9 Different buying Roles in consumer behaviour (What Is Different buying roles?)

9 Different buying Roles in consumer behaviour What Is Different buying roles

Hello, what are the various purchasing roles? These consumers or groups of individuals play a diverse role in a wide variety of purchasing situations. And there is no hard and fast role. The way buyers need to follow.

It is possible to portray roles in the context of a purchase decision. Because, it has been observed, that consumers play different roles in the decision-making process of people. Which we have written stepwise below. So let’s shed some light.

What Are 9 Different buying roles?

Let us know about 9 different types of procurement roles.

1. Maintainer:

Members who service or repair the product so that it will provide continued satisfaction is a maintainer.

2. Preparer:

The preparer is the person who changes the product to a usable form for consumption. For example, in a typical family consumption of food items, the mother plays the role of the preparer.

3. User:

The user is the person who actually uses or consumes the services or products. In most of the grocery product purchase, the entire family uses the product. In a typical purchase of a washing machine, the housewife plays the role of the user.

4. Buyer:

The buyer is the person who actually purchases and pays for the purchase. In a typical family decision-making process, the father plays the role of the buyer who is involved in the economic transaction process.

5. Decider:

A decider is a person who finally determines part or the whole of the buying decision, ie. all quantity like whether to buy, what to buy, how to buy, when to buy, or where to buy are considered. In the event of buying baby products, the mother plays the role of the decider.

6. Gatekeeper:

A gatekeeper is a person who permits the flow of certain information and restricts the flow of some set of information. Parents play the role of a gatekeeper in the selection of movies for children.

7. Influencer:

An influencer is a person who directly or indirectly has some influence on the final buying decision of others. The parents play the role of influencers in the purchase process of chocolate.

8. Initiator:

An initiator is a person who first gets the thought or gives the suggestion/idea of buying a particular product. A child might play the role of an initiator in the purchase process of chocolate.

9. Disposer:

The disposer is the person who finally disposes of the package of the product. For example, the mother plays the role of a disposer after the product is consumed by the family.

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