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The 2 Main Sources of Management Skills For Business – information.

Sources Skills What are Sources of Management Skills

The 2 Main Sources of Management Skills Information: Some managers largely draw from one source or the other, while others rely on a combination of the two. Today we will explain to you the source of both of these. you will learn about education and experience as sources of management skills.

(i) Education

(II) Experience

Education Sources of Management Skills

Education as a source of management skills: The major advantage of education as a source of management skills is that a student can follow a well-developed program of study, familiarizing them with current research and thinking on management is done. In addition, most college and university students can devote all their time, energy, and attention to learning. They can acquire management skills in an educational setting.

There has been a tremendous increase in enrolment in business schools and colleges in developed countries as well as in recent years. More bright students are seeking degrees in management and administration. B.B.A. And MBA of universities, colleges, and institutes Programs are also experiencing rapid growth, and they often attract students from diverse fields.

Furthermore, the current trend is clearly towards formal education as pre-education for commercial success. Non-professional graduates, such as engineers, architects, and so on, have recently started taking more and more professional courses in an effort to increase their job opportunities. Even though they have a degree in management, most of them have not stopped their academic education in management.

Many of them return to campus periodically to participate in management development programs. Lower- and mid-level managers take advantage of the programs offered by open universities under distance mode. The most recent innovation in extended management education is the Executive MBA program offered by business schools and institutes of business administration. Under this system, middle and top managers enroll in accelerated programs of study on weekends.

Technology University, like developing countries, most managers in the 70s or 80s were without a degree, let alone a management degree. The most modern developments in information and computer technology, communication, etc. have made them redundant as managers. Thus today’s employers are very careful in employing only educated people in managerial positions.

Experience Sources of Management Skills

Management education can be very common to make a manager successful in a specific area and experience comes as a source of management skills. In fact, for many reasons, experience is no substitute for success in many managerial positions. Thus many managers rise to the top due to rich resources of experience in other jobs. By experiencing the day-to-day pressures and facing various managerial challenges, a manager develops insights that cannot be learned from a book. His hands-on experience is an invaluable treasure that no one can gain by merely reading books.

Young and prospective managers can gain experience in many ways. Organizationally, they can be systematically assigned to a wide variety of different tasks. Over time, they are exposed to most, if not all, of the key aspects of their organizations. In this way, managers can perfect their essential skills through experience. Both formal and informal training programs also help managers to sharpen their job experience.

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