research institutions are imparting knowledge and expertise. At this time, effective steps are needed to provide entrepreneurship awareness, orientation, and skill development programs to women. Currently available institutions are very limited. Furthermore, his works and the opportunities available with him have not been made more popular.

Essential Qualifications for an Entrepreneur: An effective entrepreneur needs some basic qualities, which can be listed as follows.

  • Innovative thinking and farsightedness.
  • Quick and effective decision-making skills.
  • Ability to mobilize and marshal resources.
  • Strong determination and self-confidence.
  • Preparedness to take risks.
  • Accepting changes at the right time.
  • Access and alertness to the latest scientific and technological information.

Matching the basic qualities required of entrepreneurs and the basic characters of Indian women show that, there is a lot of potential available among Indian women on their entrepreneurial potential. This capability has to be identified, brought, and exposed for use in production and service sectors for the development of the nation.

Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship Development
  • Economic factors
  • Social factors
  • Cultural factors
  • Personality factors
  • Psychological and sociological factors.
Economic Factors:
  • Lack of adequate basic facilities
  • Non- availability of capital
  • Non- availability of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Greater risk involved in business
  • Non- availability of skilled labor
Social factors
  • Customs and traditions
  • The rationality of society
  • Social system
  • Social set-up
Personality Factors
  • Suspect personality
  • Emergence of planning

The success that women have achieved in entrepreneurs is because it has followed all the factors well, and has brought them into practice. And to become an entrepreneur, he has persevered behind his success for a long time. Entrepreneurs are women-only focusing on their business. Only then do they become one of the successful entrepreneurs of the world.

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